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Food. Beauty Tips & Secrets of Eternal Beauty. Part 2

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We continue to share the secrets of eternal beauty, which a supermodel  Christie Brinkley told in her popular book “Timeless beauty”.  In this part, we’ll talk about beauty tips for the principle of food choice and good nutrition.


If you want to be happy, plant a garden. If you want to be healthy, eat a garden.

Eating is something we are all pretty good at already, but I’d like to give you some more food for thought—or more precisely, a different way to think about food. I want to help you discover the power of food to fuel your health, your beauty, and your adventures. It’s an approach that I like to call enlightened eating (that may also make you lighter too!). In this chapter, I am going to show you the power of healthy food and positive thinking, a combination that will result in a healthier lifestyle. You will feel—and see—the benefits faster than you can say “lacto-ovo-pescatarian vegetarian” (which is the kind of vegetarian I have been for most of my life).

Let me tell you how I came around to eating the way I do. When I was twelve years old, I was leafing through a book on my parents’ nightstand, Norman Mailer’s novel Miami and the Siege of Chicago. It fell open to a page with a graphic description of how animals are treated and killed in Chicago’s slaughterhouses, and what I read changed my life forever. I was so horrified that I decided then and there that I did not want to be part of a system that did that to animals. And I never touched another piece of meat again! In a nice touch of karma, I have been reaping the health benefits of that decision ever since.

I didn’t know it then, but my decision to stop eating meat has kept me from ingesting fats, antibiotics, and hormones that my body didn’t need. What I did understand was that I had to replace the protein I had been getting from meat with other sources. So I started reading up on how to get the nutrients I needed to stay healthy and feel energized. To my delight, I discovered so many delicious ways to get plant-based proteins into my diet. And it brought a new awareness to my health on so many different levels that I had never considered before. I truly believe that decision so many years ago has allowed me to have a forty-plus-year modeling career! I think whether you give up meat entirely or just make a point of eating more plant foods, you will see and feel the rejuvenating results too!

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Health food

In many cultures, meat represents a much smaller part of the diet than it does in our fast-food culture. Think about it—in Mexico and Cuba and most of the Caribbean, it’s rice and beans. In Morocco, it’s couscous and garbanzo beans. In Japan, they eat soybeans, tofu, and rice. In India, it’s lentils and rice. In Italy, they opt for pasta and vegetables and just small portions of meat. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? This global gourmet menu should be yours too! I also believe that skipping meat—or at least cutting down on your consumption—is a better choice for the planet as well as for your health. A study published in August 2014 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that giving up beef reduces your carbon footprint more than giving up your car.

Do you know where your food has been?

Eating has gotten tricky these days. Events such as the devastating BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Gulf was polluted with both oil and toxic dispersants (which had been banned in England for cancer-causing effects), as well as the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan that is pouring radioactive isotopes into the Pacific Ocean (which have shown up in kelp in California), have caused me to rethink the safety of consuming fish and most kelp. (I have found a source called Maine Coast Sea Vegetables for organic sea vegetables that are chemical-free; they run stringent tests for everything from heavy metals to fertilizer, herbicides, and fuel oil.) Even prior to these events, the public was cautioned against consuming many of the larger species of fish, such as tuna and swordfish, due to contamination from heavy metals like mercury.

Another thing I find alarming is the increasing prevalence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This technology involves taking genes from one food and inserting them into another. The idea behind this sort of genetic engineering is to create foods that are more nutritious and plants that are more resistant to drought and other hazards. Sounds great, except for the fact that we, as consumers of this food, are all forced to be unwitting guinea pigs for big agriculture companies’ experiments. And because there are still no laws mandating the labeling of foods containing GMOs, it’s impossible to know what you’re really eating. An estimated 60 to 70 percent of all processed foods contain GMOs, but you won’t find that information anywhere on the ingredients label.

Avoiding genetically modified foods is just one of the many reasons I try to buy and eat organic food as much as possible. It’s the best way to avoid as many toxins and impurities in your food as you can. Organic fruits and vegetables aren’t treated with pesticides, so you know you aren’t consuming potentially harmful chemicals along with your produce. I know that organic options can sometimes be harder to find and are often more expensive. But there are ways to make organic more affordable. Shop only for the produce that’s in a season (you can even stock up and freeze things like organic berries). Frozen organic vegetables are less expensive than fresh and are available all year round, and they are often mentioned as being more vitamin-rich because they are frozen fresh at the source. Consider that over a billion tons of pesticides are used in the United States every year. The first pesticide to be widely used was DDT, and it took scientists twenty years to figure out that it was harming us! Twenty years from now, what will they be telling us about what they are dumping on our crops today? That’s one mystery I won’t expose my family to.
Since we are what we eat, shouldn’t we know what we’re eating?

Every year, the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org) puts out a Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce that features a list of the so-called “Dirty Dozen”—the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables that harbor the most pesticide residue. If nothing else, I always try to eat only organic versions of these foods, and I encourage you to do the same (again, try to find these in season as they will be less expensive, or skip them if you can’t get organic). The worst offenders vary from year to year, but apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, and spinach routinely rank at the top of the list.

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Christie Brinkley

She is gorgeous at every age 

I absolutely LOVE to eat, and the last thing I ever want to do is deny myself delicious food. That is why I’m adamantly opposed to what I call “deny-iting.” We’ve all been there. The second you say, “I’m on a diet,” food is the ONLY thing you can think about. And naturally your mind goes right to the foods you can’t eat, and then you feel like you are denying yourself. This kind of deny dieting, or “deny-iting,” will work, but only for a brief period. There’s only so long you can suffer deprivation before you give in and binge eat out of anger and frustration and gain all your weight back. The key to stopping this vicious cycle isn’t just changing the way you eat; it’s about changing the way you THINK!

So stop searching for whatever trendy diet you think might make you lose weight. Everything you need to lose weight and keep it off is in your head. Accessing the healthiest, most beautiful you is as easy as flipping a switch. You need to focus the spotlight on how you FEEL, not just on how you LOOK (looking great is just a fabulous bonus). My approach to food is not about a quick fix—it’s a lifestyle change. And I know that for you to adopt this lifestyle for the long run, it has to be fun, flexible, forgiving, delicious, nutritious, interesting, family-friendly, all-inclusive, easy, and REWARDING!

So let’s just agree that you are never “deny-iting” again! Never! Because when you stop thinking about what you CAN’T have (and lamenting it) and start thinking about what you CAN have that will fuel your body, that’s when you’ll be successful in maintaining your perfect weight and good health. By mindfully making informed choices, you will be rewarded with more energy, a clear, glowing complexion, shinier hair, a trimmer figure, and even see some aches and pains diminish thanks to the amazing healing and protective powers of healthy food.

Ready? Let’s start with the simple concept of looking at each bite you take as a golden opportunity—an opportunity to gift yourself with energy and good health. It’s all about making the choice to eat the foods that will make you stronger, heal and invigorate you, and keep you running through your busy day. When you think about how valuable each bite can be, you’ll never want to DENY your body that advantage. Thinking about food as a real health and beauty opportunity puts you in control. You can Food. Beauty Tips & Secrets of Eternal Beauty. Part 2 - photo 3be either a friend to yourself or your own worst enemy. Remember that the difference between who you are and who you want to be is determined by the choices you make. My dad, a writer, always used to say, “You write your own script.” The food you write into your script will determine your storyline. So for a long, healthy life full of adventures and a storybook ending, start eating the right way right now.

Before you prepare a meal or grab a snack, take a few moments to remind yourself of your goals. What’s inspiring you to change your routine? Do you want to lose pounds and inches? Are you looking for more energy? To reduce inflammation? To fit into that dress? To lower your cholesterol? To grow old in good health and remain independent? Taking a moment to ask yourself the right questions at the right moment can redirect your willpower and help keep you on the right path.

Did you know that blueberries and leafy greens make your eyes sparkle? Or that tomatoes have lycopene, which is anti-aging? How about walnuts? They are powerhouses full of omega-3s, which smooth skin and add shine to your hair. Kiwis are packed with vitamin C, which prevents wrinkles. (I’ll take a case of kiwis, please!) Did you know that the antioxidants in dark chocolate protect skin from sun damage? (I wonder how much we have to eat for that to work. I volunteer for that research project!) My point is that food is incredibly potent, and eating the right food allows you to harness that power.

Stocking your home with power foods is fun. When it comes to food—just as in the rest of my life—I love variety and color! I try to eat a whole cornucopia of different foods to ensure that I’m getting as wide a range of nutrients as possible. But certain things seem to show up on my table more often than others.

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