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Forget about Headaches

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Health bulletin.The World of Diet And Fitness. Forget about Headaches

Headaches. Get rhythm to train your brain To stay alert as we age, we should be taking the advice from Strictly to ‘Keep dancing…’ more literally, says a new study. Following volunteers aged 65-plus over 18 months, the study compared the effects of dancing with endurance training. Forget about Headaches.The researchers found that while both had an anti-aging effect, only the dancing led to a noticeable difference in hippocampal plasticity in our brains, which has a direct effect on improved balance. Researchers believe these results are down to the fact that dancing isn’t only about physical exertion, but also involves the challenge of learning a dance routine. Turn to p92 for toe-tapping ideas.

Don’t fall for the ‘upsell’! The average person in the UK is consuming 17,000 extra and unintentional calories a year, translating into a potential 5lb annual weight gain because of ‘upselling’ by shops. On average, we get pestered 106 times a year by employees trying to sell us more food and drink than we had intended to buy, says a new survey by the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). Over the course of just one week, more than a third of the 2,000-plus respondents surveyed reported buying a bigger coffee than they’d planned and/or sweets or chocolate at a till point, and had added sides like chips to meals after encouragement by staff. Learning to say: ‘Just this thanks,’ is a vital step in rejecting verbal pushes of unhealthy choices. Forget about Headaches.

Vegan eating out made easier Fancy a vegan supper out? You could soon have more options, following the launch of a new catering guide. Chef Day Radley has written a practical guide for restaurants, which includes vegan recipes, easy ingredient swaps, and supplier contacts. Once a restaurant features two vegan options for each course, it can display a ‘Vegan Options Inside’ window sticker and get listed at, which flags up plant-based places to eat around the UK. Why not pass the news on to your favorite local eatery?

Protein + carbs = better blood sugar control You can reduce blood sugar surges by 25% after eating if you consume protein with carbohydrates. Scientists found that people eating a 200g portion of tuna with white bread had lower blood sugar levels over the two hour period after eating compared to when they ate a double serving of carbs (rice and bread). Researchers say the protein in the tuna helps to slow stomach emptying, an effect that in turn reduces the speed of digestion and impact of the quick-release carbohydrate in the bread.

Could gluten be causing your headaches? If you regularly suffer from unexplained headaches, don’t rule out coeliac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. Dr. John Leung, director of the Center for Food-Related Diseases in Boston, USA, says, ‘About one in five people with the confirmed coeliac disease suffer from headaches.’ He says that research shows in 57–71% of cases, these people’s headaches improve when they follow a strict gluten-free diet. According to Dr. Leung, the complaint is common in those with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy, too. You should see your doctor if you regularly suffer from headaches – and it may be worth discussing the coeliac disease. Forget about Headaches.


These statistics come from analysis of the 1.2 million men who have already taken the online Heart Age Test, which is part of the One You health campaign run by Public Health England. Find your heart age by doing the 3-minute online test at one you. Depending on your results, you may be redirected to relevant heart content.



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