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General Facts of Hockey

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1. Hockey
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What do we know about hockey? Actually, it is also one of the most popular games in the world. The one thing is that it is really not so easy to play hockey and be a champion in this exciting game. Anyway, there are many teams who show their success, great strength, and power to everybody who is fond of it.

There are many types of hockey such as ice hockey, field hockey, and bandy. Of course, they all are played in a little bit different way but ice hockey remains one of the most popular. It is a kind of sport where two teams are against each other and their main aim is to put a puck into the opponent’s gates with the help of a hockey stick. There must be not less than 20-25 players but on the field, there must be only 6 from each team. Ice hockey makes players feel tired very quickly so that is why they need to replace each other to have some relax and of course in the case of fines.

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2. Hockey match

History of hockey is really long and it takes the beginning even from Egypt but actually, the motherland of hockey is considered to be Canada.

Nowadays many countries such Belgium, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, North America, Canada take part in different hockey championships. We can’t leave Russia without attention because really this country is a world champion from 2008. Not so many teams can be compared with Russia because this country has really strong players

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3. Russia world championship

To set up all rules and give rewards, National Hockey League was created in 1917. It consists of 31 teams and they all play to get Stanley Cup. It is the main reward in hockey matches.

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4. Stanley Cup

Hockey is a kind of sport that catches the attention of other people all over the world. It is very specific and it is not for everybody but there are many interesting facts that are connected with this sport.

Here are some of them:

  1. Players according to the rules can drink alcohol, take drugs and aspirin.
  2. Many players don’t shave because they are superstitious.
  3. First four years of the game the puck was wooden and only then it started to be a vulcanized rubber or plastic.
  4. Not only men played hockey. There was a woman Manon Rheaume who played hockey in NHL but she was in men’s team.
  5. If you take 5 Canadian dollars, you will see a picture of hockey on them.
  6. The 2018 Hockey World Championship will be held in Denmark in May and 16 teams will take part.

Many people are fascinated with hockey and as it is common to say: ” Hockey is for real men”! Really only players with power, strong will and patience can take part in this game and if you still don’t know how it looks in reality, it is time to buy a ticket for the nearest match and become closer to this famous kind of sport.


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