Friday, 15 Jan 2021

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

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Probably, there is no person who doesn’t like to travel. Everyone should change the typical environment from time to time. This ironic and hyperbolized article will be useful firstly for men and then for women. Travels are the new trend today. By the way, women’s solo travels are very popular now. Many ladies left their jobs, boyfriends, habitual environment and decided to start a new chapter in life with adventures and exciting moments. So, what will you do if you fall in love with one of these girls? We fantasized a little bit about it and created the note that will explain what you should be ready for.

A girl who travels is very special and unique person. She has her own way and sometimes she wants to be alone. She doesn’t need a boyfriend for feel happiness because her main goal is not to get married as soon as possible. She doesn’t have a scenario for her wedding, and she has no idea about her dress. Of course, she understands that years fly very fast and one day she will become a wife and mother. But honestly, she lives by the moment. Don’t try to build a golden castle or cage for her, because she doesn’t care about your money and a quiet simple life. Her main passion is true emotions and memories, not your car or a new expensive phone.

A girl who travels doesn’t need a partner for her next trip and you must respect her decision. She doesn’t need a bodyguard because she is not afraid of this wonderful world. She likes to crash any stereotypes, so please let her go. She can buy an airplane ticket in one second because her favorite low-cost company has organized the biggest sale, and of course, your girlfriend can’t miss this unreal opportunity. Also, she doesn’t like banality bus-tours, for example. So be careful if you want to prepare a trip for her as a gift. Weekend in a luxury hotel somewhere in Europe will not surprise her. By the way, she visited so many countries and cities, so it will be better if you know where she was before without you.

A girl who travels has million interesting stories from her different trips. Be ready to listen to her monologues about funny and sometimes dangerous situations in which she was. Did she run away from the crocodiles? Or did she find the island full of cannibals? Nothing special, my friend. It’s just a small part of her adventures. You do not want to know how a group of locals urged her to marry their boss, right?

A girl who travels most likely traveled hitching. And, probably, she likes it. So, please leave your arguments and bad thoughts for another person. She adores freedom, road, and new meetings, that is why she will not stop. If you think that she will change her mind after your speech, then you are mistaken.

A girl who travels will never work in the office. Perhaps, she had this experience in the past, but she will never return to this life. She has a creative mind, so she is the freelancer. She has no idea when she will receive the next salary. Maybe her credit card balance is empty and it’s okay for her. She respects all professions, but she made her decision. She has her own dream, so she won’t work for another’s goal. If you dream about girlfriend careerist, you should search better. Despite this, she can pay for dinner by herself for example, and she doesn’t need your financial support.

A girl who travels will be bored if she stays in one place for a long time. Her home is the whole world and she feels very comfortable in any place. Of course, sometimes she will want to stop and live a “normal” life. But be sure, this period will not last long. She will convince you that she wants to take a break from traveling, but one day she will find an inspirational post on Facebook, her friends will tell about their unforgettable vacation or she will see the next huge sale of tickets and decide to immediately pack her stuff, because this is her perfect chance to visit a new country.

A girl who travels is a very kind, nice person who will never hurt you. She was in many difficult situations in her life she saw different types of people, so she understands this world. Her life is not a movie about easy traveling and sometimes she must be a very strong lady because not everyone wants a kindness for her. But she knows for sure there more good people than bad ones. She saw many natural miracles and visited so many adorable places, but she always wants more. She is a very communicative lady, and she will be the first who help you in a difficult situation. Also, she is charming and honest with others and with herself. But are you sure that you are strong enough for her brave independent spirit?


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