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Hitchhiking tutorial

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Hitchhiking.  No doubt, almost every traveler (if it’s not a fan all inclusive :), tried to hitchhike. This is not easy but very interesting, a little bit extreme, sometimes dangerous, but it will be the best memories of life. 

Despite the fact that hitch-hiking is a very popular method of travel in many countries, there are a lot of different stereotypes around it. That is why this article will destroy all myths and fears about hitch-hiking and also will tell some advice. In any case, it will try to do it. Are you ready for the most extraordinary trip in your life? Don’t be scared, pack your backpack and start the adventure!

You will certainly be robbed, killed or raped
Probably, these are the most popular stereotypes about hitch-hiking. Many people are convinced that hitch-hiking is very dangerous. For some reason, they forget that in the streets of our cities there are many criminals, maniacs, and other bad people. And how many troubles happen to tourists who come to a seemingly safe vacation in some decent hotel? Or you can easily be robbed in the subway, bus and other public transport. You also ride a taxi at night alone and that’s okay.
In addition, we do not say that it is dangerous to travel in trains. Because it’s nonsense! Trouble can happen anywhere, nobody is insured.

Hitchhiking tutorial - photo 1
2. Pack your backpack and start the adventure!

The road feels your mood and emotions
This is the first rule! The road ALWAYS feels your mood and emotions. That is why if you are in a bad mood, or something bad happened, please go away from the road. You will attract troubles like a magnet. Also, you cannot quarrel and swear during hitchhiking. During the trip, anything can happen, you must be prepared for any difficulties. For example, sometimes you have to stand for several hours in hot sun or cold rain. Problems should not affect your mood otherwise there will be never anything good in the end.

Hitchhiking tutorial - photo 2
The road feels your mood and emotions

You will pay money for hitchhiking
Another one popular myth about hitchhiking. If you go out on the track, lift your finger up, then you do not have to pay for the trip. True voyagers travel by hitchhiking not because it’s free, but because it’s a lifestyle or a favorite activity. Most drivers will immediately recognize the hitchhikers and never ask for a fare. In addition, very often truckers are hoping to meet hitchhikers on the road. Why? Unfortunately, because of difficult and long trips, drivers often fall asleep right behind the wheel. That is why drivers ask travelers to tell different stories to distract attention from sleep. This is a very mutually beneficial cooperation.

Hitchhiking tutorial - photo 3
Hitch-hiking is a very popular method of travel in many countries
Hitchhiking tutorial - photo 4
You can never hitchhike on autobahns. Choose the perfect place

Choose the perfect place
Even if you are in the middle of the desert somewhere in Africa, you still have a chance to hitch-hike. In any situation, the most important thing is to choose the right place. For example, you cannot stop cars within the city, at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.
Carefully look at the road signs, because if you stop under the sign “parking prohibited”, then no one driver will ever stop and in addition, you will get a dose of jokes and ridicule in your direction.
Moreover, before traveling, check the status of the hitchhiking in the country where you are going. In most countries, hitchhiking is absolutely legal, but not everywhere.
Also, you should never hitchhike on autobahns. Firstly, it is very dangerous because of the high speed of the cars, and secondly, the police will arrive in a few minutes and will give you a big fine.


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