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Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport?

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World of sport is considered to be cruel sometimes. Not only from the point of view of emotions, but also because of physical exertion for athletes and the possibility of getting a serious injury that will “ruin” their career for many years or even forever. These kinds of sport include martial arts, racing of various types and so on. There are a lot of cruel sports but in this article, we would like to reveal the facts about such popular kind of sport as ice hockey. Matches are held all over the world and there are a lot of chances to watch a game in reality. People who are not keen on looking at a hard sport can’t be fans of hockey. Hockey is not for cowards and those who are afraid of big strength and speed of players. So, what can be so unpleasant for some people in this really hard but anyway fascinating sport?

Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport? - photo 1

Fights in hockey are not the rule but you can see them very often

No doubt, that when a game is in a full swing there are a lot of emotions and if something is not in order it is hard to control yourself. Have you ever seen fights in hockey? Of course, they are not used to appear in every game. Maybe you have missed such a fight on the ice.  In fact, it is not forbidden in hockey to fight with opponents. Of course, referees will not just stay and look how players are fighting but it can be a normal situation during a game. The players who start to fight can get fines and be excluded from the game for some time. It is referees’ decision for what time exactly. That is why some people don’t like to watch hockey because of violent and aggressive behaviour of players. And sometimes it can divert attention of the game itself. It is not news if one of the players can lose his teeth or have blood on his face. Besides, as you know, the game is played in high speed and players can push each other painfully and it will be not breaking the rules.

Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport? - photo 2

Ice hockey is a sport of high speed and power

Though all players put special equipment on them to protect the most important parts of the body, all equipment can be 20 kg or even more. Helmet, neck guard,socks guards, a hockey jersey,  shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, pants, a jockstrap, shin guards, mouth guards, ice skates and hockey stick are important elements of every hockey player’s look on the field. With all of these things on body they should play well. By the way, the goaltender should have much more equipment to protect himself such as special helmet with mask, leg pads, a blocker, a catcher, skaters, a chest and an arm protector, breezers, a jockstrap, a stick.

Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport? - photo 3

Hockey equipment is the most important part of the game and it must be chosen in a professional way

There is an interesting fact that there can be special players who are called “tough guys” whose part is to scare opponents with their physical power and fight when situation near their team’s gates is not pleasant. They can be special assistants who can change the results of the game. They can be called ” goons’, “enforcers” too. Hockey history knows one of the most popular tough guys in the world such as Terry O’Reilly. This Canadian hockey player was very professional and he got the name of a tough guy for his cruel style of playing. In fact, statistic shows that the presence of enforcers in the team does not have a particularly positive effect on the results of the game.

Another fact that can attract people to hockey is that hockey players are not used to lie on the ice field and cry from pain. They need to have tolerance in pain. It is a big difference in football when sometimes before falling and moaning from pain, football players look whether somebody is watching them. In ice hockey players don’t show their pain in public.

Hockey players must be good athletes and really well-trained. No, without a certain amount of talent they can’t play, but training is paramount. During the game, hockey players perform numerous jerks, accelerations, stops, braking, throws. Effectively such actions can be done by those players who have a well developed muscle strength. To develop strength, it is necessary to achieve significant muscle tension. While training, hockey players use exercises on shells, with projectiles, pair strength exercises, exercises in overcoming the weight of their own body and resistance to the external environment, providing work in overcoming and inferior mode. As you see, hockey players must be in a perfect shape and no doubt, be morally strong. They don’t need to pay attention to rude words from the opponents because they can hear them quite often.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that if hockey is so tough sport all players are rude in their own life. It is just the important image of the game without which it is not so possible to win. Many of hockey players have charitable clubs and are affable with fans and if you need an autograph they will never say you no. This game makes them be strong willed and be real men. They are devoted to this kind of sport that makes other people be really respectful to them.

Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport? - photo 4

Hockey players are not only good at playing but they also do much charity work

But if you really like hockey but you can’t look at all these rude things that can sometimes happen on the field, you can watch women ice hockey. Fights are forbidden there and you will just enjoy the game. Of course, men’s ice hockey is much more popular nowadays but anyway you can find some interesting matches of women’s ice hockey either. No doubt, this kind of sport is worth watching at least one time in life and understand for yourself whether you can become a real fan or not.

Why Is Ice Hockey One of the Toughest Sport? - photo 5

People can also enjoy women’s ice hockey 

Hockey players have a fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. Agree?

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