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Horses Care. Graceful Animals

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horses care
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Horses are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, majestic and graceful living beings on our planet. There are many colors, breeds of these wonderful animals. Each breed is unique and magnificent in its own way. Everything that is connected with horses is intelligence, nobility, devotion, live energy, desire for freedom … The power and strength of these animals simply cannot but cause delight and magnificent emotions. Of course, you need special conditions for horses care to keep these animals. Horses care is not the easiest one but when you really see such animals in your life then you find time and power to take care of them.

Horses care is various. The first thing you should pay attention to is the cleanliness of the stable. As all horsemen know, manual treatment of the horse’s skin is dusty work. The thing is that when cleaning the horse’s skin, diminishing dust particles get into the air from it, thus contaminating everything around. It’s okay if you can brush beyond the bounds of a stable. Horses care is first of all a good cleaning. Cleaning inside the premises significantly deteriorates air quality and pollutes it. Dust, dandruff, and dangerous bacteria often become the causes of various allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. Horses care is good air in the stable. There is a way: to air stable premises. But it is not always convenient to perform in the winter. Or even “it is always inconvenient …”

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horses care

Another solution to the task of achieving cleanliness in horses care can be the acquisition of a special stable vacuum cleaner. In the air of the stable after manual cleaning in one cubic meter contains twice as many dangerous bacteria than before the procedure. And, at the same time, on the contrary, after vacuuming, the bacteria in the room became two times less. It helps for horses care. So, it is really a very important moment. Many animals are afraid of such a noisy and “scary” device, like a vacuum cleaner. No wonder that cats are afraid of it the most of all. But, according to the history of the creation of this technical device, it was originally intended specifically for stable work. So, for horses care it is really good.

After your horse has become accustomed to the loud noise of the vacuum cleaner processing its skin, the cleaning process becomes a pleasure. And indeed, brushing through the body can serve the animal as a pleasant relaxing massage. But when vacuuming, still be careful! Try not to approach sensitive horse parts of the body. Each horse can have its own parts. You should know while giving horses care. Focus on the work of the usual comb for cleaning the hair of the animal. If in this area you do not work as a groomer due to increased sensitivity, then you do not need a brush with a vacuum cleaner.  These parts of the body include, for example, the head and lower parts of the limbs. In such work, for cleaning a horse, you can use either a hand vacuum cleaner or a special vacuum cleaner. Horses care should be smart.

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horses care

A good result can be treatment of horse hair with a body brush, as well as treatment with a spray or conditioner for wool. For best results, before cleaning with a technique, walk around the horse’s skin (especially in the most polluted areas) with a regular rubber scrubber to pick up adhering dirt and dust to the surface, and then use a vacuum cleaner. Finish with a body brush, spray on it and then horses care will be right.

When washing the animal with water from a hose, take care that the water flows at a sufficient temperature. Cold water can cause discomfort and rejection from washing. It is better to use an adjustable sprinkler during the procedure: with hygienic procedures, with a variable pressure of the water, you will bring the horse a minimum of anxiety. Horses care should be first of all good for a horse. Now, about shampoos. Some shampoos for horses care are made very concentrated (which, of course, is reported on the packaging or in the instructions for use). These shampoos are intended to be diluted in a large volume of water. When washing your horse’s hair with shampoo, do not hesitate to create a lot of foam. How to do it? Use a special mitten for washing the wool of horses. It will allow to better clean the coat, as well as the skin of the horse. While horses care, the average horse does not like it when they wash their heads with shampoo and rub a hand. And usually this is not required: not the degree of pollution. But carefully one time in a week wipe its face with a damp sponge. Horses care is not easy but important.

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horses care

After you put the shampoo on the horse’s hair, for hygienic purposes it is worth to wait about fifteen minutes. All this time, your horse should not tumble in dust, rub on poles, walls, etc. Shampoo should work! In the presence of fleas or other other blood-sucking insects in the hair for 10-15 minutes, all parasites choke and then washed out with a water jet. It is very important to wash off the foam while horses care. The remaining not washable soap will dry the skin, which can cause itching and dandruff, the horse’s coat will dull. Soap should not be left on the horse’s wool after washing; use a scraper to remove excess water. If you notice soap bubbles on the horse, just rinse the coat again. Repeat the rinsing procedure until the outgoing water is clear. Horses care should be careful.

It is also worth remembering that the beauty of a horse depends on a balanced horses care. It is necessary to focus on all parts of the body, especially on the tail. A beautiful, long, thick tail of a horse is always aesthetically pleasing. Horses care is connected with great beauty. Therefore, horsemen seek to do everything possible so that the hair in the tail is not confused, because combing it is a very consuming process. Such characteristics of a horse’s tail as its length and its thickness depend on many factors. Important ones are: heredity and horses care.

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horses care

The most ancient and effective event for the horses care of the tail is weaving braids. This is confirmed by any girl with long hair: braids significantly reduce hair retention and prevent the formation of impassable comb tangles. So, the braid on the horse’s tail is better to weave thick, but not tight. For greater preservation of hair purity, it is sometimes convenient to hide the entire braid in a bag. An explanation should be given here. Let’s recall, for what horses need a tail? To protect against annoying bloodsucking. Folding and hiding the tail in the bag, you will deprive the animal of the opportunity to protect themselves independently. When walking a horse, this will cause, at a minimum, its great discontent. In the stables and in the leftists, you can sometimes find horses, which often rub their butt against walls, pillars and other elements. In this case, the tail literally loses hair. And hair in the tail is a horseman’s pride. Horses care should give comfort to the horse.

What is the reason for scratching the tail section?

  • Parasites. Horses need special drugs.
  • Dry skin. Requires more moisturizing, there are soothing shampoos.
  • Allergic reaction caused by hypersensitivity to insects. Mowing and other insect control measures are required. Take care of the hair in the horse’s tail. And timely care of the tail will significantly increase the attractiveness of the horse.

Take good care of the hair in the horse’s tail. And timely care of the tail will significantly increase the attractiveness of the horse.

And of course, the horse’s mane is also very important. A good mane is the key to a healthy horse and good horses care. When people are looking at an animal, their mane plays a purely aesthetic role, first of all striking the eyes. And for the animal itself, the mane performs an important protective function, since it covers the neck and head from blood-sucking insects. Therefore, the condition of the hair in the mane is directly related to the general well-being of the animal. Horses care should touch different parts.

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horses care

Keeping the mane in order is not difficult, but the owner of the animal requires maximum accuracy and patience in horses care. To clean the mane from sweat, dust, subcutaneous fat, it must be washed. Wash mode may be different, depending on the intensity of training and time of year. In winter, perspiration is less pronounced than in summer, so you can wash mane less often. However, each horse has its own mode. Some animals just need to wash their hair once a week, another – once a month. If the hair of the mane is salted quickly, washing should be intensified. This can avoid irritation of the skin of the neck and the appearance of fungi. In winter, it is not possible to bathe the horse as a whole, therefore, in the cold season, special mane care products are used – sprays and dry shampoos. They may be advised by your veterinarian. Feel free to seek help from a good veterinary clinic! Mane washing is best done with air conditioning (a special tool to care for the mane). It will not allow hair to mess up, give shine and health. Exceptions are those days when you have to braid the mane. The impact of the air conditioner gum on the mane will not hold well, as the hair will become smooth. Horses care should be done well.

It is necessary to clean the horse’s mane daily, but only using the correct comb and brush. Otherwise, you can easily damage the horse’s hair and make it rare and depleted, damaging a large amount of hair. Remember that a good comb has rare large teeth with rounded tips. Before the procedure of cleaning the horse’s mane must be unraveled manually, that is, the first combing and removal of grass and other debris from the mane should be carried out directly with your hands. Manual cleaning is necessary before complete removal of a large cape. Smaller dirt can be brushed off. Horses care should give comfort for horses.

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horses care

When cleaning,  the comb should go along the mane smoothly, without getting stuck and not lingering. The cleaning technique consists in the gradual advancement of the front of combing from the ends of the hair to the roots. At the roots, by the way, you can linger a little, to additionally massage the skin with a comb. This will improve blood circulation, which means that the mane will grow thicker and stronger in the future. Also, when cleaning the mane, it is very good to use an air conditioner that will not allow hair to be damaged. Horses care is a set of much work.

It is easy to achieve beautiful styling of the mane, it is enough to use special tamers after washing the mane while horses care. These “stockings” for the mane are necessary for fixing the hair until it dries. Tamers are often used for horses for whom it is important to keep the mane beautiful, for example, for competitions or various performances. Tamer is put on the horses neck to protect the hair from tangling, damage and external adverse weather conditions. There are lycra tamers on sale, but you can knit such a “stocking” yourself. For laying the mane there are special gels. They are applied from the roots along the entire length and “train” the mane to lie flat. They are also used when making braids. If for some reason, your horse’s mane is not lush and thick from any side, as you would like, experts recommend taking radical measures in such cases and cutting the hair altogether. As a rule, they do it with garden shears, leaving a cut of about 2 cm. After this, the mane, as a rule, grows thick. After cutting the mane is recommended to wash, preferably with air conditioning. The haircut is carried out in the warm season, so that by the winter the hair should grow back again. You should always think which horses care will be good for your horse.

When you want your horse to be healthy in all respects, you need to monitor the condition of its teeth. Horse dentists recommend to do it every 6-12 months. The period decreases with the age of the horse, that is, the older the horse, the more attention should be paid to the state of its teeth. You should remember that a horse, unlike a person, has teeth that grow all its life, even in old age.  Horses care in this case is very important.

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horses care

Firstly, you should pay attention to the following characteristic problem traits:

  • Incontinence in the mouth, carelessness when eating, when food often drops out of the mouth.
  • Slightly too slow food or, in special cases, even a complete rejection of food is possible.
  • The horse shakes its head more often than usual.
  • A horse is chewing or biting a bit.
  • The horse has a very tense back, it rears up or shows other signs of disobedience.

For a complete, qualitative examination of your horse’s oral cavity, consult a veterinarian dentist. His task in this situation is to carefully examine the horse’s mouth. In some cases, it is possible to use a special auxiliary device – a mouthpiece expander. A particularly restless horses can be given a sedative during treatment. But good specialists know how to make good horses care.

Besides, there are many other things that you need to know when you have a horse. For example, parasites that can cause many problems for horses. One of the most effective ways to combat parasites is the daily removal of pasture from manure. Yes, it is clear that this is a tedious procedure for one person, but the horses will thank you for it. If it’s really hard to clean up after horses, then try not to use part of the pasture, having reserved it for the next season. For the year on this field, all possible worms will die, not having time to harm your pets. It is useful to produce different types of animals on pasture. Besides the fact that they eat different grass, not intersecting in gastronomic addictions, so also, for example, sheep and cows are able to eat the larvae and eggs of helminths without harming themselves. Horses care should be great attention to animals.

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horses care

If infection is suspected, use de-worming drugs. The exact drug and its volume can be checked with the veterinarian or the manufacturer of a specific medicinal product. To determine the need for treatment of parasites, take a little fresh horse feces. Usually one matchbox is enough. Submit the sample to your veterinarian for analysis. The analysis will show the number of parasite eggs per unit mass. A result of less than 200 eggs per gram is considered acceptable and characterizes a healthy horse. In this case, de-worming is not necessary. To detect the presence of tapeworms, the veterinarian is no longer passing feces, but blood for analysis. Horses care should be daily work.

Every good horse owner knows how to judge a horse’s temperature, breathing and pulse. You should always be attentive and make horses care one of the most important tasks for your day. Daily checking and care can prevent many problems and give a horse healthy and shining look. Horses are very smart and sensitive animals, they can be devoted and loving to their owner not less than other animals.horses


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