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Erogenous zones on his body

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Erogenous zone on his body
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

Erogenous Zone. Make sex more brighter and longer, raise your sexual reputation in the eyes of you partner – this and much more is easily achieved with the help of virtuoso foreplay. And for this you need to know where your man has erogenous zones. They say that men have only one erogenous zone, but it is not so. And now we will arrange an excursion around the male body. Are you ready for this “hot” trip? 🙂


Erogenous zones on his body - photo 1
Head and neck

The head is an erogenous zone in all senses of this phrase. You need to seduce a man, activating his imagination and fantasy. As a rule, this fantasy is born from some kind of understatement:”She is looking at me with such a strong desire… What will happen when we have sex?” Touch your knee (women’s knees are a powerful aphrodisiac for men), stroking it, and slightly go higher. A game “What will be next?” continues… Not for nothing people say that men fall in love with their eyes. Although in the physical sense it is much more reliable to affect on the ears and the zone under the ear. And the back of the head. Caressing these zones with fingernail tips you can enter a man in a sexual trance.


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Lips, sex-kiss

On the lips and tongue there is a huge number of nerve endings, catching the slightest impact. Lips are much more sensitive than fingertips and even facial skin. There are a lot of kinds of kisses: from weightless brief hints of touching to passionate French kisses with tongue, and even biting.


On the male’s breast nerve endings are distributed unevenly. There are a lot of them near the nipples, so this zone is really very sensitive. If you want to make your man horny,  gently nibble his nipples, suck them, stroke by your hands, nose and lips. Do this with a desire, looking into his eyes…


Erogenous zones on his body - photo 3
Back, belly…

The back is very sensitive to different types of caresses. Here all means are good: caresses by lips, nose, chin or tongue. A special success on this erogenous zone will have a massage. It will not only cheer him up, but also make him horny, so you can be sure that your night will be unforgettable and hot. Do not forget about the zone of the buttocks. However, if you want him not only to feel you, but also to look at you, it will be better to caress his belly, without touching the genitals long and insidiously. This little prank will kindle his fantasy and imagination…


Erogenous zones on his body - photo 4
Genital organs

Penis and anus zone are the most excitable zones on the whole male body. Stroking the penis with shifting the foreskin up and down is one of the most enjoyable and active ways of stimulation. The caresses of head of the penis, frenulum, sponges of the urethra, scrotum, testicle zone… choose what you both like and enjoy these special moments of unreal pleasure.


Erogenous zones on his body - photo 5

Particular attention should be paid to the inner thighs, calf muscles and toes. The male foot is a special zone. The thing is that between the third and fourth fingers is the projection of the penis. That’s why you should not start caressing with this secret point: massage the whole foot (using massage oil or lubricant), calf muscles from the bottom up, go back to the feet and only then casually go to the stimulation of the inter-digital zone.

Erogenous zones on his body - photo 6
Every millimeter of your lover’s skin

Use all the improvised means for caresses that excite a man: arms, legs, chest, ass, tongue and teeth. And connect to this list also piquant additives in the form of oils, feathers or sex toys. So you will see that every millimeter of your lover’s skin is a continuous erogenous zone.

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