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Hotel with Giraffes

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hotel with giraffes
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This is an interesting story about famous hotel with giraffes“ Giraffe Manor” which was visited by Ukrainian journalist Konstantin Stogniy. He saw many wonderful things especially impressive wild nature. We hope that his story about hotel with giraffes can interest you and you will get only positive emotions.

Konstantin Stogniy says: “When I came into my room of this famous hotel with giraffes, suddenly I notice the sign – “Don’t claim that you haven’t seen tigers. They are not in Africa, they are all in India”. It can be huge frustration for a traveler who came to Africa to look at tigers!”

What are other rules in the hotel with giraffes? “Don’t feed bears. It will be not hard because there are no bears here too”. As you see, Owners of the hotel – spouses Tanya and Mike Carr-Hartley have a good sense of humor. In 2009 they bought “Giraffe Manor”. This small boutique hotel  with giraffes has 6 rooms and is famous among celebrities. Giraffes who live here remember the musician Mick Jagger and an actress Brooke Shields and others.

Actually, “ Giraffe Manor” was created by David Duncan in 1932 as a permanent place for rest for rich Scottish hunters who came to Africa to get new impression. There were 61 ha.  Of picturesque area of province Ngong in the south of Nairobi.

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 1
Giraffe Manor

By 70th years of the last century the manor was abandoned. The destiny of Scottish hunter house changed in 1974 when an American model Betty from Baltimore traveled around Africa. Betty fell in love with a descendant of English aristocrats Jock Leslie-Melville. They got married and bought abandoned Scottish hunter house with lands where Rothschild’s  giraffes lived – it is a rare extinct kind of Ugandan giraffes. Besides giraffes, you can see funny African common warthog and a lot of birds. But actually it is well-known like hotel with giraffes. 

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 2
giraffe Arlin


This is Arlin. She was born in 1994 and she is the smallest of 6 females. She is small genetically. Arlin loves people and lets them even hug her. She doesn’t refuse the society and she can stay with people without any treats. Arlin had one calf but it died because of illness when it was 2 months. Her second calf was born in 2010. When it was only one week, it had deformed ankles. It means that Arlin is genetically ill and gives birth to calves with defects.

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 3
giraffe JJ

This is the main male of the herd JJ. He was born  in 2004. He was delivered to “Giraffe Manor” in 2010. JJ has a bright-copper color. You can notice him easily because it seems like he is “shining”. He has very long legs and he is more than 5 meters height but because being so slim, he looks not so big.  His height can be only seen when he stands near one of the biggest females ( Linn, Daisy and Laura).  JJ is more dangerous than other giraffes.

In 1984 spouses Melville opened their mansion for visitors, built the hotel with giraffes in colonial style. In spite of not having TV, there is WI-FI in rooms and halls.

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 4
giraffe Daisy II


Daisy II. She was born in 1992 and she was delivered by the program of breeding of Rothschild’s  giraffes.  She has many children who live in national parks now. As one of the biggest females in the herd Daisy II helps to defend the herd from danger. She is brave when it is going about fight with hyena and leopard but she is afraid of the mbrella or bench.

There is also a giraffe Kelley. She was born in August in 2002. Kelley is well-bred and she eats food very exquisitely. Besides, she is The Snow Queen and she doesn’t like when people touch her. Kelley is the most beautiful giraffe in the homestead with luxurious tale. The most unpleasant is to be with Kelley in open space because she likes to follow people.

Dinner and supper are served by waiters on the tables that are set in  patio in open air. “Giraffe Manor” is famous for its cuisine all over Nairobi. Critics include this restaurant in the hotel with giraffes to the top of 50th.   All over the world.

So, bears are forbidden to feed and it is not recommended to feed any other animals during safari. But in the hotel with giraffes, it is the one place in the world, where you can feed giraffes from your hands. In the hall, rooms and on the tables during breakfast you can find small glass jars – it is food for giraffes. Giraffes like it so much but it looks like food for parrots

Feeding of giraffes is a very touching process. If you touch lips and face of the giraffe, they can remind you the same as horses have. The eyes are black with thick eyelashes, ears are short and narrow. But the tongue is very long – 40 cm and it is dark-violet mostly black with sticky thick saliva. It is for eating branches of acacias without no pain. Per day a giraffe should eat 30 kg of plants. There are a pair of horns on their head.

Daisy was the first giraffe who was saved little by spouses Melville. She considered them to be her parents. So for Daisy it was natural to push head through windows and doors looking for love and pleasure. Since it has been so that small giraffes imitated Daisy and learnt from each other. So, we can see wonderful scene – how this calm giants push their heads through the window now.

The most pleasant activity in the hotel with giraffes is to take comfortable place at the terrace and watch majestic giraffes, fussy warthog and unhurriedly guinea fowls. Hakuna Matata!

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 5
giraffe Linn


Linn, she was born in 1996. Though not being the oldest, she is the leader among females. She admires kisses when she can get something tasty from the lips of the person. It can be “ French kiss”! But she doesn’t like when people approach to her breast. She can hurt somebody who watches her intently. She can follow the guest whom she likes, looking into the windows and doors. This is Linn!

The instruction of the hotel with giraffes gives smile:” Please, let us know when you plan a walk. It is dangerous to walk alone in the park. Giraffes are soft animals but wild ones and please, don’t try to approach them as you can do this with horses. Your sudden moves can destroy their sense of calmness and as giraffes are very big they can hurt you or even kill you.

But don’t worry because our workers will show you how to communicate with giraffes safely and we guarantee you wonderful pictures! Please, remember these main three rules:

  • Be in front of the giraffe when you treat it.
  • Never approach giraffe in open space and don’t try to touch it like you can touch a horse
  • If giraffes noticed you in open space, please stay calm. They look for treats so give them something suitable from your pockets and go to homestead immediately.

Every morning at 6.45 giraffes come to the terrace in front of veranda for breakfast, waiting for morning treats. And after breakfast,  giraffes look into the window at those who sleep.

Every room in the hotel with giraffes is dedicated to the concrete giraffe. There is a name on the door of the room in this hotel with giraffes. Ukrainian journalist got the room named “ Kelley”. Giraffe Kelley was born in the National park “ Nakuru” in 2002. She got this name in honor of Kelley O’Connell. She is a defender of the wild nature and she us one of the heads of Fund for saving Rothschild’s giraffes and she lives in US.

Hotel with Giraffes - photo 6
hotel with giraffes

African Fund AFEW was found by spouses Melville. Fund has its own program of breeding of giraffes and 140 ha of the park. If you stay at “ Giraffe Manor”, you make a great contribution of saving Rothschild’s giraffes. Amount of those is only about 700 in the world. But they should be more than 1000.

For the guests of the hotel with giraffes is a free entrance. Local zoologists say that about 26 giraffes went to live to the lake Nakuru, 47 live in the park in the south of Turkan and 26 live in national park “ Ruma”. And also in ancient Egypt giraffes lived on the coast of Mediterranean Sea.

During drinking, giraffes are the most vulnerable that is why they go to the watering-place by pairs. When one is drinking, another is looking whether nobody is going. Anyway, the hit by the hoof of giraffe can be even fatal for the lion.

A giraffe is the highest mammal. Its height is 4,8-5.8 meters. The weight of the adult male can be 750 kg. Giraffes live till 30 years. They can be thirsty longer than a camel –during weeks. Their name they got from Arabian word that means “well-dressed”.

There is another one rule of the hotel with giraffes – not to take pictures of Africans without their agreement. Some tribes still believe that their soul gets into “ the small black box” and it is better not to take pictures of them if they don’t want this. Although, they can change their mind when they are offered some money for the picture.

And the last rule of the hotel with giraffes is from Betty Leslie-Melville: “ Don’t put on cork helmet. It is not luxurious and not so funny”.

Konstantin Stogniy ” Mayan Treasure and the end of the world”

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