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How to Control Anger

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How to Control Anger
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You often feel that you can’t cope with anger in the critical situation. It’s always easy for you to lose temper and start shouting to hurt people who even might not have had a deal with your problems. And the last, you can’t be out of this state for some time after.  If there is everything about you, then you are welcomed to read this article. Here it will be the explanation of nature of your anger state and it will be given the main tips to avoid anger by controlling yourself. 

The Reason

Before putting yourself in the anger state look at the situation from another angle. Try to figure out the reason. What causes your irritating mood actually? Is it misunderstanding with someone through words or actions? Or is it repeating situations which are annoying you? Think of this thoroughly. Ask yourself if that situation or person deserves your “killed” nerves, losing temper and making your day worse at all. Maybe it’s not so difficult to try another way reacting to those things. At least, you will lose nothing, but you can definitely win saving either good relationship with or showing the behavior of a calm and sensible man.

It should be mentioned about physical causes of irritation and anger. Lack of good sleep and full rest or changing mode of getting meal can affect badly your mood and your nervous system.

Consequences Can Be Awful

It’s very often that a big number of crimes is caused by anger state. A person with uncontrolled emotions can act without any thought of consequences. We also can say to another person about something that we actually don’t think it’s true. Our mind becomes uncontrolled and that’s why we act wrong regarding others. If you want to have many enemies, then simply have the behavior of an angry person.

Breathe, Walk and Drink Water

When you feel you can’t handle with coming rage, start breathing deeply. Do it slowly and count to 10. Make your mind be interested in other thoughts. Take a glass of water it will get you back to the previous calm state. There is also a good thing to get off and have a walk for a while to help your mind relax.

Pacify the Mind

Do you know how anger state and the bad mood can influence our body? Being in the irritating mood all the time the nervous system suffers from it and eventually getting weak. That’s why you shout, throw things around or might crash something. Another bad effect is about your blood pressure. It will rise and eventually you may get the problem with ulcer as well. So, always try to save your physical and mental health.

React Peacefully and Diplomacy

Sometimes people react to the conflict by using emotions but not the brain. Don’t jump into the anger state if you get an unfair response from another person. Answer calm and try to focus on the solving issue. Be brave to admit your fault if you are the one who caused the conflict.


People always make mistakes. The duty of everyone is to be able to understand and forgive. This is the way to stay a human. Don’t keep rage, anger on the person for so long time, who acted or said something bad about you. Don’t react the same way and be stronger these feelings. You can get the behavior of a calm person only if you are easy to forgive.

Get Experience

Every next conflict can be avoided when you make right conclusions and get experience. That’s why don’t rush to express anger emotions and give the brain time to think of issue thoroughly. Look at the situation from a side of the third person and you will see another way to solve a problem instead just be covered with fury. Try to memorize every single case which exactly causes strong irritation and consider way how to change your attitude to it in a better way. Then you can control situation next time.

Be Patient

Nobody tells it’s easy to stay calm and patient but it’s possible with practice. We live in fast flowing and hard life and it’s so hard to keep the balance. However, it works by training your mind and body react calmly at irritating factors. Yoga is one of the best ways to reach a balance of your body and mind.

Think Positive

Take it easy and don’t think too much about every conflict. Look at life in a positive light. We have only one life and every situation in it, good or bad one, makes our life. Ignore negative emotions, anger, and disappointment and smile every day to fill up your life and people around you with happiness and joy.


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