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How to Get More Views to Your Profile?

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Social networks are very important in our life. Today a lot of people don’t imagine their lives without the Internet profiles there. And this is normal. Almost everyone has their own profile on social networks. Thanks to social networks people can find true love or nice friends and it is not insane it’s a reality! There are a lot of successful examples. Besides this is a good opportunity to chat with people from other cities and countries. Have you ever thought why some people are very popular on the Internet, they have a lot of followers, fans, likes? While other people remain unnoticed. What is the problem? Certainly, there are some rules and universal advice. Almost everyone can become very popular on the Internet.

  1. First of all, you need to keep in mind one useful thing. Your profile is your face on the Internet. What “face” do you want to have? Don’t try to look better than you are but do not minimize your dignities. You need to know why you want to be on the Internet have your profiile there. You want to be popular among the other people, maybe you want to build happy relationships or something else? Determine your goals and let’s start!
  2. Start with your profile’s photo. Honestly, this is the most important thing. If you uploaded a dark, fuzzy, blurry photo, then do not be surprised why no one writes to you. The photo should be cool and beautiful. Do not put a photo where you are surrounded by your family or friends for example. Unknown users don’t know where you are in this picture. Better if you download your nice photo, where you are posting alone. But don’t upload very sexy photos, be careful with this. Also, do not put photos of cats, dogs and other animals on the profiles photo. Followers can think that you are not a serious person. Of course, most of the people like animals but this is your personal page, so it will be more appropriate to upload your own real photo. If you want to share photos of your lovely home pets or you found nice pictures on the Internet profile you can publish them in your albums or in the specific sections of social networks. Don’t forget to add your new photos from life. Show to followers your real life but don’t post only selfy! It will be annoying.

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  3. Next pay attention to the description of your profile. If you will write only three sentences like:”I am the very positive person. I love my family and friends. Write me please”. This is not interesting! Try to fill your page as more as possible. But don’t write your full biography. Better if you tell what you like to do in free time, what kind of a person you are. You should be interesting for other people not only for your family members. But if you not a good writer it’s okay! Many people do not know how to write beautifully, but this does not stop them from having many friends and fans on social networks. For example, you can make a video where you telling about yourself. This is a good alternative way how to tell about your personality and life. You can be sure Internet-users will appreciate your creativity!
  4. Answer all comments and likes from other people! They want to take a feedback from you in profile! This is a good way to have new friends or followers. They also will write to your comments and maybe personal messages. Show the interest and people will come to you!How to Get More Views to Your Profile? - photo 2
  5. The next step is communication with other users. Don’t be shy to write messages to strangers, liking or commenting their photos. This is normal. If you like somebody just write a message from your profile! Be active and then you will get a feedback. People like when others give them attention, especially when these are people of the opposite sex. But don’t be intrusive too much.
  6. If you decided to create a profile on the social networks you need to know one more important rule. Go online as often as possible in your profile. Your followers can write you a letter, to ask something and if you will answer one time on a week or month it can become not actually for you and them.
  7. Be nice and friendly! The Internet is a huge routine with a lot of different people. Not all of them are kind and good people. If somebody trying to offend you, especially on the public, calm down! Don’t answer with dirty bad words from your profile. Other people will see this and your reputation will be destroyed.
  8. Every person is unique. Don’t be shy to tell about yourself in your profile, about your feelings, thoughts, dreams or mood. For example, if you feel lonely write about it! Maybe some person in other city or country feels the same! If you have some idea how to make something good and useful for other people just write about this in your profile. Also, you can make a blog. It is very popular now. You can talk about everything with your followers! Do you like to cook? Great! You can write unique homemade recipes. You like to dance or sing songs? Excellent! You can share information about this. If you had some bad or good experience with something tell about this to the world. Other people will be very thankful to you. It is always interesting to read about the life of simple people.
  9. Never use fake photos or information! Unfortunately, social networks are not a guarantee that all of the profiles are real. But! Never try to steal pictures or biography of others to your profile! This is the lie! Don’t go this way.
  10. One more little lifehack how to make your profile more popular. If you have pages in several social networks you can write links to them. In this way, other people will see that you live very active social life and they will certainly want to follow you everywhere. This is universal advice for women and men how to improve the profile or create from the blank page. These rules really work. Reconsider your profile, study the mistakes. And immediately correct them! Many people say that Internet is not real life. But why a lot of people daily upload their photos, information, share news, find friends, get married? It is real but a different world with own canons. The most important thing is your personality. Be yourself and everything will be excellent! Don’t forget about that.
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