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How to Improve Sex Life?

How to grow Dick
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

THE SEDUCTION. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE : Tonight’s seduction washes away cares, encourages you to feel pampered, and puts you in the mood for erotic pleasures.

SETTING THE SCENE. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: First, make sure your bathroom is spotless. Light scented candles. Play your favorite soft music or ambient sounds. If you want to go all-out, sprinkle rose petals in the water. When filling the tub, remember that a hot bath will stimulate, while skin-temperature water will be more relaxing. Of course, don’t forget the bubble bath or bath salts.

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Improve Sex Life

TECHNIQUES. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: Once you’re both soaking, you can face each other, or one partner can sit between the other’s legs. Scrub your lover’s back with a loofah. Have her lean back against your chest, and gently touch her nipples as you work the soap into a lather. With a warm washcloth or sea sponge, work your way down her body, ending between her legs, where you can gently clean her most private areas. Let her put her hand over yours to guide you. Then switch places.

Ladies, slide the sponge down over his chest and abs and then lower. Remind him to hold still as you slowly soap his penis and testicles, paying special attention to the underside of the shaft below the head. To take things further, slide towards him and wrap your legs around each other. Use your entire body to send him into a true lather.

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Improve Sex Life

There’s no need to be serious in the bath, either. Get creative, even childlike. Write messages on each other’s backs using soapsuds and have the recipient try to guess what you’re saying.

It’s up to you whether you attempt lovemaking in the tub—water tends to wash away lubrication, sadly, and smaller tubs can be uncomfortable. But you can have lots of fun bringing your lover to the brink, then toweling each other off and slipping between the sheets.

THE SEDUCTION. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: In this seduction, you’ll reawaken her sensitive nerve endings and reignite their potential for erotic pleasure.

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Improve Sex Life

SETTING THE SCENE. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: Prepare for her by assembling items made of a variety of items that run the gamut of textures: everything from a soft silk tie, a fur throw or swatch of velvet, to a wool scarf or the sleeve of your terrycloth robe. Look for other objects that might produce a sensory reaction: a feather duster, the fuzz of a fresh peach. Throw in some rougher objects, like a loofah or pumice stone. Don’t let her see your collection, however: Surprise is the key to this seduction.

Blindfold her and tell her she’s at your mercy. Help her undress down to her panties and stretch her out on the bed.

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Improve Sex Life

TECHNIQUES. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: Start by telling her that she must lie still and focus only on sensations. Lightly touch her skin with each item. Tease them gently across her face, belly, and inner thighs, down to her legs and toes. It’s particularly important that you use a light touch when you’re stroking her with a rougher object like a loofah. You don’t want to scratch her skin. Pay special attention to her breasts and nipples—watch them stand at attention—but leave her private parts alone for now, even though they’ll be aching for you. The anticipation will drive her wild.

Finally, turn your attention to her erogenous zones. Grasping the waistband of her panties, gently pull up the fabric so that it rubs against her clitoris until she’s aroused and wet. Then slide them down over her hips and thighs. Now that’s she’s completely nude and at your mercy, caress her erogenous zones with the materials you’ve used on the rest of her skin. To release her from your sensual teasing, end by stroking her skin with your hard manhood. But leave the blindfold on!

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Improve Sex Life

THE SEDUCTION. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: Isolating yourselves in an environment of natural beauty can do wonders for soothing your frazzled souls and firing up your libidos. Could there be anything more romantic—or more soothing—than making love under a canopy of stars, serenaded by rustling trees and rushing water?

SETTING THE SCENE. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: All you need is a sleeping bag, camping supplies, and a three-person tent, which will give you more room if you plan to take your fun undercover. Reserve a campsite, or, if roughing it isn’t your style, try one of the many “luxury” campgrounds that abound nowadays.

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Improve Sex Life

Note that you don’t have to go camping to get out under the stars: you might not want to go any further than your secluded backyard, or the roof of your building, if you can be sure that you won’t be seen by neighbors.

TECHNIQUES. HOW TO IMPROVE SEX LIFE: Location is everything. Make sure you don’t set up camp on a bed of poison oak, and if you’re not in an established campsite, stay alert for bugs, animals, and livestock. If you’re in a populated campground, you may not be able to knock knees outside of your tent, and you’ll have to avoid loud moaning while in it, but the thought that there’s only a thin nylon barrier between you and discovery can give you an erotic thrill.

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Improve Sex Life

So, let’s say you’re in the perfect situation: isolated (yet safe) campsite, starry evening, roaring campfire. Put a pad or air mattress on the ground and zip your sleeping bags together. Take in the sight of your lover’s nude body illuminated by the campfire. Be sure you switch between missionary and woman-on-top positions so that you each get a view of the spectacular, glittering sky above you.

If you’re in your backyard or on your roof, you can still heighten the romance factor. Turn off the lights inside your house; the fewer that are on, the better chance you’ll have of seeing the stars. On the roof, make sure you’re situated away from prying eyes (and the edge of the building). You might have to hide behind a wall, or set up a barricade of lawn chairs. No privacy? Start foreplay on the roof with a good make-out session, the lights of the city twinkling beyond, and then move downstairs for the act itself.

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Improve Sex Life


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