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How to Start a Business. Main Rules and Useful Tips

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How to start a business
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Six-Word Lessons for Strength-Based Business Success

Kate Nugent Curtis

Borrowed from Athletes, Applied to Business

1 How to start a business. Always be in pursuit of goals.

“You are what you take time to become.” This single statement has been the driving force behind the pursuit of my goals. Consider your authentic strengths, set some goals, and then make a personal commitment to push performance. Just the act of committing to a goal shows spirit and demonstrates determination in the act of doing.

2 How to start a business. The critic in the comfortable chair.

When we take on lofty goals, there will always be those who want to point out how the “strong man stumbles.” Ignore them. They do not matter. Advice adopted from Theodore Roosevelt: It is not the critic in the comfortable chair who matters. Win or lose, your effort is everything. It shows guts just to be in the game.

3 How to start a business. Optimize performance in sports and business.

Athletes will perform the same motion over and over again to lock a particular movement into their neuromuscular memory. The repeated patterns help them make the movement without conscious effort, letting go of the details and allowing them to “get into the zone.” Imagine optimizing this for a business presentation.

How to Start a Business. Main Rules and Useful Tips - photo 1

How to start a business

4 How to start a business. There’s no zone for the novice.

“We are what we repeatedly do.” But if this is your first time, do not expect to find the zone. Doing anything for the first time takes hours drilling down on fundamentals and technique. Once we form the right habits we can train our mind and body to find the zone. Always take time to perfect your craft.

5 How to start a business. Coming back stronger after a disappointment

Athletes are constantly striving to set a personal record. We celebrate by ringing a “PR bell.”However, I’ve had weeks roll by without a ding, and in my disappointment my trainer will remind me: “You can’t PR every day!” This is also true in business. Rest and resilience will pay off, and we get stronger every time we try.

6 How to start a business. Growth where it matters: between sets

Just as training is the right combination of stress plus recovery, it’s important to consider this in business as well. Quite often it’s the rest between the sets that will refresh us for what’s next and help us stay ready. Consider how much sleep you’re getting each night, and don’t let those vacation days slip away.

How to Start a Business. Main Rules and Useful Tips - photo 2

How to start a business

7 How to start a business. Cash in your investment of time.

In sports and business, preparation is key. Athletes prepare for months and often years for a single event. It becomes nearly impossible to second-guess yourself when you’ve put in the hours. Invest the time, confidence will follow. When “the hay is in the barn,” your work is done. Game on: it’s time to cash in your investment with confidence.

8 How to start a business. Challenge yourself, but don’t compare yourself.

Push the boundaries of your own success, but don’t compare yourself with others. Athletes keep personal training logs to give them the information and knowledge they need to move forward, each day building on the next. Do you have a training log for your business?

9 How to start a business. Acknowledge the power of the mind.

Athletes train their mind and their body. The mind is a very deep reservoir of strength. When it is important to succeed, tap the mind. Imagery will help you pull out your best performance when you need it. Learn to discipline your mind and know that persistence will pay off. Dig deep and don’t give up. This is will power!

How to Start a Business. Main Rules and Useful Tips - photo 3

How to start a business

10 How to start a business. Find your passion to stay committed.

Professional athletes are not immune to challenges, but it’s their passion that keeps them committed and coming back every day. When the task begins to feel like just a lot of hard work, the natural tendency will be to bail. With passion, we become committed with our heart, and find our fortitude.

11 How to start a business. Are you a specialist or generalist?

There are no generalists at the Olympics. Sure, sometimes it’s fine to be a “jack of all trades,” however when it’s time to shine, it’s time to specialize. Pull out your inherent strengths, dedicate the time, and position yourself as an expert.



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