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Pets For Allergic People

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Allergy is a very common phenomenon in our world. The allergic reaction is often manifested when a person comes into contact with the animal, namely with hair, saliva, subcutaneous fat or even pet food. What to do if you really want to take a pet, but your health, after all, is more important? Here you can find advice about hypoallergenic pets.

There are many options for hypoallergenic and therefore safe pets, and one of them is a turtle. Calm, quickly accustomed to humans, a turtle can become a best friend for the next 10 or even more years. It requires constant, but quite simple care, it can take food from hand and does not like to remain hungry. In such cases, it can even bite, but if all the conditions are in order, then the tortoise will never attack the master.

Pets For Allergic People - photo 1
hypoallergenic pet

Other cold-blooded pets that are perfect for a person with an allergy are aquarium fish. The mute beauty of the fish will soothe all family members and carry out emotional relief when it is so necessary. Now a huge number of domestic fish have been bred, which is successfully sold in pet stores. The only thing that should be checked in advance is the presence of an allergen in the feed for fish. You can do this by pouring a small amount of food on a saucer and observe if there is any discomfort.

Pets For Allergic People - photo 2
fish in a tank

Household lizards are considered quite unusual. It is important to combine the contents in the terrarium with the animal’s running around the house because they need movement.

The perfect pet for an allergic person is a snail: it is not fastidious in the stern, it doesn’t make noise, doesn’t require special care. It is possible to move it to the fish and then the aquarium should be cleaned less often. And the land snails, which according to rumors even remember and recognize their master, are large enough and live for ten years.

Pets For Allergic People - photo 3
oriental shorthair kitten

If the allergic still prefers classical pets like cats and dogs, then it’s worth looking at the hairless breeds. From the family of felines, people prefer sphinxes. Oriental cats are also ideal for keeping people with allergies. Though they are not deprived of their fur, they are hypoallergenic.

The Peruvian orchid of the Incas is not an exotic flower, but a breed of a hairless dog that can also please an allergic person. If there is a desire to do an animal training, then the Mexican naked dog is a great option. It does not require careful skin care, unlike its other “bare” brethren, and is a strong enough animal, it can guard and protect a person.

Pets For Allergic People - photo 4
6 hypoallergenic dog

If you want the pet to be soft, with a delicate fur coat, there are weakly molting or not molting breeds of cats. These include for example Kurilian Bobtail and Cornish Rex. Cats of these breeds are playful and very smart, give in to training. Children will really like the poodle, this dog also not provoking allergies, and it is considered one of the friendliest dogs.

Now you know that allergy is not a reason for refusing the pets. We hope that this article will help you to find a pet for your family 🙂

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  1. My mother has a very strong allergy, but 2 years ago I managed to persuade her to bring a cat. After a series of unexpected events, a little kitten appeared in our house. He turned out to be a half-breed of an Oriental cat and an unbred cat in the second generation, although we only found out about this a couple of months after his appearance. And surprisingly, hypoallergenicity has been preserved even after crossing with unbred cats for two generations! He is now 2 years old and Mom’s allergies have not appeared, I am very pleased with this fact!

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