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The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats

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There are breeds of cats that differ slightly from other breeds with their minds. In this article you can read about the 10 most intelligent breeds of cats.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 1
1 Norwegian Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Not taking into account the large size and solid body, Norwegian forest cats have a gentle character and good manners. They are loving and patient, even to disobedient children and other animals. These cats often attach themselves to people, but they will not rush into the hands: for Norwegian cats, it will be a great happiness to lie next to the owner, and not on his lap. Also, representatives of this breed do not like any hugs, but they love when they are stroked over the wool and scratched. Cats of this breed are well aware of when the owner is busy or too tired to pay attention to it, and find something to do, thus not irritating the owner.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 2
2 Main Coon

Maine Coon

This breed of cats is able to communicate with its owner in the truest sense of the word. From the first days, a cat and a man are attached to each other, this helps them to understand each other better. The uniqueness of this breed is that it can easily be accustomed to a leash. The funny habits of these big cats are something that touches and makes their owners laugh because their great weight makes their games very humorous. These cats are always ready to help, no matter what you are doing. Curious and cute, they do not correspond to their large size. These cats never release their claws unnecessarily, they are friendly, affectionate and very tender.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 3
3 Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat

Very inquisitive breed. Always ready to watch what the owner does and will follow the owner’s every step if the activity is interesting to it. The nature of this breed of cats is often compared with the dog character. It can be taught to several commands, even bringing some things. When the relationship is already established, there is no more faithful breed of cats than an Abyssinian cat. Returning the owner home is a holiday with a storm of emotions. Being cats oriented to humans, Abyssinian cats can be very bored if you leave them alone for a long time, so sometimes it’s nice to have an animal at home for the company. They get along well with dogs and quickly let them know who is in charge at home.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 4
4 Siberian cat

Siberian cat

Almost from the first time it remembers its name and reacts to it. Cats of this breed are very savvy and will always find a way to solve the problem. Sometimes it may seem that the cat is thinking through each step before acting. Siberian cats will establish relationships even with dogs. Siberian cats are affectionate but restrained. They will not always go to the owner’s hands, but they will never leave their owner when he feels bad (he is sick or upset with something). They will not adjust to their owners because they themselves consider themselves so. The Siberian cat will be friends with the owner only if he respects him. Siberians protect their space, do not allow extraneous animals and people, telling the owners that “strangers” have come. They are absolutely not afraid of dogs, people, and what scares ordinary cats (harsh noise, car hum, sirens …).

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 5
5 Balinese cat

Balinese cat

They like it when somebody spends time with them. They have an excellent memory, and if they found a thing that they like, then it is useless to hide it. In a magical way, they manage to open all the doors and drawers. Balinese cats are very persistent and purposeful, they will always get the attention of the owner if they need it. As a rule, they easily find a common language with other cats and dogs, as well as with children – if they treat them with respect. They like to be in the center of events, they follow the owner everywhere and everywhere they stick their magnificent long nose. They are very talkative and musical – they do not yell like the cats in March, but in detail, with different intonations, they tell about the events and their attitude towards them. Favorite thing for many representatives of this breed is to sit on the windowsill and “comment” on what they observe on the street.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 6
6 Bengal cat

Bengal cat

They adapt well and solve problems. In comparison with other breeds, Bengal cats are more insidious and cunning, which they got from their ancestors. Bengal cats have an excellent memory, remember words that are often pronounced in their presence. Bengal cat is attached to people even more than a domestic cat. They, having become attached to their “mommy” (their “daddy”), will miss every minute of separation. These cats are incredibly devoted, ready to accompany their owner everywhere: on the couch, in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom … They, like a dog, will pursue their owner everywhere. They love water and can take a bath with the owner (with great pleasure).

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 7
7 Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat

Cats-dachshunds are very curious and crave for human communication. They adapt well to the environment and are able to analyze. In general, the character of these cats is unflappable and friendly. They easily get acquainted with new people, do not suffer from neuroses, they are moderately mobile, unreasonably curious and very kind. This fact is noted in the reviews of all owners of short-nosed cats. And what a great fun awaits you when you look for valuable things hidden by this cat! Munchkins like to sneak small objects and discreetly hide them in a secluded corner.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 8
8 Oriental cat

Oriental cat

They require a deep emotional connection with man. Do not dare to betray this cat – it will not forgive you for this. It tolerates betrayal very hard and the relationship with a person will instantly deteriorate. According to the owners, oriental cats are very energetic. It would be right to write VERY energetic !!! They are not ones who warm the couch for hours. Orientals are constantly on the move, they are chasing toys, children, sun bunnies and noticeable only for them specks of dust. Therefore, there are so few photos with kittens Orientals – they simply cannot be persuaded to pose for the photographer! Climbing on the curtains and conquering the cornices – the characteristic features of the Oriental cat in a good mood.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 9
9 Siamese cat

Siamese cat

If you are patient enough, you may be able to train it with a couple of tricks. Very inquisitive and well-oriented. In dealing with a person more like dogs – this is her main uniqueness. Representatives of the Siamese breed of cats are playful, affectionate and faithful. They require constant attention from a person, so if you cannot give your pet enough time – choose some other breed of cats. It concerns this advice and those who love peace and tranquility in the house, since Siamese cats are very energetic. Some owners even point out that these cats behave more like dogs than cats. Siamese cats like to “talk” with a person, so if you are nervous about the loud voice of these animals, then, again, look towards the other breed.

The Most Intelligent Breeds of Cats - photo 10
10 Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats are very independent, they are able to take care of both the owner and themselves, so they are also considered responsible. They respect the order in the house and obediently follow it. The loyalty of the Sphynxes is amazing – they are devoted to the owner and are ready to warm him endlessly, entertain and talk with him. Their intelligence is similar in level to the intelligence of a three-year-old child. Here such a child shows all the signs of sanity and is not at all jealous of other animals if they live together.

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