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Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones

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1. Games of Thrones
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Games of Thrones is a legendary American fantasy drama television series that drew the attention of million of people. 7 seasons showed many of dramatic, unusual, scary and sexual moments and all fans are looking forward to watching the continuation. So much work was done to create such a huge project and of course, there are a lot of interesting facts that happened through the whole series and before shooting.

1. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. He is an American novelist whose stories are known all over the world. Of course, he took a huge part during shooting.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 1

George R.R. Martin is a great author of a legendary fantasy ” A Song of Ice and Fire”

2. Peter Dinklage ( Tyrion Lannister) was only one candidate for the role. He played his character in a professional way and now he remains one of the most popular hero of the series. Besides, he recommended his friend Lena Headey who played Cersei Lannister.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 2

Tyryon and Cercei are one of the main characters

3. Linguist David Peterson created Dothraki language specially for the series. The background consisted of Russian, Turkish and Estonian languages. It has about 3000 words. In the first variant the word ” thank you” didn’t exist in the language.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 3

Dothraki language was created specially for ” Games of Thrones”

4. Daenerys whom played Emilia Clarke had to eat horse’s heart in the series but in reality that was 1.5 kg of chewing marmalade. But it looked really awful.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 4

Daenerys had to eat a horse’s heart but in reality it was just chewing marmelade

5. Peter Dinklage is a vegetarian. Producers of the series did all possible for the actor not to eat real meat.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 5

Peter Dinklage is a vegetarian but nobody noticed this in the series

6. Sophie Turner ( Sansa Stark) is a blonde woman in reality but for the series, she changed her hair color into red one.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 6

Sophie Turner is a beautiful blond woman and only for the series she has changed her hair color

7. There are many famous people in the series. But there are also ones whose ancestors were famous too. For example, an English actor Alfie Allen is a brother of a popular singer Lily Allen, Harry Lloyd ( Viserys Targaryen) is an inheritor of Charles Dickens and Una Chaplin (Rob’s Stark wife) is a granddaughter of Charley Chaplin.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 7

Alfie Allen and Lily Allen are a bother and a sister

8. Conleth Hill( Lord Varys) had to gain weight for the series. It was 35 kg for him to get the role.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 8

Lord Varys is a character who always knows everything about everybody

9. Even popular musicians appeared in the series. Ed Sheeran, an English singer, was in the 7th season of Games of Thrones. It was an episodical role and he was asked to do it because Maisie Williams ( Arya Stark) was a big fan of him.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 9

Ed Sheeran took part in the series because he is Arya’s favorite singer

10. After the series, more than 150 newborn girls were named Khaleesi. And also name Arya became popular too and such a name got 754 girls in the USA.

Interesting Facts of Games of Thrones - photo 10

After “Games of Thrones” many newborn babies got names as Khaleesi and Arya

Games of Thrones is a magical world who made many people believe in its reality. It was made so professionally and by this time it is considered to be one of the best series all over the world. Be sure if you start watching it, it will catch your attention for a long time.

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