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iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones

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5 Samsung S7 Edge
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According to the analytical company TrendForce for the third quarter of 2016, the smartphone market was divided among themselves by such companies as Samsung (22.3%); Apple (iPhone) (12.9%); Huawei (9.1%), OPPO (6.1%), LG (5.7%). Despite the “explosive” failure, Samsung continues to lead the world smartphone market, competing with Apple.

We decided to find out TOP 3 models of smartphones of the most popular brands are the best at the moment.

iPhone 7 Plus 32 Gb – $669.00 – $769.00

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 1
1 iPhone 7 plus lineup

iPhone manufacturers do not think about the design of their smartphones for the third year and make it the same for all models. However, the lack of a button at the bottom of the screen will help you to distinguish the novelty from the previous model of iPhone 6s. The button was replaced with a customizable sensor, which influenced the strength of the phone – in previous models, the button was often out of order.

Another new innovation is the resistance of iPhone 7 Plus to water. People who like to take a bath without parting with their phone, now it is not too bad to drop iPhone into the water for a while. But do not forget that even with a light blow the phone can lose its sealing, and warranty service does not apply to “drowned”.

Among other features of the new model is the lack of a familiar headphone jack. Manufacturers believe in the future without wires and advise to buy Bluetooth headphones. To make the transition to the innovation not seem to be harsh, the manufacturer has included headphones that plug into the power connector.

You can also find an adapter for regular headphones in the kit, which is somewhat surprising – usually, Apple Corporation sells such accessories for extra money.

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 2
2 iPhone 7 plus

For better quality photos, iPhone 7 Plus is now equipped with a front-facing 7-megapixel camera and two 12 megapixel main cameras. With the help of the main cameras, you can make an optical approximation. The difference between optical and digital approximation is that with optical zoom, the approach of the object to photography takes place without loss of quality.

A10 Fusion processor has 4 cores. Also, iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with 3 gigabytes of RAM. The graphics subsystem works especially well: in terms of benchmarks, the iPhone 7 Plus is more powerful than the top-end Android smartphones in terms of performance. Test AnTuTu gives 180 640 points, while Galaxy Note 7 received only 134 879 points.

The internal memory of the smartphone varies from 32 gigabytes to a record 256. However, you need to accurately determine the required amount of space before purchasing a smartphone, since you will not be able to expand the memory with the help of an additional purchased memory card – iPhone does not support this option.

The smartphone itself hardly fits in the female hand: the screen size is 5’5 inches. Resolution and quality of the screen are reduced to 1920 × 1080 pixels. The capacity of the battery leaves much to be desired – only 2900 milliamps per hour.

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 3
3 iPhone 7 plus lineup

Who will suit

iPhone 7 Plus is suitable for fans to take pictures without problems with camera settings – the smartphone will perform most of the editing of the frame itself. Well, also suitable for people who use Apple products.

The software for this iOS brand is similar to a closed ecosystem that does not allow third-party programs and customized custom settings. Accordingly, for most programs, you have to pay money because Apple products do not tolerate pirated software.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 314,95 $ – 549,98 $

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 4
4 Samsung Galaxy S7 unboxing

Another great phone with a 5’5 inch rounded screen. After an explosive failure with the Galaxy Note, Samsung stopped production of the line and concentrated on the Galaxy Edge.

The screen quality of the Galaxy S7 Edge is slightly better than that of the iPhone 7 Plus. The screen of the smartphone has the resolution of Quad HD, which is as much as 2560 × 1440 pixels.

In terms of performance, Samsung 7 is slightly inferior to iPhone 7, although the smartphone has as much as 4 gigabytes of RAM and 8 cores on the processor. Test AnTuTu awarded the smartphone 136 695 points. However, this is the case when the difference in performance is not very noticeable.

Also, Samsung did not remain indifferent to water procedures. The smartphone received a water protection level higher than that of iPhone 7. With Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you can shoot video underwater at a depth of one meter. For what it’s needed – it’s still unclear, but to drop the smartphone into the water is now really not scary.

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 5
5 Samsung S7 Edge

At first glance, the camera on Galaxy S7 Edge has become worse, because, with the usual 16 megapixels, the new flagship has gone down to 12. However, the quality of photos on the Galaxy S7 Edge is slightly better than on the latest iPhone.

This is especially noticeable when shooting at night. What is the secret? The manufacturer decided to hit not by the number of pixels, but by their width. So the pixel on the smartphone has become larger and can take more light, which greatly affects the quality of photos.

The battery of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a capacity of 3600 milliamps per hour. With an eight-core processor and a huge display, this is not so much, but this minus is compensated by the “fast charge” function. The battery is fully charged in an hour.

What to choose?

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 6
6 Samsung S7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge compared with each other knowingly. The Galaxy has a slightly better camera, battery, and screen, and the latest iPhone model has better processor and graphics. However, these differences are insignificant, so, of course, the question remains in the choice of the operating system, appearance, and price.


OnePlus 3 – $379.95

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 7
7 OnePlus3 view

The previous model of the OnePlus series was sold exclusively by invitation, which made it more exclusive. And although the price of a smartphone is much smaller than that of previous smartphones, its performance, on the contrary, remains quite high.

The smartphone is not equipped with unusual additions and innovations. The screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is securely protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

There is a quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of permanent (non-expandable) memory inside the smartphone. AnTuTu test gives as many as 140 thousand points for such accessories. Thus, the performance OnePlus easily overtakes Galaxy S7 Edge.

iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus 3. The Most Powerful Smartphones - photo 8
8 OnePlus3 camera

The camera in the smartphone, unlike the previous smartphones, does not bifurcate or expand its pixels, but it has its own 16 megapixels for the main and 8 megapixels for the front cameras from Sony. The camera is inferior to Galaxy Edge 7 only during photos of moving objects.

The battery in 3000 milliamperes has the function of fast charging, and the smartphone does not have other principal features. OnePlus 3 is a high-quality smartphone made of “aviation” aluminum, which has a powerful stuffing and a high-quality camera.


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