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Jamaica is an amazing island
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The motherland of the famous singer Bob Marley, an amazing island of happiness and freedom, where you will find an amazing nature that looks like pictures from the Internet, the local spirit, and true happiness. An amazing island Jamaica is not included in typical tourist programs and offers, so if you want to visit some exotic place with a fascinating history, the remote island in the Caribbean Sea is perfect for your next trip! We have prepared some interesting facts about Jamaica that will inspire you on this voyage.

  1. The official language in the amazing island Jamaica is English, so many tourists from Europe and different countries will understand local people. But there’s something you need to know about communication here. I am talking about a specific local dialect and accent. Sometimes it’s really hard to understand… “Caribbean English” is very different from the usual English on this amazing island.

    Jamaica - photo 1
    The flag of Jamaica
  2. Of course, it’s impossible not to remember a legendary singer Bob Marley. Everybody knows that an amazing island Jamaica is his motherland, where he was born, lived, that he used a spirit of these places in his wonderful songs. His house has now been reformatted into a museum. This is a true mecca for his fans around the world. Here you can find Bob’s favorite guitar that still remembers his songs about love and freedom. Also, you can talk with locals, who know about Marley many interesting and unknown facts. Come to an amazing island Jamaica, turn on the most popular songs of Bob Marley, and enjoy the unique spirit of this place! This is really amazing island.

    Jamaica - photo 2
    A reggae star Bob Marley
  3. Guess what? If you still think that all people in an amazing island Jamaica always rest, smoke marijuana and enjoy life, you are very wrong. By the way, by the number of medals won at the Olympic Games, Jamaica ranks the second in the world. Moreover, Jamaica was the first country with a tropical climate which took part in the Winter Olympic Games. Team members showed not bad results from this amazing island.
    Also, Jamaican women often won the title of “Miss World” at beauty contests. Jamaica takes the third place in the world in this competition. Are you surprised?
  4. Jamaica - photo 3
    Jamaica is becoming more popular between tourists

    Another interesting fact about Jamaica. It’s hard to believe, but you can only get married here from 34 years old! In addition, Jamaica is the leader in the number of twins born here. The reason for this incredible phenomenon is still unknown.

  5. Jamaica is famous for its beaches, of which there are about seventy. It is a real paradise, amazing island and a perfect place for vacation. Every year, Jamaica becomes more popular among tourists, so the number of hotels has increased markedly.

    Jamaica - photo 4
    Jamaica is an island of happiness
  6. Jamaica and Libya are the only countries in the whole world that do not use tricolor colors in their flags (white, red, blue). The colors of the Jamaican flag represent the motto of this country – difficulties are always present, but the Earth is green and the sun continues to shine. That’s why on the flag of Jamaica you can find black, green and yellow colors. This amazing island has a rich history.

    Jamaica - photo 5
    Jamaica is an amazing island in the Caribbean Sea
  7. The fastest person in the whole world is Usain Bolt, who was born in Jamaica. He became the first man, who won six gold Olympic medals in the sprint and became the world champion.

    Jamaica - photo 6
    Jamaica is not included in typical tourist programs and offers
  8. Jamaica was the first country in the Western Hemisphere, where a railway line was built. This happened in 1845. Even earlier than in the United States of America!
  9. Almost all the people of Jamaica pay great attention to their faith and religion. Morning Prayer is mandatory here. Children pray in schools before the lessons, office workers before the start of the working day and so on. Religion is an important part of people’s lives from a small age. Jamaice is an amazing island which is so different from others.
  10. Jamaica is a country of rastaman. The fact is that almost everyone here adores light drugs and marijuana. Also, Jamaicans love to sing reggae songs. It is a popular symbol of the amazing island.
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