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Jeans Cause Illnesses. New Fashion Jeans 2019

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Jeans cause illnesses. New fashion jeans 2019

More than 450 thousand pairs of jeans are sold in America every year. This piece of clothing seems to us to be absolutely ordinary; we rarely remember about what the jeans were originally created for. They became part of everyday wardrobe only in the 1950s and managed to go a long way – from workers’ clothes to sewing art. This season we have been asked to wear denim from head to toe. The emphasis on the buttocks, which has become a trend some time ago, does not lose ground – moreover, the designers suggested to stop being ashamed at all. British jeans designers have released a novelty in which the butt is completely visible behind. 

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Too tight pants Jeans Cause

The other day specializing in fashion publications told about jeans, which were offered to fashionable women in 2018 by the Asos brand, well known to lovers of stylish everyday things. Unlike jeans with various cuts, which were relevant last year, this model is designed so that there are no cuts, as it were, but still only the most courageous and desperate can wear it.

The new legs of the leg are completely separated from the top and are kept only on chains. The top of the jeans is so short that you can see the bikini area in the front, and the back almost completely bare buttocks. According to the designers, to look decent in such clothes, you need to wear tight black underwear that covers most of the body. Needless to say, “extreme” jeans provoked heated debates about the need and relevance of such clothes. It’s funny, but also recently in the British media there was a notice that a young woman was detained by police in London, who was noticed by passersby who decided that she was walking down the street in a jacket and without panties.

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Jeans Cause Health Problems

During the arrest, it turned out that the British women were wearing short shorts, because of which the effect did appear, as if the woman had nothing under her outerwear. According to doctors – skinny jeans should not be casual wear. They should be worn no more than three times a week so as not to harm the body and provoke the development of a number of possible ailments. Experts advise people with varicose dilatation to abandon such a model of trousers. According to the urologist  and rheumatologist, lovers of tight jeans can face various unpleasant problems with the body. In particular, the constant wearing of tight-fitting, tightly fitting trousers is associated with an increased risk of thrush, cystitis, and nerve inflammation. 

Cystitis and thrush with the constant wearing of tight jeans can develop due to the fact that they squeeze the pelvic region.  For example, blood circulation in the pelvic organs can be disturbed, and as a result, it damages the condition of the bladder — it can cause inflammation. In addition, a fungal infection spreads faster in the pelvic squeezed organs in the pelvic region. Another problem is shooting pain in the back. It turns out that she, too, can be associated with the constant wearing of tight jeans. Experts explain: since the pelvic joints are tightened and cannot move freely, the risk of joint inflammation increases, which almost always gives painful symptoms.

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Skinny jeans

In addition, skinny skinny jeans with their squeezing effect can harm the nerves and blood vessels of the legs, provoke impaired blood flow and swelling. Those who have vascular disorders should not wear tight-fitting clothes, doctors remind. Roth-Bernhardt syndrome is also often associated with wearing tight jeans. In such clothes, some people have broken the power of the nerve, passing in the groin area. Numbness, pain, and even gait may occur. The British Association of Manual Therapists said that three quarters of women in the country today suffer from back pain, and the main cause of this phenomenon can be called fashion.

How to make tight jeans

In particular, they are accused of narrow jeans, large fluffy hoods, large bags and specific necklaces, as well as jackets-parks. Any items of wardrobe that complicate the movement, or cause a person to stand or move in an unnatural way, may have a negative impact on the posture, the work of the back and neck. “I was always surprised at how many of my patients do not know that clothes and accessories can cause back pain and how many of them still believe that they should suffer the same pain in order to mimic the fashion,” says Therapist. Some of the most popular wardrobe items have a negative effect on health.

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Large and heavy women’s bags are included in this category, but among other types of clothes one can name narrow jeans that restrict free movement of the body in the area of ​​the hips and knees, which causes the mechanism of keeping a person of his own body violated. A dangerous trend is too big sleeves and hoods, asymmetric divisions, as well as heavy jewelry. According to the expert, large hoods create an additional burden on the neck, because a person needs a lot of effort to see everything around him, and asymmetric hoods can break the movement and cause changes in the movement.

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