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No Chance to Hide. Social Networks

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No chance to hide
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Have you ever heard the phrase “Big Brother is watching you”? Today it is hard to hide yourself and even millions of people will not help you. It is easier with social networks. The matter is that there are some cameras and special programs that can distinguish you from others and follow you even all day. It can be scary but it can really be helpful and useful in different situations.

It is no secret that only using your photo in search can help to find you and get some personal information about you such as name, age, marital status and so on. Social networks really help. It can be done easier if you are on some social networks. Now there are most of the people in different social networks.

No doubt that you don’t have so much privacy and if you try to think about this, you will feel not so comfortable. You may think that such system can interfere in your personal life but if you don’t do anything wrong, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can write not so much information about you in social networks, for example.

There are different programs that can be used to distinguish people but one of the earliest ones that were used was FindFace. It was used not only for some personal search but also for different offices, governmental departments, and malls. It is a kind of social networks. It could be even used for searching kidnapped children but there were no successful results.

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People are taking longer to upgrade their smartphones

Also, the technology of distinguishing faces was used by Apple. Now new smartphones will identify the owner by face and unblock the system. Earlier it was done by fingerprints but using photo can be better and more comfortable and effective.

But not only Apple started to use such way but different banks, offices, railway stations because it is connected with security and all people must be safe even if they don’t know if somebody worries about their safety.

So, the main aim of such programs is to identify terrorists because they can bring the biggest damage. There are such special programs as InterCenter and Morpho that are used by police only. They have closed based of terrorists that work all over the world. It is more serious than just simple social networks.

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no chance to hide

Only in New York there were found more than 20 thousand guilty people with the help of such programs. So, with time they will develop and there will be no chance for bad guys to hurt others.

What is the most interesting as for possibilities of such programs that they can identify people even if they are in sunglasses, masks or hats? There are 14 dots on our faces that can show who we are and it is not so possible to hide all of them. Even in social networks there are different pictures but they can help to understand who you are.

We all need to be careful what information we share with others in different social networks. We don’t know who can use it. We should not forget about the borders of our private and public life.

We are not staying at one place and we always need to remember that we are not the only one in this world. But anyway stay positive and enjoy your life.

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