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Love Story

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This is one of those letters which people write in a state of “the cry of the soul”. Returning home in the evening, I found my wife in the dining room, where she was setting the table for dinner. Taking her by the hand, I asked she to stop and sit near me for one minute, because I needed to tell her something important. That was our love story. 

“I want to divorce”. She was silent for a while and then she asked about the reason.  Could not give an answer, and it my silence led her into a delirium: it goes without saying that we did not eat, because at first she was incoherently screaming something, then fell silent and then began to scream again. She cried the whole night. I understood her, but could not say anything comforting – I stopped loving my wife and fell in love with another woman. And love story finished..


With a sense of guilt, I handed her a contract for signing, according to which I left her a house and a car, but she tore the contract to shreds and threw them out the window. Then she began to cry again. I felt nothing, except for pangs of conscience – a woman with whom I shared 10 years of my life, became absolutely alien to me. And it was not a love story anymore…

I was sorry for the years spent on joint living with her and I wanted to quickly throw off these chains and fly to new true love story. The next morning, on the table, was a letter with the conditions for divorce: my wife asked me to postpone the application for one month and continue to play the role of a happy family during this month.

The reason was the upcoming examinations of our son. And another interesting thing… On the day of our wedding, I carried her into the house in my arms. And now she asks me during this month to carry her in my arms from our bedroom every morning. It was a big part of our love story.

Since I found another woman, my wife and I almost did not have any physical contact – in the morning a common breakfast, in the evening – a common dinner, and sleep at opposite ends of the bed. That is why taking her in his arms for the first time after a long break, I felt some confusion…

The applause of my son brought me back into reality – there was a happy smile on my wife’s face, but I felt huge pain, although I could not even understand why… From the bedroom to the dining room – 10 m. While I was carrying her in my arms, my wife closed her eyes and whispered to my ear a request – do not talk about divorce to our son before the appointed time.

On the second day, the role of a happy and enamored husband was given a little easier. And then I realized how long I did not peer at these once-loved features and how they changed for these ten years… love story changed.

On the 4th day, having taken my wife in my arms, I involuntarily thought about this woman gave me 10 years of her life… On the 5th day, I felt something special inside from her warmth and trust, with which she pressed to my chest. With each passing day, it was easier and easier to carry her from our bedroom. One morning I found her while she was choosing what to wear. As it turned out, all clothes became incredibly large for her for the last few months.

Only now I noticed how thin and haggard my wife became. So because of this, my burden was becoming easier and easier with each day. I wanted that our love story helped her..

My insight was very sudden, like a bolt from the blue. Unconsciously, I stroked her hair. My wife called our son and then hugged both of us. The tears came to my throat, but I turned away because I could not and did not want to change my decision.

I took my wife in my arms again and carried her out of the bedroom. She embraced my neck, and I tightly pressed her to my chest, as on the first day of our wedding… On the last day of the stipulated period, confusion reigned in my soul. Something changed, turned over.. what exactly? I could not define or explain… I went to the other woman and told her that I am not going to divorce my wife. I believe that our love story will begin again.

On the way home I thought that the routine and monotony of family life do not come from the fact that love passed, but from the fact that people forget about the meaning of each other in their life. In a little flower shop not far from our house, I bought a beautiful bouquet and a postcard with an inscription:”I will carry you in my arms until the last day of your life!” Love story begins again…

Choking with excitement, with a bouquet in my hand I went around the house, but I found my wife in the bedroom. She was dead… Long months, while I was blinded by love to another woman, was hovering in the clouds, my wife silently struggled with a serious illness. This destroyed our love story till the end.

Knowing that she did not have much time to live, she tried to save our son from stress and keep in his eyes my image of a good father and a loving husband. I can not predict, but maybe this letter will remind someone that it is necessary to keep and cherish their relationship, their happiness, which cannot replace any money, houses, yachts, and cars… My love story finished also..

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