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Million.Top 10 Men

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An authoritative business magazine Forbes presented an annual list of Top 100 most highly paid celebrities. We have prepared for you the TOP 10 famous men from different spheres of activity who thanks to their efforts, hard work and patience managed to earn a quite impressive amount of money in 2017.

Sean Combs, musician, 47 years old – $ 130 million

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Sean Combs

Rapper Sean Combs, better known as Pi Diddy, topped the prestigious list. For a year the musician has earned $ 130 million. Such income was paid to the artist by the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour, an advertising contract with the alcohol brand Diageo and the sale of a part of the Sean John clothing brand.

Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer, 32 years old – $ 93 million

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Forward of the Portuguese national team and the Madrid “Real” Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list of the highest-paid players of the world according to the Forbes version. According to the rating, the annual income of the player was 93 million dollars. At the same time, the 32-year-old football player earns 58 million in the club, and the remaining 35 million is the other related incomes. A life-long contract with Nike brings a solid part of the income to the Portuguese.

James Patterson, writer, 70 years old – $ 87 million

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James Patterson

The 70-year-old writer became widely known for his series of books about Alex Cross, a former forensic psychologist at the Washington Police Department and FBI, who later worked as a private psychologist and consultant to the government. During his career, he also wrote four novels about the detective Michael Bennet and 11 novels under the auspices of the “Women’s Club of Homicide Investigations,” not to mention independent works.

Rush Limbaugh, journalist, presenter, 66 years old – $ 84 million

Million.Top 10 Men - photo 4
Rush Limbaugh

American radio broadcaster, political conservative commentator and influential political leader of the conservative movement in the United States. He conducts his own popular radio show of his name, broadcast to all corners of the US radio station ‘Premiere Radio’ and is the most rated radio talk show program in America.

LeBron James, athlete, 32 years old – $ 86 million

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LeBron James

Team NBA “Cleveland Cavaliers” paid LeBron $ 100 million for three years. Also, LeBron became the third basketball player after Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who managed to earn $ 31 million over the past season.

Jerry Seinfeld, actor, comedian, 63 years old – $ 69 million

Million.Top 10 Men - photo 6
Jerry Seinfeld

For his acting career, Seinfeld starred in a huge number of serials and films. At the beginning of his career, he tried to become famous, speaking in clubs and various institutions in New York as a comedian. After some time he managed to get on the series, which started his career and made him famous. He is best known as the creator of the series “Seinfeld”, in which he played himself. Seinfeld is a very famous actor, writer, producer, and personality, and he has had a huge impact on the film industry.

Mark Wahlberg, actor, 46 years old – $ 68 million

Million.Top 10 Men - photo 7
Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg took first place in the ranking of the highest paid actors of 2017. The actor known for his roles in such films as Shooter 2007, Max Payne, 2008, The Basketball Diaries, 1995, The Departed, 2006, earned $ 68 million for the year.

David Copperfield, illusionist, 60 years – $ 61.5 million

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David Copperfield

Copperfield has been earning his own show in Las Vegas for many years, organizing world tours, making television programs, collecting magic antiques and regularly buying the new real estate. The sum of $ 800 million makes the illusionist a member of an elite club of celebrities who successfully converted fame into money. This year he was able to make $ 61.5 million.

Gordon Ramsay, chef, 50 years old – $ 60 million

Million.Top 10 Men - photo 9
Gordon Ramsay

Acad, churl, brawler, brilliant chef, and restaurateur – such conclusions can be made about Ramsay when on the screen his author projects “Hell’s Kitchen” or “Kitchen Nightmares”. In the last few years, his income was about $ 60 million per year! So Sir Gordon may not count money and easily buy a Ferrari for $ 500,000 released in a limited edition. A house in the prestigious district of London for $ 9 million and another for $ 6.5 million, in the county of Cornwall, because of the restructuring of which he had problems with his neighbors. Fly in a private plane. Or cover the debt of his holding company by $ 20 million from his own pocket.

Ryan Seacrest, lead, producer, 42 years – $ 58 million

Million.Top 10 Men - photo 10
Ryan Seacrest

Not so long ago, the famous TV host signed a new two-year contract with the American Idol television show that beats all ratings. In addition, Seacrest leads several shows on NBC and other channels.


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