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The most popular movies about travels

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movie about travel
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Sometimes you need something that will inspire you. Something special and honest. Movie about travel. If you feel that your life is gray and not interesting, you need to take a break even for a few hours, turn the light off and download one of the films from our list. You will forget about all the problems, fears and of course you will be inspired for new stunning adventures. The best express-therapy ever 🙂 We promise you a complete immersion in the plot and an unquenchable desire to book tickets for a new journey! Prepare popcorn, we begin! .

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2 Euro Trip

Euro Trip

A legendary film about the European adventures of a group of young and crazy friends. Old 2004 year reminds us how important it is not to forget our school and University dreams. Probably, who did not dream after watching this movie, to forget about everything, call to the closest friends and go away on the most amazing and unpredictable trip ever?

This film is full of jokes, stupid and comic situations, sexual and love lines are also present here.

And it all started with the fact that Scott Thomas just wanted to improve his level of German and got a friend by correspondence … Movie about travel.

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3 Into the Wild

Into the Wild

Deep and in some scenes very hard film. The movie was shot based on the book of the same name by author Jon Krakauer. Moreover, the plot is based on real events.

Young student Christopher lives a simple typical life. But inside he feels that he is different from his friends and even his rich family. One day he suddenly decided to change his life forever. He gave all his money to charity and broke all the credit cards, where there was money from his parents. He hates everything material and goes on the road.

The road always is very interesting, a curious thing that is full of dangerous situations and wonderful moments at the same time. A real Christopher’s story is known to every traveler. He still has many fans around the world. Unfortunately, this story is very tough and sad. The film is required to view. Movie about travel.

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4 Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love

There are two ways out of depression: the railway station and the airport. The main character of the film, which brilliantly played by Julia Roberts has the same opinion. The most important idea of this movie is that traveling is always a good idea! Choose three random countries and go on an adventure. But be prepared for the fact that during the journey you will learn yourself better. Also sometimes traveling alone is all you really need. Movie about travel.

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5 Wild


What would an ordinary person do after a divorce, a dirty life with a lot of unfortunate moments in the past and the death of the mother? The main character Cheryl decided to end with his old unhappy life. She is so tired, because there are many different questions in her head, but no one can give her answers. That’s why she made the most crazy and hard decision in her life. Cheryl Stride decides to go alone on the 1,100-kilometer Pacific hiking trail.

This is the story of a brave woman who tries to find the meaning of life, accepts and understands all the pain she has, and becomes grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be healthy and alive. The woman’s soul is a deep ocean with many secrets and treasures, but not everyone can find it. Movie about travel.

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6 The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited

A great American comedy about the adventures of three brother-assholes who ride the train across the whole of India, until they are planted in the middle of the desert. What will they do and how will they survive? The film is filled with good humor, comic situations and honest, genuine spirit of adventurism.Guys once again prove that humor is the best solution in any situation! Movie about travel.

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