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It Part 2. Dancing Clown Comes Again

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movie It
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Horror films had become one of the most popular genres all over the world. Psychologists investigating the popularity of the horror films, came to the conclusion that horror films make the viewers experience their own fears in order not to be afraid of everyday life. One of the greatest subconscious fears of people is the fear of mysterious things and fear of death. Horror films easily release negative emotions and thoughts of people, destroying internal experiences – movie It is a great example.

No doubt, there are thousands horror films nowadays. Everybody chooses their favorites. But there are such horror films that are known everywhere. For example, have you ever met people who are afraid of clowns? I am sure there is at least one person in your life. Of course, creators of horror films and books use it for their scripts and made blood curdling stories and that is why the movie It became so worldwide famous.

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Stephen King. movie It

Perhaps it is one of the best horror films of all times, filmed under the same name Stephen King’s novel. First part of the movie It was showed in 2017 and caught attention of the horror films lovers. Of course, it is only inofficially a first part of the movie It because there was already real first part in 1990. But this new remake is also very successful because of special effects and excellent work of actors. The screen version of the most terrible novel by Stephen King turned out to be so spectacular that it deserved the status of the main horror film of the year, if not decades. People are delighted, movie It collected money 20 times more than they spent, “The King of Horrors” himself said that the picture exceeded all expectations.

The movie It was planned to be shot for five years. The movie It was supposed to be shot by the director of one of the best TV series of the present “The Real Detective”, Cary Fukunag, but he left the project: he considered the budget of 30 million dollars (later increased by another $ 5 million) insufficient. Ruling process was appointed to Andres Musketti. The 44-year-old Argentine director has shot only a couple of notable films before, but “Mama”, a low-budget horror with Jessica Chastain and “Game of Thrones” star, Nicholas Koster-Waldau collected an excellent income.

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movie It

The story takes place in a small town in state Maine USA that is terrorized by  a mysterious serial killer ruthlessly taking the lives of children. He tears the bodies of his victims to pieces, and sometimes the police can only find parts of the victims. Seven eleven-year-olds, each individually, are confronted with a mysterious evil that has the ability to take on various guises and any forms. It appears before them in the form of the clown Pennyvayz, luring children with balloons. Having united in the club of losers, the guys decide to find the monster and destroy it once and forever. The leader of their group becomes Bill Denbrough, who is looking for his younger brother who was taken by  Penny. But besides them, the monster is also pursued by the bully Henry Bowers and his buddies, but situation makes friends even stronger.

As it is known from the video about creating an image of Pennyvayz, not only the audience, but also the actors were afraid of it. The video from the filming of the movie It shows that the creators for a long time kept the image of a clown in secret from children. This was done to ensure that the first meeting of the “Club of losers” with the monster was as lively and realistic as possible.

At first directors wanted to take the middle-aged actors for the role of Pennyvayz, but neither 57-year-old Mark Ryylans, who won an Oscar for “Spy Bridge”, or 48-year-old Ben Mendelsohn were not approved. First, they bet on the 24-year-old star of “The Maze Runner” Will Poulter but with the change of the director, they changed their roles. There was, by the way, even the candidacy of Tilda Swinton – but it did not work out.

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movie It. Bill Skarsgard

In the movie It the clown dancing in the screen was played by the previously not very famous 27-year-old Swedish actor. Who is Bill Skarsgard?  He is the son of the most famous actor from Sweden Stellan Skarsgard, who became famous in Hollywood. Pennivays father can see the pictures “Dancing in the Dark”, “Dogville”, “Melancholy”,”Nymphomaniac”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, “Thor”, “Avengers”, “Girl with a dragon tattoo” and many others.

Bill has two famous brothers who also became actors. The elder Alexander, along with his father, played a central role in Lars von Trier’s “Melancholy” and in many successful TV shows. Another brother, Gustav Skarsgard, became famous for his role in the “Vikings”. Also, the star of the movie It  has two less well-known siblings, two half-brothers and one sister.

Five years ago, Anna Karenina came out with Kira Knightley and Jude Law. Bill Skarsgard also starred in this film as Captain Makhotin. And in “Blasting Blonde” with Charlize Theron, he played Merkel. In total in the account of the young actor are 22 pictures. But, of course, movie It brought worldwide fame to the Swedish guy. Probably could not do without the patronage of the star father. But Skarsgard, Jr.’s talent is great. Just look at his frightening smile! To create such a monstrous impression from the movie It, no makeup helps. Bill has a natural smile. So ominously smiling a young man learned in his youth from his brother Gustav (from the “Vikings”). Nothing would have happened without moving apart pupils – this happened to the actor at the moments when he was particularly tense in his role.

In the movie It, Skarsgard played so skillfully, and the make-up artists did their best, that the children who starred in the film really were scared. Because of this, the director had to change his tactics of communicating with the guys, releasing Pennyvayz to work with them only in the most necessary scenes.

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movie It

Other actors who played their roles in movie It are: Jaden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wulfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Grazer, Chousen Jacobs and others.

Film Company New Line announced the start of filming the second part of the famous horror movie It that will be seen on the 5th of September 2019. In the official page of the studio in the social network there is a photo with the actors who will play the main and minor roles in the future movie It. Thus, rumors were confirmed that the famous actress Jessica Chastain will perform the role of an adult Beverly Marsh. In addition to her in the sequel will play such actors as James McAvoy (Bill Denbro), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon), Jay Ryan (Ben Han’skom), James Ranson (Eddie Kasbrak), Bill Heyder (Richie Tosier), etc.

In the second part of the movie It, they return to a small town 27 years after the events described in the original film. And they will be faced with children’s fears. Also, according to sources, the movie It will tell about how the story of friends developed when they were still at a young age. If the first part of the movie It showed only children, then the second one will affect two temporary periods. It should turn out to be even more interesting. The director of this tape will be Andy Musketti, who worked on the first part of the movie It. A script for the movie It is written by Gary Doberman.

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movie It

It is also reported that the viewer will be told more about Pennyvayze – in fact, the main character of the movie It. It will be about the history of this character, about how he appeared, and the history of his origin will be deeper. Of course, actor Bill Skarsgard will return to the role of a killer clown. As expected, the actions of the sequel will take place 27 years after the plot of the 2017 film. Well, the main or some part of the movie It will be devoted to the heroes of a young age. Most likely, the film will begin just from the moment where the first part ended.

What else is important is that the movie It part 2 will be almost entirely based on the novel by Stephen King. The movie It of 1990 could not translate all that cruelty that was described in the book onto the screen. And in the remake, as we know, the age rating is 18+, therefore, there is a chance to see almost everything that was in that original.

Of course, after the release of such a film on the screen, it was immediately criticized. The movie It from Andres Musketti, which turned out far from ideal – and not only because King’s story was broken into two parts, one of which had not been removed yet. All critics praise the nostalgic part of the movie It. But no less amicably reviewers (except for absolutely enthusiastic fanboys and Richard Roper) curse scenes with Penny (Bill Skarsgard), who starts the film as a very scary character, but with each new episode instead of instilling horror turns into a whole big self parody like the late Freddy Kruger. The same claims can be made to the original book: King is a very talented story-teller, but not a horror author, and all his attempts to scare the reader with bloodlines and “scary” phrases and images cause more laughter. Judging by the reviews, the new screen version of King’s work is fully consistent.

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movie It. 1990 and 2017

In addition, clowns from different circuses were ripped off as they were afraid that their profession would remain unwanted. They claimed that children are afraid of clowns even more after the movie It and will not have desire to come to the circuses. But actually, not many children are still afraid of clowns.

By the way, long time ago there was real confirmation to be afraid of clowns. John Wayne Gacy became famous clown-killer in 1970s because he tried on a suit of a clown. For murder and rape, at least 33 boys and adolescents was sentenced to death in May 1994. John Wayne Hayes is considered as one of the worst serial killers in the United States, and his name and history of crime have become a peculiar embodiment of human evil. The image of Hayes as a cruel and brave murderer has been reflected in numerous films, music and artistic works. 

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movie It. John Wayne Gacy

No doubt, movie It is something really unique thanks to the creator Stephen King. Directors and their creating team made a picture with all visual effects using modern tools. But even when you start to think about this story not only about the film but what would you do when you see this clown in reality? Will you have enough courage to struggle with him? That means that movie It has also a philosophical content.




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