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Make Her Multi-Orgasmic

How to grow Dick
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

Orgasms—plural. Multiple orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms. An inconceivable number of orgasms. Everything in this book has led to this chapter: how to give your wife as many orgasms as she can handle.

You may not realize this, but many women fake getting orgasms to avoid hurting the guy’s feelings. You’re now going to find out how to make sure she not only orgasms, but orgasms a lot!

Let’s revisit something we discussed earlier: women need time to get aroused. The key word is “time.” As a result, you need to engage in a “sexual marathon” to kick off the process.

Make Sexual Marathons a Regular Event

A sexual marathon is a lovemaking span of no less than thirty minutes and usually sixty to ninety minutes long. Such a session is in addition to your regular, spontaneous lovemaking. Schedule a sexual marathon at least once a month, or on a regular schedule that is ideal for both of you. Pencil them into your calendar so the two of you have something to look forward to and so that the date can be used to arouse each other. These are treats for your partner, where you do whatever is necessary to pleasure her and repeat it over and over. Having them once a month should be sufficient for most couples. An easily remembered schedule is a certain date or day every month, such as the first day of every month or the first Saturday of every month.

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 1
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

Having the occasional sexual marathon allows you to put into practice the different techniques of this book. Experiment. Try things she’s never done before. After experiencing the results of a sexual marathon, your overall quality of regular lovemaking is elevated, your partner will consistently orgasm every time you make love, and you’ll consider yourself a failure if she doesn’t climax at least several times in a session.

If you have problems with endurance, masturbate several hours before the scheduled marathon; or, only insert your penis into her vagina for a minute or less during each penetration until you are ready to ejaculate. Make her multi-orgasmic and a new world of pleasure and satisfaction will open for you and your partner.

The Lightning Piston

If you want to make her multi-orgasmic, this position will be perfect. The “lightning piston” has nothing to do with your penis. In fact, if you tried it with your penis, you’d probably pass out! Make sure you know your partner’s safe word ahead of time, because this is one of the few instances when you should disregard her pleadings for you to stop—not just in case she needs to use it, but because the wave of climax after climax may have her begging you to stop!

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 2
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

The lightning piston uses two fingers to stimulate her G-spot and vagina. What makes this different from other fingering or G-spot stimulation is speed.

There are three very good positions for this technique:

  1. Have her lie on her back with her legs apart, while you are sitting with your good arm toward her feet. If you’re left-handed, sit on her left. If you’re right-handed, sit on her right.
  2. Have her crouch down on the bed with her butt in the air and hugging a pillow, while you kneel or sit behind her.
  3. Position her standing with her legs apart, her body bending forward, and her arms and chest leaning against something (such as the couch or bed). Position yourself behind her with her vagina at face level.

After taking your time arousing her, insert one finger into her vagina. Slowly loosen it up, moving your finger in and out. Insert a second finger and repeat the action. After she is thoroughly lubricated, curl your fingers toward the back of her pubic area where the G-spot is located. Go past the rough part that feels like the roof of the mouth and press down on her most sensitive area in that region, and remember where it’s located.

Begin stroking your fingers in and out of her vagina, with your fingertips touching her G-spot whenever they are in deep. Rapidly build up speed until your arm is a blur.

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 3
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

Keep pumping, even though your arm is killing you. When you stop to rest, make sure you do so with your fingers buried deep and pressing on her G-spot area, squeezing it between your fingers and her pubic bone. Repeat as long as she remains lubricated. Let her scream in ecstasy while her orgasms come one atop the other. Keep going as long as she stays well lubricated and until she tells you to stop with the safe word! With this technique you will make her multi-orgasmic, you can be sure.

Great Stroking Technique!

To give her multiple orgasms while you’re actually inside her can be tricky, but here’s the secret: have many shallow thrusts in a row followed by one sudden deep thrust that is held in as deep as possible. The deep thrust is the key.

This technique takes advantage of her vagina’s stretching and contracting characteristics during intercourse. Remember, her vagina stretches to accommodate your penis and settles into its length based on your length. So if you keep your thrusts shallow, her vagina only stretches to a certain length. Then when you thrust more deeply, it has to stretch quickly to take the extra inches. This results in intense pressure on the cervix and fornix and a sudden rush of pleasure.

For example, a man with a six-inch (15 cm) penis will make his partner’s vagina stretch six inches or 15 cm during normal intercourse. But if he only penetrates her vagina by four inches (10 cm), her vagina only stretches those four inches. While bringing her close to orgasm with only four inches in her, a sudden thrust of the entire six-inch length shocks the vagina into stretching two inches (5 cm) more or less instantaneously, resulting in strong orgasms. Repeating this process repeats the cycle, giving multiple orgasms.

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 4
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

You can repeat this as many times as you want, but each time, her vagina will take longer to contract, so you’ll need more shallow thrusts in between deep ones.

Vary Your Thrusting

Don’t just thrust in and out: be a creative thruster! Pivot those hips and try twisting or corkscrewing. Swing from side to side and top to bottom. Flip her around and put force on other sides of her vagina. Just as you can vary your fingering by using the twisting, spiraling, pumping, poking, lateral pressure, and wiggling techniques mentioned earlier in this book, so can you try different stroking styles. It’ll blow her mind.

Don’t Let Her Push You Away!

This is where you two need to be absolutely clear in agreement on when “no” means “NO!” and why agreeing on a safe word is so important. Otherwise if you stop when she tells you to stop, she’ll get upset that you stopped, then you’ll get upset because you’re wrong if you do and you’re wrong if you don’t—and then the momentum and mood disappears.

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 5
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

If you’ve agreed on a safe word and she hasn’t said it and isn’t incapacitated by anything; keep stimulating and driving her over the edge again and again. She may reflexively try to stop you just before or just after she climaxes, especially when you’re licking her vulva. If your goal is to make your love multi-orgasmic, don’t let her stop you. As long as she’s lubricated, not in pain, and refuses to say the safe word, keep licking, sucking, and kissing.

Bring her to climax again and again. Let her scream in ecstasy, and let her body quiver from repeated orgasms. Making your love multi-orgasmic is one of the nicest things you can do for her. Bring her to climax again and again. Let her scream in ecstasy, and let her body quiver from repeated orgasms. Making your love multi-orgasmic is one of the nicest things you can do for her. Once she comes down from her multi-orgasmic high, she will thank you for continuing to stimulating her.

Make Her Multi-Orgasmic - photo 6
Make her multi-orgasmic

Make her multi-orgasmic

Having said that, there’s a fine line between her saying no because she’s nervous to surrender to climax or because she’s never felt that much intense pleasure before, and saying no because she’s no longer enjoying the experience. If she starts hitting you on the head, or her tone changes from pleasurable to angry, or especially if she uses her safe word: stop immediately. The last thing you want to do is to be so caught up in the moment that you inadvertently hurt her. I hope our tips will help you to make her multi-orgasmic and bring new wave of passion in your intimate life. 

I was able to give my partner a record 103 orgasms during a sexual marathon that lasted 90 minutes. We know this amount is correct because we counted whenever she climaxed. We would’ve done more, but she couldn’t take any additional orgasms.


“ORGASMIC. An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women”


Geoffrey Klepeis, Illustrator


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