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My Trip To The Black Sea

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My trip to the Black Sea. I was at sea only 3 times in my life and all these three times I visited the Sea of Azov. It was very many years ago, when I was still very small, so I could not yet feel all the pleasure of staying at the sea. My first conscious trip to the sea occurred exactly a month ago, my dad and I decided to visit Odessa. We had a lot of options for places where we could stay, but we chose the village of Chabanka. It is very small and wild, but it only attracted us more to choose it, because we went there only for the sake of a deserted beach and clean sea.


My Trip To The Black Sea - photo 1
Trip To The Black Sea. Day 1


Location of the Black Sea

And then came the day of our trip to the Black Sea. I was in anticipation of a great vacation and new adventures! The journey on the train was very difficult, it was very stuffy and hot, but I was tormented by the thought that my patience would be rewarded with 7 days of rest near the real sea. And here we are, at the main station and breathe the air of Odessa. Next we had a long journey by bus from Odessa to Chabanka, which took 1 hour. And finally, we arrived at our destination! We went into our apartment, left things in it, and despite the fact that we didn’t sleep at night, we immediately put on swimsuits and went to explore the sea!


My Trip To The Black Sea - photo 2
Trip To The Black Sea. Day 2


Our trip to the Black Sea lasted about 20 minutes of slow walking through the field. It was just a great warm-up to stay in good shape! And so, we began to see the outlines of the sea. In the beginning, I could not even imagine how huge and wide it was, but then I realized all its immensity! In front of me appeared a huge blue canvas, on which we could not find the coast! This is just an indescribable feeling! We went down to the shore, spread out our litter and went to get acquainted with the sea. At my age of 19, I still do not know how to swim, so at the beginning I decided to just sit in the sea. It was a little cold, but my body quickly got used to this temperature and then it began to seem to me even warm. I had a swim pillow with me, so I decided to use it and swim a little.


My Trip To The Black Sea - photo 3
Trip To The Black Sea. Day 5


Ports of the Black Sea

The sea was calm, there were only about 15 people on the beach, it was very clean and consisted not of sand, but of finely chopped shell. When wet, it was iridescent with different shades of nacre. On the first day, we practically did not went out of the sea, sometimes we only warmed a little on the beach and sunbathed. After a couple of days, my completely white skin acquired a golden hue. The day after my first trip to the Black Sea, unfortunately, there was a storm. But we found entertainment, we walked along the beach collecting mussels, which were thrown ashore. We gathered about 3 kilograms of mussels and decided to cook them for dinner. From the house I took with me a metal steamer, which was very useful to us in our venture. So, we washed the mussels in clean water, poured water into a steamer and put mussels in it. As soon as they opened, we took them out from there, separated them from the leg and put several pieces in a shell.


My Trip To The Black Sea - photo 4
Trip To The Black Sea. Day 6

Black Seas cruises

Then we made topping of mayonnaise, garlic and grated cheese for them and put some into each shell. Then we put all the shells in a hot frying pan and covered with a lid. Waited 5 minutes, turned off and enjoyed the most delicious mussels in my life! We continued to collect mussels, rapan and shrimp for the rest of the remaining days, so every day we had seafood. Every day my skin became darker and my love for the sea grew. There were days when it was crystal clear and I could see the bottom and all the sea creatures, these were the best days of my summer. 7 days passed so quickly, I tried dishes that I had never eaten before and improved my swimming skills with a pillow. And then the day of departure has come, I took a huge box with rapan shells as souvenirs into my bag. My journey to the Black Sea almost came to an end …. Again the bus ride — the train station — the train — and hello again, my dear and native city! It was a wonderful adventure, which I will remember for a very long time! See you next year, Odessa!


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