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Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry

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Our world is full of different possibilities and we just need time and money to know how to be beautiful, smart, sporty, cook tasty food and be vegetarian at the same time. Anyway, there is another important part of our life – adventure. Our life is impossible without exciting trips that reveal us some secrets of different countries and impress our imagination. This article is about mysterious theme that can’t leave some people calm, about Masonry. Ukrainian journalist and director-documentalist Konstantin Stogniy traveled to Amazonia and found interesting materials about Masonry that, as it appeared, have been spread all over the world.

Masonry is of one of the most closed organizations . Nowadays masonic headquarters in Europe are situated in modern multi storey offices. Masons build hospitals, maintain retirement houses and orphanages. Besides, to go deeper, they are the head of corrupted political system. For example, modern Brazilian Masonry connects a lot of rich people and in the main they are bankers and politicians. They claim openly: “If somebody wants to break a rule,  this person must become a mason or in another way we will not let him do anything.  Неre only locals are recognized” 

By the way, first Brazilian woman president  Dilma Rousseff was given short shrift.  Just because of the reason that she had given most of the governmental positions not to masons, she started to struggle against corruption.

Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry - photo 1

Dilma Rousseff was the first woman president in Brazil

“The main mason’s principle is not to own but to control. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It matters whether you control its distribution or not. It doesn’t matter how much repressive resources you have. It matters whether you control it or not. “ – Konstantin Stogniy writes in his novel.

There is some exciting information about symbols of Masonry, plans about world’s order and how to become a mason. For sure you were interested in this mystery! Take any dollar and look at the sinister sign on the other side. Though, the eye of Omniscience and  thirteen stepped pyramid  were offered by an artist Nicholas Roerich but anyway there is an opinion that Great Seal of the USA appears to be a hidden sign of Masonry power.

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Main symbols of Masonry

The circle in which is the pyramid symbolizes the Earth. Over the pyramid of 13 steps is the eye of Omniscience  of ” The Great Artist of the Universe”. The symbol of the eye of Omniscience means all-pervading God’s look. However, from 1782 the eye of Omniscience had been put on the Great Seal of the USA. Seal, by which all governmental documents are certified.

The sign of the eye of Omniscience on the seal is circled by words ANNUIT COEPTIS that means in Latin ” He blesses our actions”. Under the pyramid the following words can be read NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM  that means ” New World Order”. But there is a small trick: we can depict The Star of David in our thoughts and we can get letters AnnuitcoeptiS NovusordO secloruM thus we can collect the word MASON.

There are a lot of evidences of sinister masons’ intentions. For example, ” Freedom, equality, Fraternity”. We were taught that it is a famous slogan of the Great French revolution. Many people think so but they are wrong. Actually this slogan appeared at one of mason’s lodges. Masonry is one of the most mysterious and closed organizations. Secrets, conspiracies, influence on politics, revolution and wars, all of these facts are connected with masons. But who are they in fact? And why are they considered to be devil’s friends? Ноw strong is their influence on modern world politics? What secrets don’t they reveal ? How can they be dangerous for the world?

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Who are masons

Who are masons?

Konstantin Stogniy says: Being in Rio de Janeiro I often hear the question: who chooses the president of Brazil and dictates him or her their will? And the main secret of the beginning of the twenty first century is who and for what  the first woman president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff was removed from the post?” 

Listen, look and keep silent   are the main masonic principles. They can claim openly about their membership and lodge but they will never reveal the names of their brothers. Masons usually recognize each other with the help of secret passwords. For example, with signs and rings with mason’s symbols: circular, ruler, hammer, hatchet. Mostly it is a building subject.

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masonic symbols

They recognize each other with the help of masonic symbols

In the Middle Ages only builders could move free from country to country. They built gorgeous temples around all Europe and they were masters of modern technologies at those times. This was an elite of the Middle Ages. All construction of the great medieval temple is connected only with understanding of law of gravity, geometry, counterweight and absolutely perfect resistance of materials.

Just imagine that these gorgeous contructions like  Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev were projected without computer. All calculations are so exact and temples, that are projected with the help of  a circual and a gusset, are still gorgeous more than new buildings.

Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry - photo 5
Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral is a great construction till nowadays

In 1843 Lodge The Great East of Brazil was situated in the palace Lavradio in the street in Rio de Janeiro. It is the biggest mason’s organization of Latin America that is accepted by other mason’s organizations.

Outside it is a monumental palace-temple and inside it is a very important place for masons. In the centre there is an altar. There you can find Volume of Sacred Law known as the Book of Law. What does it mean? It is a mention of all saint books in which members of the Lodge believe. For example, in ” Mother’s Lodge” you can find the Bible and The Tanakh – the canonical collection of Jewish texts. You will find Koran for Muslims, The Bhagavad Gita for those who believe in Krishna.. It is an altar for those who take dedication and mason’s duties.

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Lodge The Great East of Brazil was situated in Lavradio palace

Lodge The Great East of Brazil was situated in Lavradio palace

At the altar there are three so-called ” little candles”. The candidate to masons takes dedication in darkness. When he sees the light, these three candles give him a possibility to see what is there: Volume of Sacred Law and universal symbols of Masonry –  gusset  and  circular .

The circular reminds to members of the Lodge about necessity to hold back their desires and act according to moral codex. The gusset symbolizes honesty and fair and a trowel is a symbol of consolidation of relations and spread of brotherhood’s love. The trowel is considered to be a tool that brotherhood spreads. So, masons gather together and create a group of brothers where they respect religion and opinion of each other. That is the point.

The central symbol is a letter  “G” . It means the Great Geometer, The Great Architect of the Universe. The Greatest Being. The Greatest Mind. Hermes. Who and what He is, He unites different brothers’ beliefs.

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The interesting feature of Masonry is that its members don’t obey to any central institution. There is no mason Papa, no Great Imam, no archbishop who can make orders. Masonry itself doesn’t have religious doctrine and it doesn’t explain the sense of things to its members. The strange fact is this organization doesn’t tell its members what they have to think or say. It is a unique feature of Masonry. It was inherited from Christian-agnostics. To talk with God they needed no church, no priests. But it is very dangerous for government.

In 1460 some monarch brought a stack of books to one of the most prominent people of his times Cosimo de Medici. Those were works of the cycle ” Hermeneutics”, forgotten Hermes Trismegistus words, Thoth Egyptian God of writing and wisdom. The merchant and a banker, the owner of the biggest means in Europe Cosimo ordered a translator Marsino Fechino to put aside Platon and translate Hermeneutics.

The main in these works is an idea of power of symbolism. Symbols are not identification markings of anything and advertising compositions. The meaning of symbols is much deeper. And people believed that symbols can dedicate people to something.

Scientists like Afanasiy Kircher studied Egyptian mysteries. But church felt danger: hermetism contained new ideas that were far from church. Those ideas were forbidden and books were burnt. In 1600 hermetism was finally forbidden because his main supporter Giordano Bruno didn’t deny his views in court in spite of cruel tortures. The church had only one way out. It happened one day that Giordano Bruno was brought to square Campo de’ Fiori and burnt alive. After that hermetism went underground.

This philosophical study continued in esoteric associations such as Rosicrucianism and Masonry. Lodge of the Great East of Brazil, masonic palace Lavradio decorated with symbols close to ancients.

If you can ask any mason about his connection with Ancient Egypt, he would likely laugh. Connection of Egyptian studies with Masonry is not direct but it is. Its symbols came, left and returned again. The pyramid with the eye of Omniscience, sparkling star of Goddess Isida are all connected with masonical sacraments. The first emperor of independent Brazil Pedru I became the second great Master. The building of masonic palace was held with all masonic ceremonies. The Brazilian Constitution is a development of principles of Masonry: democracy, investments to the science, governmental support of science .   Masonic experience overlaps with ancient Egyptian’s experience and it means to develop out of religion. That is Brazilian Masonry nowadays.

Free bricklayers gave place to speculative masons. From Latin word “specio”   – to watch. Let’s recall the Eye on the top of pyramid. Now masons don’t build but just watch and control collection of means for building.

Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry - photo 8
Nowadays masons watch and control

Nowadays masons watch and control

Time came and free bricklayers understood that they needed a lobby in powerful circles. And if you have it, you will get beneficial building contract. This is what we call now corruption.

Masons understand if there is no chance to reach agreement with a person who prevent them from implementation of plans, it is easier to change him for somebody more tractable. In such a way “world backstage” appears. They do their politics, eliminate competitors, bring together enemies and embroil allies. Those who break rules of fraternity and reveal masonic secrets are eliminated immediately.

On the 1st of January 2011 Dilma Rousseff became the first woman president. Woman president caused discontent of masons because she fired the Minister of transport and other officials of Ministry when Brazilian journalists revealed the system of recoils. The head of presidental administration who was a mason was fired too. Thirty people of Ministry of tourism were arrested and were suspected in stealing budget money. Rousseff was warned: if she didn’t settle on a compromise with officials and stop to change habitual rules, she would get problems. However she refused. Corrupt officials couldn’t bear that. And on the 31st of August 2016 by decision of Brazilian Senate Dilma Rousseff was suspended from official capacity. She was replaced by vice president Mishel Temer.

A woman can’t be a member of a standard mason’s lodge. It is a law. Main mason’s lodges don’t accept women’s mason’s groups. To become a mason, a man has to pass a voting procedure: a white ball means “yes” and a black cube means “no”. Future member of the community must announce that he decided to become a mason voluntarily and believe in Supreme Being. A new member of mason’s community passes such stages of  hierarchy as  “newbie mason”  ,   “mason-master”  , and   “great mason”  . In general 33 levels exist which are also called as “degrees”. Each of them can be got through dedication and designated by a secret word.

Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry - photo 9
Masonry has its hierarchy

Masonry has its hierarchy

Another unique aspect of Masonry is in importance of symbols and signs for masons.

Nowadays there are many magic objects in capitals of leading countries of the world. Millions of people pass them every day and maybe only one person can think: ” Why is it situated here? What sense?” The answer is simple. To make magic from the past close to people which is in symbols! Symbols have a lot of meaning also. For example, there is a building for Russian technical society from 1892. It was destroyed  in 2016 and you can see only ruins now. But it is called “Mason’s house”.

Besides, there is another symbol in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. In Maidan square, the main square in the city, there is a column with a globus and 5 flying pigeons. According to official version it is a point zero. Actually, such columns are in all masonic  temples. And Lavradio palace in Rio de Janeiro is not an exception.

Freemason facts & secrets. Mysterious Freemasonry - photo 10
Globus on Maidan square is another masonic symbol

Globus on Maidan square is another masonic symbol

It can be that masonic ideas will raise and create a new world. Just like that, it is depicted on American dollar that promise to set a new order. Or even like a prophet Edgar Casey predicted:  ” A new Messiah will come”. We don’t understand ancient magic and these secrets tease us, remind us about freilty of environment and that we live in a mysterious world that we haven’t solved yet.

Konstantin Stogniy


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