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Mysterious Places in the World

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mysterious places
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In the world there are many mysterious places that attract and frighten by their mystery. In different places people disappear, things are flying, ghosts are appearing from time to time. Scientists can not really understand this phenomena, and just explain them with mass hallucinations, and simply spread their hands.

On our vast planet there are so many mysterious places that impress with their unimaginable beauty and mystery. People immemorial were always attracted by the most mysterious places. On Earth there are so many mysterious places where unimaginable incidents occur, and there are such amazing creatures that impress not only ordinary tourists, but also many scientists. Researchers try to learn more about what they have seen, but there are no solutions to many questions, and mysterious riddles about mysterious places remain unsolved.

Here are some of the most mysterious places in the world. Some of them are well known but others are known by not so big amount of people. Anyway, they are terrible and amazing at the same time.

Aokigahara – a forest of suicides in Japan

The foot of Mount Fuji is famous for its dark reputation and is one of the most mysterious places. In Japan, a dense forest, is  located in the area of volcanic activity for many years, attracts suicides for an unknown reason. It is in this forest that more than 100 bodies of victims of suicide are found every year. The forest is called Aokigahara. It is one of the most mysterious places.  One of the researchers of the forest, Azusa Nayano, devoted 30 years of his life to studying this forest. According to him, almost every tree “knows” the terrible stories of people who have lived in the woods their last minutes. hen you feel the atmosphere of mysterious places.  Also Nayano says that the forest and the history of how the suicides changed their decision and refused a fatal step are known.

Aokigahara (Dzyukai): a forest of ghosts, also called the Sea of Trees. The forest of Aokigahara (Dzyukai) is like a forest from an eerie gothic tale. With incredibly twisted trees, moss hanging from them it becomes one of the most mysterious places.

It is considered one of the most terrible and mysterious places on Earth: since 1950, more than 500 people committed suicide. For example, 78 bodies were found only in 2002. According to one version, it began allegedly after Seicho Macumoto published his novel Kuroi Kaidzu (Black Sea Trees), where two of his characters committed suicide. According to another version, the reputation of the forest goes back to a legend that goes back to the Middle Ages: in the famine years, peasant families who could not feed old people and newborns carried them into this forest to die. Legends about demons and ghosts living in this forest are transmitted. The forest area is slightly more than 3 hectares, inside the forest the temperature drops, and finding the way back, leaving the path is quite difficult, even if you climb to the highest tree.

So suicide was a traditional pastime in this one of the most mysterious places, that the Association for the Prevention of Suicides established a special poster with an appeal to potential suicides. “Your life is an invaluable gift from your parents. Please think about them, about brothers, sisters and children. Do not keep everything in yourself. Talk about your problems, “– they call for words on the sign.

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mysterious places..

Mysterious places

Easter Island

A small island in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, the territory of Chile, is one of the most mysterious places of our planet. It is famous for mysterious places with statues called moai.

There are 997 strange statues on Easter Island. Most of them are rather chaotic, but some are built in rows. The shape of the stone idols is peculiar, and the statues of the Easter Island can not be confused with anything else. Huge heads on frail bodies, faces with characteristic powerful chins and as if ax-cut facial features are all statues of moai.

Far masters cut down “moai” on the slopes of the volcano Rano-Roraku, located in the eastern part of the island, from soft volcanic tuff. Then the finished statues were lowered down the slope and placed along the perimeter of the island.
The height of most of the idols is from five to seven meters, more late sculptures reached as high as 10 and up to 12 meters. The weight of such moai does not exceed an average of 5 tons. Tuff, or, as it is also called, pumice, from which they are made, resembles in structure a sponge and easily crumbles even with light impact on it.

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Mysterious places

Lake Loch-Ness

Lake Loch Ness almost every person is primarily associated with a huge monster, inhabiting (or not inhabiting) in its depths. And it became one of the most mysterious places in the world.

To begin with, Loch Ness is a large and deep freshwater lake of glacial origin in Scotland. Perhaps it would not have been so popular and known all over the world, if not for the legend of the monster that allegedly inhabits the Loch Ness monster. It is said that a huge monster, similar to a lizard, lives on the bottom of Loch Ness since ancient times. But since it rarely appears on the surface, it is not easy to see.

About the mysterious creature that lives in a distant Scottish lake, the first to tell the world even the Roman legionaries who came to Scotland at the dawn of the Christian era. The first written mention of the monster of Lake Loch Ness dates from 565 AD. Now it is one of the most mysterious places in the world.

1933 it was managed to make the first photo of the monster. The picture was immediately replicated by many newspapers and magazines, and the monsters were given a pretty name by Nessie. In connection with the unprecedented public interest in the inhabitant of Loch Ness, the Parliament of Scotland even began to discuss the possibility of allocating funds for studying the lake and its inhabitants. Proponents of the existence of the monster Loch Ness believe that it looks like a 10-15-meter plesiosaur.  Even the child knows about his Loch Ness lake and his mysterious inhabitant in one of the most mysterious places in the world, films are being made about them (as you can not remember the “Lost World”), serials and even museums are created.

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lake loch ness

Mysterious places

The Winchester House

The Winchester House, one of the most mysterious places,  is home No. 525 on Winchester Boulevard in the city of San Jose, a place many tourists want to visit in California. The building has 160 rooms, 40 staircases, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 6 kitchens, 47 fireplaces. In 1884, the house was acquired by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester, the son of Oliver Winchester, the inventor of the legendary rifle.

A woman named Sarah Winchester lost her daughter almost immediately after her birth. A little later, she lost her beloved husband. After the death of her husband, Sarah was at a reception at a medium in Boston, who with the help of a spiritualistic session was able to establish a connection with the spirit of her late lover. The spirit of the deceased said that all the tragic events of Sarah are related to the revenge of those killed by the rifle, created by his father. It made it one of the most mysterious places.

Sarah Winchester died in September 1922, at the age of 85. In the safe mistress did not find any money, only 2 strands of hair – her deceased husband and daughter. All condition was invested in an unusual house. After her death, inexplicable phenomena began to occur in the house: the doors themselves slammed, things moved, the lights went out. Specialists in paranormal phenomena, believe that some disgruntled ghosts in the long search for Sarah have become eternal captives of the mansion-labyrinth. In addition, the spirits are angry that they could not make revenge and the widow of Winchester who died a natural death. According to rumors, mystical anomalies occur in the house and in our days. It is considered to be one of the mysterious places.

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Winchester house

Parisian catacombs

Usually Paris is associated with romance: kisses on the Eiffel Tower, dates in cozy cafes, etc. However, there are places in this city that simply horrify. They are hidden from the eyes of the tourist under the ground. And now it is not about the subway, but about the famous Parisian catacombs. They are also one of the mysterious places in the world.

According to some reports, the first underground quarries were under the modern Luxembourg garden, where the castle Vovert stood. Over time, the underground city began to expand and reached the present areas of the Hospital Val de Gras, streets of Vaugirard, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Tapestry. In the middle of the XIII century monks used caves as wine cellars, and at the same time continued underground mining of limestone. The residential part of the city expanded. In the XVII century, the land of quarries were already part of the city. That is, a significant part of the residential area of ​​Paris was actually “above the abyss”. At the same time in Paris, there was another problem: “overpopulation” of urban cemeteries. And in 1780 the wall that separated the Innocent’s cemetery from the houses on the next street collapsed, and the cellars of the houses were filled with remains of graves.  Therefore, it was decided to move the cemetery underground. So now in the catacombs of Paris rest remains about 6 million people and they are the part of one of the mysterious places.

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parisian catacombs

Mysterious places

Island Poveglia

Every person at the word “Venice” in the head comes up with the same associations: gondolas, canals, water, carnival, masks … But this city is not so simple and friendly as it seems at first glance: even he has his mystical secrets. In the lagoon there is a small uninhabited island – Poveglia, which is guarded round the clock by a sea patrol, and any strangers are not allowed to enter. This one of the most mysterious places is often called the Bloody Island. It is really one of the mysterious places in the world.

In 1922, a hospital opened here for mentally ill people, where at that time the enemies of the active political regime of Mussolini also got. The chief doctor of this place liked to conduct experiments on his “wards”, using the newest methods of cure, which more resembled medieval torture. It is the reason why it became one of the most mysterious places.

The patients of the clinic often complained that at night they hear a strange whisper, groans, wailing, and even cries. But who will believe in insanity? Some forced inhabitants of the island saw people emerging from nowhere who burned right before our eyes, turning into a pile of ash. All these events remained unheeded until the hospital staff began to hear and see the same thing as patients. The head doctor died two years later, having fallen from the bell tower, and the circumstances of his death have not been solved so far: either he broke himself in a fit of insanity, or he was thrown out by crazy, tired of suffering bullying.

The body of this cruel man was laid directly in the belfry, which after that began to ring by itself, scaring everyone who was on this island. The hospital itself existed until 1968, after which all residents left the island, leaving it uninhabited. Now it is closed from tourists, and its territory is heavily guarded against unauthorized intrusion.

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island poveglia

Mysterious place

Island of the Dolls

“La Isla de la Muñeca” – this is how the name of the Island of the Dolls in Mexico sounds in Spanish. Despite the childish and good name of the island, the spectacle opens not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the mysterious places. So, having entered the tropical island you will find thousands of mutilated dolls that hang on almost every tree! And the fault of all is only one person – Don Julian Santana, a hermit who renounced peace and family only to populate the island with dolls. Don Julian worked tirelessly on this for 50 years. It is rumored that the reason for such a strange behavior was the tragedy in Don’s life – a small girl drowned in his channel in the canal and to create a spirit that he created what is now known as the Island of the Dolls. One of the mysterious places where the frightening looks of the mutilated dolls follow every movement of anyone who dares to visit thousands of dolls.

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island of dolls

Mysterious places

Church of Saint George

Inconspicuous at first glance, the church of St. George in the Czech village Lukova has been abandoned for long. The last service was conducted in it in 1968. During the funeral ceremony, part of the dilapidated roof collapsed. Nobody repaired the church, preferring to conduct worship in another place. So this church was empty until the Czech artist Jakub Khadrava inhabited it with rather strange tenants. All the guests of the church are dressed in white long robes, their faces are hidden. People think that it is one of the most mysterious places. The church hall looks like this, as if ghosts descended to worship. In fact, all these figures  is the thesis of the artist, in which he decided to symbolically embody an endangered village. It turned out terribly, therefore it is worth entering the church in the daylight. Then it becomes one of the most mysterious places in the world.

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saint george church

Mysterious places

Leap Castle

Ireland – is not only green meadows with a rainbow and cunning inhabitants-leprechauns. This is also an unusual and mysterious place, covered with a secret and a mix of terrible stories. One of these mysterious places can be called Leap Castle in Offaly County.

Leap Castle is not rare to be found in the unique ratings of the most terrible and mysterious places on the planet. And it is not surprising, because it is considered one of the damned castles of the world. Its gloomy landmark is a large underground dungeon, the bottom of which is stuck with sharp stakes. The dungeon was discovered during the restoration of the castle. In order to take out all the bones from it, the workers needed 4 carts. Local residents say that the castle is inhabited a lot of ghosts of people who died in prison.

This Irish castle has a great history of murders and tortures. More than 400 years ago, this was the stronghold of the powerful and vicious family of Okarrol. They hired soldiers to commit murders at their command, and when they returned for payment they were also killed.

The tension between relatives grew, and one day a tragedy occurred. The priest held a mass in the chapel when his brother suddenly burst in and pierced him with a sword in his heart, and he died right on the altar, in front of the whole family. A terrible murder happened during a religious ceremony and since then, the room in which the priest died, became known as the “Bloody Chapel”, and the castle was cursed.

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leap castle

Mysterious place

“The Door to Hell”

Darvaz is a gas crater in Turkmenistan. Travelers call this one of the most mysterious places “The Door to Hell”, or “The Gates of Hell.” It is located 90 km from the village of Erbent.

In 1971, near the village of Darvaza in Turkmenistan, Soviet geologists discovered a cluster of underground gas. As a result of excavation and exploration well drilling, geologists came across an underground cavern (emptiness), because of which the earth collapsed and a large hole filled with gas was formed. The rig with all the equipment and transport fell through into the hole, people did not suffer from the incident. To harmful to humans and livestock couples did not go outside, they decided to set fire to it. Now it became one of the most mysterious places. Geologists expected that the fire would go out after a few days, but they made a mistake. Since 1971, natural gas from the crater has been continuously burning day and night.

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Mysterious places

The world is full of mysterious places created by ancient masters. These places have been thoroughly studied by scientists, historians and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, unfinished or incomprehensible that it is still not clear why they were built and what purpose they served. Anyway there are still mysteries that shock people all over the world.

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