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Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs

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Small dogs look incredibly cute and it misleads people. And only experienced cynologists can dispel some myths about dogs of small breeds. What, after all, do we know about these little sweet pets? What is the truth and what are the most frequent misconceptions?

Myth 1: A walk is optional

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 1
1 small dogs

Yes, it is possible to teach a small dog to do its business in cats’ trays. But we are talking about walks. For some reason, many people confuse these concepts. The dog goes to the street not only to go to the toilet, at the same time it is active, breathes air and uses energy. It’s not the best decision to close a pet at home, no matter what size it is. It will get boring, suffer from loneliness and a desire to feel fresh air, from the need to communicate with other dogs. Then he will easily destroy the apartment. But about this – in the next myth.

Myth 2. Small dogs are not capable to do bad things

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 2
2 little dog destroys things

It turns out that they are very capable. Moreover, the fact that they are brisk and can get through almost any gap, helps them to destroy the house. Due to their sweetness, they manage the owner, becoming spoiled. They can demand attention even in a crude form – breaking the favorite vase of the owner, for example. To bite wires or other important objects will not be difficult for them, even in spite of their size. In addition, they can do all of this from a sense of revenge, boredom, fear, just a desire to indulge. And the harm caused by the small dogs will not differ from those made by their larger brethren.

Myth 3. There is no need to train such breeds

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 3
3 small breeds of dogs

For some reason, some people believe that the education of small breeds of dogs is not necessary. Not half! Taking to the attention given them an explosive nature it is important for them to limit the scope beyond which one should not go. Any dog should be trained and educated from childhood. The basic commands are obliged to know each four-legged friend, both for the sake of own safety, and safety of an environment. If you think that you may be not afraid of small dogs – read the following myth.

Myth 4. Dogs of small breeds are safe

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 4
4 mad small dogs

Do not forget that all animals have claws and teeth. Yes, large breeds look more impressive, cause more respect or fear. But in some cases, small pets are even more terrible, because they can go up unnoticed, clinging sharply to the leg. And the pain from this will be no less than from the bite of the big “colleagues”. To make your pet bark and bite less, you need to put on a muzzle. If you do not consider this rational – keep the dog in public in a special carry. It also allows you to go with a pet to any place where the entrance with a large dog is prohibited.

Myth 5. Small dogs are children’s friends

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 5
5 dogs and kids

Yes, small pets love to play with children, because they have the same energy, they have fun together. But leaving the dog to “look after” the child is a bad option for two reasons:

1. The dog often needs a nanny itself, because it is a child inside. Most small dogs behave like puppies all their life.

2. A child can make a pet hurt because he does not know how to calculate strength or does not realize what he is doing. Small dogs are really friends of children, but it is better not to leave them alone. At least one adult should look after the games of the kids.

Myth 6. Clothes for dogs – the caprice of the owners

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 6
6 clothes for dogs

You can say that expensive clothes for dogs – the whim of their owners. But in principle, clothes for small pets are necessary for them so that they didn’t feel cold walking on their small paws. Many breeds freeze even in the warm season, and in winter time they simply can’t go out without clothes. So you have to buy a cute little overall if you want to have a healthy and active four-legged friend.

Myth 7. Small dogs can only be decorative

Myths about Small Breeds of Dogs - photo 7
7 small dog can protect

Breeds of small dogs are distinguished by excellent hearing, quick reaction, and incredible devotion. The pet will protect the territory and the owners until the last breath, warning of the danger with barking and trying to stop the attacker with the help of teeth. Of course, it’s calmer when a shepherd or other big dog lives at home. But small dogs can also prove their authority, be coping well with security and watchdog duties.

In conclusion

And yet dogs of small breeds require care and special attention. Therefore, before you have a small dog, it’s worth training. You can do this, for example, on children’s simulators – games about animals. But you should always remember that any pet is a live creature and it deserves good care and love.

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  1. Now it is more often possible to meet people who are sure that dogs of small breeds are evil than those who think that such dogs are not dangerous. The nature of the dog depends on its upbringing, not size.

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