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Online Dating for and Against

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Life is full of challenges and every day we are faced with a choice. We are making a lot of thinking and analyzing all pros and cons and then find the right solution. Themes can be different but for all ages, the problem of people’s acquaintance was the main. Sometimes we want to go through all borders and look for a person from another country or city. Everything is possible in the 21st century and online dating is becoming more and more popular with every year.
Of course, some people can have doubts and fears about such type of meeting a partner. Be sure, as in every situation there are good and bad sides and it is important to know all of them. Here you can see the main points that will help you to make a right decision.
It is right to start with advantages of online dating because actually there are more positive sides on this issue.
First of all, you can break all borders and meet new people from another country or city. Don’t be afraid of difference in mentalities because it can only give you more interesting openings. And it is the kind of diversity. You can have an ideal picture of a partner and sometimes it happens that you can’t find the right person in your country. There are many different people in the world and why do we need to limit our search? Maybe your second half lives in another country or city and it is the person who is really ideal for you? Think about it.
Secondly, it happens when people feel shy and even feel uncomfortable in real life that they can’t get acquainted with people in the streets, in restaurants, in cinemas and they can’t make this first step. You have some fears. You feel better when nobody sees you and then it is easier for you. Online dating can help you. You can stay at home and just log in and start correspondence. You will always have time to choose right words.  Nobody will see your hands shaking, stutterings in your speech and you are red of shyness cheeks. You can just write a nice letter in the comfortable atmosphere and it will become your first step.
Thirdly, the choice is yours. In advance, you can see a profile of a man or a woman and understand whether you are interested in such a person or not. You can see not only photos but also some additional information on weight, height, children, job and etc. It is not like in real life that you can see the only appearance most of the time.
And the last but not the least is online dating can be available for you wherever you are and what time it is. It is all day and night and it makes it more comfortable for you to find your partner. You don’t need to look at the time. Time is in your pocket.
Of course, not everything can be so bright as in a fairytale.

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There are some disadvantages that you can find in online dating.

Firstly, unfortunately, you can’t know for sure whether this is that exact person behind this profile or not. People lie and it is a pity.  They can pretend sometimes and it is hard to understand when you don’t see each other. Only this lie you can reveal at the real meeting.
Secondly, it happens when a person can just stop writing you and you will never reach her. It can happen without all explanations of her side and then you will never find each other. It is the fact of distance that can be the hardest. You will not have many possibilities for the first time to come to each other’s house and have a real cup of coffee.
And there is one more bad side when some people don’t know what they want in this life. They can be not so sure in their serious desires and just have fun on the sites. It doesn’t mean that they can deceive you, it means that you can have different aims and it can be hard to understand these aims from the very beginning without wasting too much time.
In conclusion, as you see, there are more positive sides of online dating than negative ones and maybe there is a reason to try. The main is, to be honest, know what you are looking for and of course not to be afraid to make the first step. Who knows, maybe this step will lead you to a wonderful love story with happy ending.

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