Monday, 21 Sep 2020
Personal Hygiene Products

The Problem with Personal Hygiene Products

The Problem with Personal Hygiene Products Personal Hygiene Products. Now I know what you’re thinking—The last thing I want to become is a tree-hugging meat-hating vegan. Vegans often get a bad rap for being labeled as judgmental, attacking, conceited, and just downright annoying. Allow me to be the first to agree with you that some of us are. […]

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Green Smoothies

Making Your Green Smoothies

Making  Green Smoothies  The way food is grown today has completely ruined the nutritional quality of much of our soil. Mono-cropping, ammonium nitrate fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and the influx of genetically modified foods have raped our once fertile soils of nutrition. Good soil requires over fifty minerals and nutrients (calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, nitrogen, sulfur, etc.). […]

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Top List of the Most Popular Brands of the Mass Market. Part 2

We continue talking about popular mass-market brands. In the last part we wrote about  ZARA, H&M and BERSHKA. There are many democratic fashion brands which offer interesting and stylish collections. This clothes is not designer and exclusive, but its price is available for most fashion fans. Each brand is special, let’s talk more about them.    

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Alsek Rivers. British Columbia. Alaska

Alsek river. Alaska  Vast glaciers. Immense spires. Untrammeled wilderness. A lake filled with icebergs. All this (and much more) awaits on the Tatshenshini, perhaps the most renowned of Alaska’s many rugged, runnable rivers. “The Tat is a river of immense proportions, both in terms of rock and water,” began poet and guide Melanie Siebert. “It’s […]

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The Grampian Mountains

The Grampian Mountains. Travelling by bike

The Grampian Mountains. Trip Which Can Change Your Life This ride involves climbing the highest main road in Britain, the Lecht, and a lot more besides. It’s a ride of contrasts, exploring the Cairngorm mountains of Braemar and the low-lying lushness of the Cromar, places that lie at either end of Royal Deeside. It’s also […]

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