Friday, 25 Sep 2020

The Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is a beauty and a beast. It is an ancient wood with many secrets, both old and new, but its sylvan glades are draped over some very hilly terrain. That makes cycling hard here, but it brings rewards, and not just the satisfaction and glow of crossing hard terrain using your […]

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Fashion For You and Your Family

Fashion is an essential part of our life. It is an incredible art made for people who really appreciate it. No doubt, there are people who are obsessed by new outlooks and those who think that being fashionable is not for them. Anyway, fashion is something that makes people love themselves more and give happiness […]

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High and dry in the Andes, trip to South America

Who heads into the Andes in winter? Vivian and Hanlie Gericke, that’s who! Join them in their Land Rover as they traverse the longest mountain range on earth, through northwestern Argentina and the Atacama Desert to the Pacific Ocean. Trip to Andes. We flew from South Africa to Argentina and traveled to El Boson, a […]

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Beauty of Frankfurt. Germany

Places in Frankfurt Frankfurt (aka Frankfurt am Main) is the business capital of Germany, the most technologically advanced and modern city in the country. For its efficiency it is called Chicago-on-Main or Main-hatten. But this does not mean that everything here is built of glass and concrete. For example, the cozy and picturesque area of […]

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how to reverse diabetes fast

How to Reverse Diabetes Fast

“The Baby Elephant Diet. A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right”  Ravi Mantha The Twelve-step How to Reverse Diabetes Fast 1.Reverse Diabetes. Start with a full diagnostic health check-up. Keep a note of what your numbers are on diabetes and cholesterol. 2.Reverse Diabetes. The number one objective is to lose body fat. Eliminate grains from your […]

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