Thursday, 2 Jul 2020
Homeless cats

Beauty Of The Homeless Cats

About Homeless Cats Homeless cats. Most people prefer to avoid them. They are forced to seek their own food and protect themselves. Some of them no longer trust people. Homeless cats in my city and country are very common. They walk everywhere, there is no street that you wouldn’t see at least a couple of […]

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Mount Misery

Mount Misery. Beautiful Tasmania

“Top Walks in Tasmania” Melanie Ball HOBART REGION. MOUNT MISERY Take in a wide-angle view from Flat Rock on Mount Misery sub-alpine plateau.   Aboriginal cultural connections and colourful geology, lush rainforest and exposed hilltops make this walk, on private property, a delight rather than the misery its name suggests.   Mount Misery. Walk: 8.6km loop Mount […]

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Female Anatomy

The Intricate Female Anatomy. Female Orgasm

Different parts of female anatomy Different parts of female anatomy can provide different kinds of orgasms, and each kind feels different. Since a woman’s pleasure anatomy is complex, with many different parts, it pays to know where the opportunities are and what to zone in on. A woman’s genitals consist of three areas: the vulva […]

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Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge. Launceston Region

“Top Walks in Tasmania” Melanie Ball Cataract Gorge in Launceston        Cataract Gorge. Venture beyond the lawns and screeching peacocks and discover the bigger picture of a Launceston landmark. Cataract Gorge. Over time, the South Esk River has fashioned many holes in the floor of Cataract Gorge, where it forms eddies and little […]

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