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Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships

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When we fall in love, our partner is becoming the whole world for us. We would like to spend every minute of our life with him or her. And there is a saying also: ” Happiness takes no account of time”. But time is going and a feeling can come when you would like to have rest from each other and maybe you are becoming boring to each other because you do everything together. That is a crisis in relationships but how not to make it real? Here are some tips that will help you how to behave yourself not to be too bored with your partner and not to lose your own personality.

Work separately

Of course, everything is subjective and some people say that a common job can make you closer but in most cases, it is better to have separate places of work. You can be the same profession but it is not so good to see each other all day. Besides, there are some companies that don’t let spouses work together. It can arouse more conflicts and divert attention from working process. It is much better to come home from work and talk about events that you both had during the day.

Sometimes spending time with friends without your partner

You should have the circle of friends with whom you can spend time separately without any bad thoughts for your partner. It means that sometimes for men is better to spend time just in men’s company and the same for women. It is known that there are men’s and women’s gossips and sometimes it is better not to know about them. It can give your couple some new emotions and other social contacts can make you love each other more because you will have time to miss each other.

Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships - photo 1

Spending time without your partner can be useful for relationships


Listen to your own inner world

This tip is connected with some interests of your partner. It doesn’t mean that you should experience everything with him because we are all different. Maybe you are afraid of height but your partner has no fear and you shouldn’t do different kinds of jumping, climbing and something like paragliding if you don’t like. Or just watching films that you don’t like. There are some moments when you just need to be happy for your partner and take a funny picture of him.

Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships - photo 2

Have hobbies which you like and your partner will be happy for you

Have your own meaning

Don’t play his or her games! We all can be right or wrong and in all cases, we should have own thoughts and conclusions. If you are an adult and intelligent person, you will always have what to say. And if you always say your partner “yes”, it will become boring for him too, what do you think? Most of the people would like to see a partner with independent thoughts. Life is much more interesting when you can dispute something.

Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships - photo 3

Try to have your opinion on every topic and your partner will be always interested in you

Make your partner learn something new from you

If you know a foreign language, teach your partner or show him some new hobbies. It is very important to stay always interesting for each other and share some experience. Maybe you can become an inspiration for your partner to learn something new then it is an additional bonus to your relationships.

Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships - photo 4

Teach your partner something and you will become closer to each other

For the first sight, there is nothing complicated but it is so hard to find this balance in relationships. First, ask whether you are interesting for yourself and then you will find out how to behave yourself. Just don’t forget about yourself. What is the hardest for you in relationships?

Partner. How not to Lose Yourself in Relationships - photo 5

Just don’t forget about yourself

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