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Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9

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In this article Christie Brinkley will open for you the secrets of her beautiful, shining hair. Are you ready to shine bright like a diamond? If so, then let’s go!

Let your hair down, and watch your spirits go up! Let’s face it. Everything is better on a good hair day. You can get away with anything—the wrong outfit, shoes, job—none of it matters as much when your hair looks good! Because when your hair looks great, you feel great. And that confidence makes you look even more attractive!

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 1
Christie Brinkley and her secrets of beauty

Christie Brinkley and her secrets of beauty

I’ve always been a bit obsessed with hair. Even when I was little, if I heard my mom say I was going to have my picture taken, I would immediately grab the scissors and “trim” my own bangs. All my childhood photos are of me grinning from ear to ear with my way-too-short bangs chopped right down to the scalp! And long before I actually became a model, I loved to dress up, do “high-fashion hairdos,” and strike poses.

Then when I became a model, nobody would let me cut my hair. The shortest I ever had it was just above the shoulders. I was trying to channel Grace Kelly, but to no avail—short hair is a lot of work! During my years as a model, my hair was often under contract. I’ve been a Breck girl (classic shampoo!) and a longtime Prell girl (if your hair ever feels bogged down with product, just one shampoo with Prell and your hair will be light and full and shiny). And I even made a few appearances on Clairol boxes. During my forty-year career, I learned so much about hair that when I had my three kids, I became their personal hairdresser for haircuts and styling! I even did the hair for many of my daughter Alexa’s shows.

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 2
Hollywood retro hairstyle

Hollywood retro hairstyle

I’ve worn my hair long nearly all my life, and at sixty, I see no reason to change that. Thankfully, gone are the days when long hair was considered “inappropriate” for a woman past a certain age (and I believe that age was about thirty!). I say if you’ve got long hair that works for you, there’s no reason not to keep working it.

Over the years, I’ve put my hair in the hands of many talented professionals for photo shoots and red carpet events. And I love all the opportunities I have had to learn from them. They are at photo shoots all the time, so they know the latest trends to help keep me looking modern and up-to-date. So between all my own trial-and-error expertise and the knowledge I’ve gleaned from my favorite hairstylists, I’ve got lots of shortcuts and tips to share. And I promise they’ll make your hair your “mane” attraction and improve your chances of making every day a great hair day!

Some of my hairdos over the years. Nutrition is the “root” of gorgeous hair. Just like for your skin, the right foods and supplements really can make a difference when it comes to your hair. Without a balanced diet, hair can thin, get brittle, and lose its luster.

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Do not be afraid to do something new with your hair

Do not be afraid to do something new with your appearance

Amino acids are the building blocks of healthy hair. There are twenty amino acids, but nine of them are considered essential—meaning the body can’t make them, so you must get them in your diet. Essential amino acids are found in foods that contain protein. It’s easy to get all your essential amino acids from animal foods like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy. You can also get your amino acids through a vegetarian diet, but only a few plant foods contain all nine essential amino acids (nutritional superstars like quinoa, soybeans, and hemp seeds). If you are vegetarian or vegan, it’s a good idea to take an amino acid supplement to ensure you get adequate amounts.

Several different amino acids are crucial for hair. Methionine forms sulfur chains that strengthen the structure of the hair and protect against hair loss. A study found that people taking methionine had a higher percentage of hair in the growth phase—and that translates to more hair growing in, less falling out, and a thicker head of hair! Arginine improves blood flow to the hair follicles to nourish hair as it grows. And glutamine (which is produced naturally by the body, but diminishes as we get older) also delivers hair-building sulfur to your strands.

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 4
True beauty knows no age

True beauty knows no age

You also want to make sure you’re feeding your hair plenty of B vitamins and zinc—through either diet or supplements. I take extra B vitamins because those nutrients are also predominantly found in animal foods, so it’s really tough for vegetarians to get enough of them. While we mostly think of collagen as the substance that keeps skin looking smooth, young, and wrinkle-free, it also contributes to a healthy scalp that can hold on to hair better. Foods high in zinc include oysters, shrimp, grass-fed beef, lentils, sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds.



I’ve been told by numerous hairstylists that there is one universally flattering place for a ponytail—the spot on the back of your head that’s on the same level as your nose. Put it there, and it’s like getting an instant face-lift.

Don’t lose your head over thinning hair. How you eat can also have a huge impact on how full your head of hair looks. Being deficient in iron or vitamin D can lead to hair loss (your doctor can do a blood test to check both). Vitamin D is produced by the body when our skin is exposed to sunlight, but our vigilant use of sunscreen—plus increased air pollution—can keep us from getting that boost. You’ll also find D in fortified foods like milk and breakfast cereal. If you’re deficient, supplements will probably be your best bet. Crash dieting of any kind can leave your hair follicles without the nutrients they need to generate healthy, new hair. So that’s yet another reason to stop “deny-iting”!

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 5
Take care of your beauty with Christie Brinkley

Take care of your beauty with Christie Brinkley

While most women don’t technically go bald in the same way men do, by a certain age, most of us do start to notice that making our hair look great just isn’t that easy anymore. I know that for me, after each of my pregnancies my ponytail got just a little bit smaller. (And then my children became teenagers and I nearly pulled the rest out! LOL!) Some women do suffer from hereditary hair loss, and the hormonal changes that accompany menopause can make the problem worse. An over- or underactive thyroid can also be a culprit—as can polycystic ovarian syndrome—so getting those things checked out by a doctor is a good idea if you’re suddenly seeing significantly more strands than usual in the shower drain.

I’ve learned that as we age, not only is it natural to lose a few more strands, but the new strands grow in smaller and finer than they once did. Keeping your scalp healthy and your follicles well nourished can help. Do a quickie scalp massage every time you wash your hair to increase circulation. And consider doing an occasional antiaging scalp treatment—a leave-in mask that delivers important nutrients directly into the hair follicles.

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 6
Your hair is your strength

Your beauty is your strength

Finally, if hair loss is becoming a big deal, you should see your dermatologist. There are numerous treatments doctors can use to help—from prescribing minoxidil (also available over the counter as Rogaine) to doing a variety of procedures that have been shown to help regrow hair, including lasers, cortisone injections, and platelet-rich plasma injections.

Model hair, no matter what! Hair extensions have been a staple in the fashion and beauty worlds—as well as in Hollywood—forever. Models on the runway and stars on the red carpet routinely add extra strands to gain some length, thickness, or just enhance their glamour quotient. Today it seems like everybody’s onto the convenience and style boost extensions can give. I love them so much that I collaborated on my own line of extensions by Hair2wear.

Perfect Hair. Secrets Of Eternal Beauty. Part 9 - photo 7
Model hair

Be confident in your beauty

Longer, thicker hair will always look youthful, so popping in an extension is my favorite quick and easy way to look years younger. Hair extensions allow you to change your hair as easily as you’d change your outfit. I like to think of them as the hairstyle equivalent of a microwave dinner. There are some days you feel like cooking, and some days you just want to pop something in the microwave. Definitely don’t save extensions just for special occasions—I use mine at the gym, on rainy days, after the beach—they’re perfect for anyone who wants to look great in an instant!

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