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Personal Cat Care. Different breeds

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personal cat care
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Currently, there are many breeds of cats, which differ from each other not only in appearance but also in character. Choosing a future pet, you should be aware of the habits inherent in each breed, and about conditions which cats need. Of course, every breed needs its personal cat care. There are many details that are important and it will be a big mistake to mix them for different breeds. Here are some popular cat breeds which get their popularity all over the world and no doubt, personal cat care is very essential for them.

Abyssinian cat

This cat is very flexible and graceful, it has a short but very thick coat. The peculiarities of coloring of individual hairs contribute to the fact that the animal’s hair seems to shimmer, especially when the animal is moving. The color of the Abyssinian cat may be different, but an indispensable sign of a pedigreed animal are small tassels on the tips of the ears. These animals have a soft and friendly character, they are very mobile and love to play, get along well with children and other members of the family in which they live. However, these cats recognize only one person as owner, although they retain a friendly attitude towards their relatives. But of course they need their personal cat care.

Abyssinian cats do not tolerate mistreatment and suffer greatly during long journeys, as well as in the event that an outsider appears in the house. These animals are very active and very curious, they feel good in private homes with an adjacent garden. If the cat lives in an ordinary city apartment, you should often walk with it. Abyssinian cats very poorly tolerate loneliness, so you need to devote considerable time and attention to your pet. They don’t need complicated personal cat care. It is necessary from time to time to brush the fur with a brush, and then wipe with a piece of soft cloth. Nutrition for them is not very hard personal cat care.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 1

personal cat care

Burmese Semi-Longhair Cat

Cats of this breed have a dense body. Their coat is golden brown. Like the Siamese cats, which are closely related to them, the Burmese cats have a dark mask, the tail and paws are also dark. Personal cat care is mostly the same like for Siamese cats. Burmese cat is very intelligent and educated, it will never bother its owner.  This breed of cats is distinguished by great devotion, which even legends in Burma. The thick fur of Burmese cats needs special personal cat care during the molting period. Animal skin is very delicate, so fur combing should be carefully, using a rubber brush. Personal cat care is very important. After combing, fur is gently rubbed with a piece of soft fabric or suede.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 2

personal cat care

Burmese short-hair cat

As a rule, animals of this breed have average body size. However, with external grace, these are quite heavy cats. Color can be almost anything, but usually Burmese cats are one-color. The exceptions are animals with tortoiseshell color. Burmese short-hair cats are very active, curious and restless. They are not particularly strongly attached to their masters, besides, they are extremely touchy and independent. The older an animal becomes, the less attention and affection from the owner it needs. Burmese cats love to walk in the street, but due to the nature of the animal it is better not to let the animal out of the house. A cat can go very far and not return, especially if it is offended by the owners for something. But of course, personal cat care is important.

Cats of this breed are characterized by frequent changes of mood, which accordingly manifests itself in the behavior of the animal. And that is why personal cat care is special. If the cat is in a good mood, it can be affectionate, but it is very easy to anger the animal, and then it becomes aggressive. Care for the fur of these cats is simple but of course they also need personal cat care. It is enough from time to time to clean it with a massage brush. Combing fur during shedding should be done more often than usual. It is necessary to bathe Burmese cats only if the animal is released outside. However, these animals do not like water, and a forced hygienic procedure can cause a grudge against a host in a cat. Therefore, for some time you should not let her out on the street, otherwise it may run away and not return.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 3

personal cat care

British short-hair cat

British cats have good health and are very hardy. Animals of this breed adapt perfectly to almost any climate. They are muscular and strong, but do not look overly large. British cats have well-developed hunting instincts. These animals are very independent and prefer to walk freely over a large area. The British cat is suitable for those who live in a house with a spacious garden where the animal can walk. This breed of cats is not very trainable, but the animals are smart and developed intuition, so they are well aware of how to behave in a particular environment.

The British cat can be a great friend for a small child, as it is very calm, affectionate and kind. So children will like to give them personal cat care too. However, the cat does not tolerate coercion and abuse. An open and benevolent attitude of an animal towards people will manifest itself only if the cat feels the love and attention of the owner. Combing the fur of a British cat should be 1 time in 2 weeks. Personal cat care is really needed. Especially meticulous care for the fur coat of a cat is required during shedding. Since the British cat is significant spends some time outside the house, the animal will have to be bathed often. This procedure is facilitated by the fact that most animals treat it calmly.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 4

personal cat care

European short-hair cat

This is one of the largest breeds of cats. Personal cat care is important for them too. European short-hair cats are descendants of a wild African cat, introduced to Europe by Roman legionaries, and the European forest. The appearance of representatives of this breed is characterized by great diversity. There are both small and fairly large animals. The coat color is also different. Animals have a strong build and good health. Cats easily adapt to any climate. The European cat feels great in a city apartment and it treats all family members evenly and kindly, rarely singling out someone for one. The hunting instinct is extremely developed in European cats. Animals successfully catch not only mice, but also large rats. Personal cat care is very simple. It should be from time to time combing fur with a frequent comb or a massage brush, but this procedure should not be repeated too often. It is not recommended to bathe a cat. This is done only if the animal’s fur is very dirty.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 5

personal cat care

Egyptian Mau

This is a medium-sized cat with short hair that has a fancy color. Dark stripes and spots on the skin of the animal are folded into the original pattern, and on the cat’s forehead the stripes form the outlines of the letter “M”. Egyptian cats have  independent temper, they are quite obedient and very smart. Although they are affectionate with all members of the family in which they live, only one person is recognized as the master, to whom they are usually very attached. Even for a short time, the Egyptian Mau should not be given into the wrong hands, since the animal belongs to the owner. So personal cat care should be done by one person. The hunting instinct in cats is well developed, the Egyptian Mau perfectly deals with rodents. These cats do not tolerate cold, so you need to keep the mau in a warm room. A cat does very well without long walks on the street. Animals of this breed can be walked on a leash. Cat’s fur must be regularly combed and cleaned about dirt, and care during the molting period is especially important. At this time it is necessary to massage the animal daily and give right personal cat care.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 6

personal cat care

Welsh cat
This is a long-haired tailless cat, which was bred by pinning a randomly occurring change in the offspring of Maine cats. The Welsh cat is distinguished by a rather powerful physique and it has a long shiny coat that needs constant personal cat care. The presence of the tailless gene in cats often leads to congenital spinal defects. The development of Welsh cats occurs later than other cats. Welsh cat expresses exactly and friendly attitude to all family members, especially small children.

Welsh cat is distinguished by extreme mobility. Also, the cat loves to climb trees, therefore, deciding to have an animal of this breed, you should be prepared to often get your pet out of it. Welsh cat adapts well to any climatic conditions. The hunting instinct of an animal is well developed. Cat hair should be brushed daily with a frequent comb, especially during the molting period. Sometimes you can bathe the animal, but there is need to do it very often. Personal cat care is very important for them too.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 7

personal cat care

Thailand cat
Representatives of this breed have a characteristic silver-blue color, which due to the peculiarities of the fur seems to be iridescent. The hair of animals is short and thin, but very thick, with no undercoat. The body is small and squat. Although these cats adapt to any climate, better they will still feel themselves in a warm area.  From time to time, the cat’s fur should be wiped with a damp flannel cloth; if it is very dirty, the animal can be redeemed using special hygiene products for cats. From time to time you need to comb the hair: this procedure helps to improve blood circulation and remove loose hair. So, personal cat care is special.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 8

personal cat care

Manx cat
A feature of the structure of Manx cats is the absence of a tail. The tailless gene has a negative effect on the viability of the offspring, in addition, animals often have birth defects of the spine. The Manx cat has a medium dense body. Fur is very thick and requires careful care. Maine cats have a peace-loving and friendly nature, they get on well not only with people, but also with other animals. Such a cat will be very attached to the family of which she will become a member. Personal cat care is needed of course. Manx cat does not tolerate loneliness and long trips, preferring the usual, cozy homely atmosphere. The animal is very loyal to the owner.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 9

personal cat care

Norwegian Forest Cat
This is a large and strong animal with a thick and long waterproof coat. The Norwegian cat is distinguished by caution and independence, it is hardy and easily adapts to any climate. The cat is very agile, it has well-developed hunting qualities. However, an animal of this breed will not feel comfortable in a city apartment, as it prefers to spend most of its time on its own.  The Norwegian cat gratefully responds to the friendly attitude to people, but it will not tolerate any restriction of its independence. It tolerates the neighborhood with other animals, does not show aggression to children, if they will not torment the animal. As for personal cat care, although the Norwegian cat has long hair, it almost never gets tangled, so special care for the animals is not required. It is enough to comb the fur occasionally.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 10

personal cat care

Persian cat
A characteristic feature of this breed is long fur, for which you need to care for. Persian cats have a strong build, these animals adapt well to life in any climate. The Persian cat will feel great in the apartment. They do not like noise, they are very educated and devoted to the owner.  There are two types of Persian cats: the classic type, whose representatives have the nose and skull have the correct form, and the American, which is characterized by a large volume of the skull and snub. However, congenital deformities of the skull and spine are very common in representatives of the second type. Another congenital defect in Persian cats is deafness, which is most often seen in white-eyed and blue-eyed animals. As for personal cat care, the long and thick coat of Persian cats requires daily care. The process of molting in animals of this breed is not seasonal, but continues throughout the year. Therefore, you need to carefully comb the hair first with a comb and then with a massage brush. It is necessary to bathe Persian cats often enough so that fur is always in perfect condition. Coat color can be different: one-color, two-color or multi-color.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 11

personal cat care


Russian blue cat

This is a flexible and muscular cat with a strong physique. The fur is short, thin, but very thick and soft. The color is gray or gray-blue, but recently Russian white and Russian black cats were bred. The animal is well adapted to the cold, it has a well-developed hunting instinct. The Russian Blue is perfect for keeping in an apartment, but the animal needs to be given relative freedom of movement and, if possible, a large area. This cat is ideal for a lonely person, but can live in the family.

As for personal cat care, the Russian blue cat is very clean, so personal cat care is not a big deal. Only from time to time should the animal’s hair be smoothed with a massage brush. Cats lick themselves for hours, removing dirt, and trying to touch an animal with heavily polluted hands can provoke aggressive behavior. The cat should not be allowed to stay in direct sunlight for a long time.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 12

personal cat care

Siamese cat
Siamese cats are usually medium sized, flexible and graceful. Their fur is short, tight to the body of the animal. A characteristic feature of Siamese cats is that the muzzle, paws and tail of animals have a dark color, while the rest of the body is light colored. In the color of a Siamese cat there are usually two colors contrasting with each other.

There are 18 types of Siamese cats. Traditionally, Siamese cats are considered aggressive and withdrawn, however, these animals are able to strongly bind to the owner. These cats are very sensitive to the slightest noise.  Although a Siamese cat has short hair, it should be combed daily. The animal feels good in the conditions of a city apartment; nevertheless, the cat should be regularly walked. The hunting qualities of an animal are well developed.  As for personal cat care, the Siamese cat does not tolerate the winter cold very well, so you need to make sure that the room where it lives is warm enough.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 13

personal cat care

Siberian cat
This is a sturdy, massive animal. Body size is medium or large. The coat is thick, with a well-developed undercoat. The cat is perfectly adapted to severe frosts and is characterized by great endurance and good health. Siberian cat is very loyal to its owner, who determines their own. However, it does not like to take part in children’s games and is aggressive towards other animals. Cats of this breed do not have affectionate and docile nature, but the size and strength of these animals allow them to cope even with large rodents. Siberian cats need regular grooming, but animals are not particularly willing to allow themselves to be combed. It is necessary to act very carefully, otherwise an angry animal can scratch the owner. As for personal cat care, you should not bathe Siberian cats, as the fear of water can also cause aggressive behavior of the animal.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 14

personal cat care

Singapore cat
This is the smallest of the breeds of cats, a sign of which is a kind of color. Individual hair is  unevenly colored, they have alternating dark and light stripes (brown and ivory). The back and tip of the tail are darker than the rest of the body. Also, dark stripes are located on the forelimbs and around the eyes, nose and mouth of the animal. The fur is short, tight to the body, so the cat will feel better in areas with a fairly warm climate.

As for personal cat care, Singapore cats appreciate the care of the owners and home comfort, quite peaceful and balanced. They tolerate children, although they are not very willing to play with them. Although the hunting qualities of these cats are well developed, animals are usually taught not to encroach on domestic animals and birds. Singapore cats need quite long walks. Personal cat care for fur is not difficult, often combing it is not required. It is possible to bathe a cat only at very strong pollution, using special shampoos for cats.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 15

personal cat care

Cartesian cat

This is a medium sized cat. The hair of animals of this breed is short and thick. Color blue-gray, various shades are possible. Cartesian cat easily adapts to any climate. It is quite tolerant and unpretentious, has a calm and peaceful nature. The hunting qualities are quite well developed: the animal can catch even such a large rodent, like a rat. Spacious rooms are suitable for keeping cats of this breed. You also need to give your pet the opportunity to walk frequently.

As for personal cat care, it is not necessary to comb the animal’s hair with a comb or a brush, it is enough to smooth it daily with your hands. It is also not recommended to bathe the cat, except in those cases when the animal is very dirty. However, it should be noted that the Cartesian cats have no fear of water. Therefore, the animal will most likely take a calm attitude to the bathing procedure and will not give the owner any particular trouble.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 16

personal cat care

Japanese bobtail
It is a medium-sized cat with a short tail. As with other breeds of tailless and short-tailed cats, bobtails often have birth defects of the spine. The color and length of wool in bobtails are different. White is the predominant color, while others are present as markings. The tail is heavily furred and has the appearance of a pom-pom. Japanese bobtail is a lively, curious and affectionate cat. She treats children well and willingly takes part in their games. Only during the breeding season the cats are too excited and violent, however, at other times they are fairly balanced and calm. Cats need to be combed regularly. As for personal cat care, it is not necessary to bathe a bobtail, it is better to wipe the animal with a wet piece of cloth. From food, bobtails prefer fish, which must be included in their diet.

Personal Cat Care. Different breeds - photo 17

personal cat care

As you see, there is nothing complicated in personal cat care. You just should know some basis and your own cat will make you some hints what you should do or not. First of all, pay attention to character of your cat because also individual cats of every breed can be also very different. Personal cat care will help you to make your cat feel good and comfortable. No doubt, when your cat is happy, you are happy too. Right?

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