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Popular Stereotypes About Different Countries

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Popular stereotypes about different countries
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Popular Stereotypes and Ironic “Facts” In Spain, Russia, The USA, Netherlands, England

Unfortunately, stereotypes are a part of our life. There are so many different stereotypes and it’s very difficult to fight with them. But we will try! We have prepared some of the most popular stereotypes about different countries that will make you smile and think about the truthfulness of some common “facts”. So, let’s go!

Popular stereotypes about countries

PS: Warning! This article is a little ironic, so do not take this text too seriously.

Popular Stereotypes, Corrida, Spain

What do you know about Spain? What can you say about this country in one word? 90% that you will say “Corrida”. Corrida is a historical heritage of the past, and not a symbol of the present time. Most Spanish people don’t like Corrida. Moreover, they consider this is a senseless cruelty.  Also, in many parts of the country, Corrida is banned, for example, in Catalonia, it has not been carried out since 2011. In those places where this popular form of entertainment is still alive, people express their protest in a very good way. They do not buy tickets, and authorities cut funding. So, if you meet a Spaniard and say, “I love Corrida,” they’ll probably look at you like a fool. Do not try to impress the Spanish people in this way, rather say something nice and honest.

 Funny stereotypes about countries

Popular Stereotypes, Vodka, bears and eternal snow. Russia

Russia is a very large country with a rich nature and a heterogeneous climate. Some foreigners believe that there are more bears here than people, and these animals feel free on the streets of cities, and any person can easily meet them. In Russia, bears are like cute home pets, so they live almost in every home.
Also one of the most popular stereotypes concerns Russian vodka. Locals drink it every day, for every holiday, for any reason. Everyone loves vodka, from babies to elderly people. Vodka flows from all the taps, and it’s a sacred drink.
Another one stereotype is about nature and climate. Can you imagine that NOT the entire territory of the Federation of Russia is covered with snow? It’s probably hard to understand, but yes, Russians know what summer, spring, and autumn are like.

Stereotype of America

Popular Stereotypes, Americans are the nation of fast food, the USA

It is not a secret that Americans love different unhealthy dishes. But they do not eat only in fast food. Moreover, they try to keep their bodies in good shape. There are so many fitness programs that were invented and developed by American specialists, modern “healthy” diets, TV shows that help to lose weight. More and more people in the US are trying to eat natural food, go in for sports and do not eat at fast food restaurants. By the way, in every big and small European city, you can find many places with “bad” food, so the American problem is largely exaggerated.

Popular Stereotypes, Forbidden pleasures, Netherlands

Many tourists come to the Netherlands because they want to feel this famous spirit of freedom and try forbidden pleasures, such as light drugs that are legally approved here. That’s why people think that everyone in this country cannot live without a hash. But this is not true! First of all, the government of the Netherlands allows only a few types of LIGHT drugs, the sale of which is strictly controlled. Moreover, Dutch people fanatically care about their health. Official statistics say that only 5.4% of locals like to rest with unusual things. Although the average mark for Europe is 6.8%. Also, do not believe in the myth that you can easily keep drugs here. The illegal sale of marijuana and hashish or the possession of drugs on a large scale is also punishable by law.

Stereotypes about England

Popular Stereotypes, Five o’clock tea, England

Contrary to popular stereotype, English people do not drink tea at five o’clock. Not everyone can afford to take a break from work and relax with a cup of tea. This tradition is a good reminder of the past. The locals still love tea very much, but they do not drink it every hour, and the whole country does not stop because of this old tradition. In addition, in cafes and restaurants customers prefer to order coffee, because tea it’s more like a home drink.


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