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Private Life

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private life
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Why do you need a man when you have…

Why do you need a man, when you have everything, even children? Why do you need him, if you are an independent, wealthy woman who does not need any material support and if you can provide good life not only to your own family but also to someone else? Private life is an essential part for every person but anyway is it possible to live without your second half?

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Why do you need a man

Yes, Why do you need a man, if your everyday private life is so well-regulated and something or someone new will be a hindrance? Why do you need a man when your time is so busy that a man has almost no place to squeeze in? Why do you need a man when you are so comfortable being alone  that any interference in your private life is perceived by pressure? Why? Maybe when this question arises, this special man appears in your life… That is because you do not need him as a function, but you need him as a person (his support, understanding, and care). Then in your private life, there is a chance to get to yourself not a consumer, but a human attitude. Besides your will, he somehow naturally enters into your life. Call, message, more messages, another call… “Good morning, did you sleep well?” Such a strange little thing, why someone suddenly became not indifferent to how you slept and how you feel… When you have only close private life, nobody will ask you such questions.

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You can be yourself

Then you begin to notice that you already have someone with whom you can be yourself and with whom you can share all your thoughts, dreams, hopes and everyday worries. Of course, you have a lot of friends with whom you can talk to about anything and everything also just having a normal private life, but you feel that it is not the same… You are used to doing everything by yourself and be strong, and you have already forgotten what the word “weak” means. But you can still share your private life with somebody.

But then happens something magical… one day you discover that some other living soul worries and cares about you, this person has a desire to help and support you, be near…

Maybe when you realize that it is a magic, then it really happens… as they say, our thoughts are material, so if we want to change our life, especially private life, we should think optimistic and positive. Yes, something changes and you begin to appreciate different little things and do not accept them as something ordinary or banal. In a world where everything is so fleeting and fussy, where events and information are swallowed up in large pieces, there are two close people, between whom there are subtleties and nuances and then time stops…

Or maybe when you self-realized in different spheres of life, comes a man who also understood everything about himself and about his own private life.  You both are mature people with their own views on life, with their own priorities, values, and goals. There are a lot of things which are more important than beauty or money, for example, inner world, wisdom, generosity, harmony… and even the physical attraction becomes different. It does not matter how and how many times, the most important is with whom and the feelings which are between you and your partner. Personality – this is valuable and no amount of money cannot replace this special feeling when you love and when you are loved even if you want to have private life.

If you were well and harmonious before the appearance of another person in your private life, then this state should become multifaceted, but it should not change in essence. And for him too.

So why do you need another person in your private life?

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So why do you need another person in your private life

I think, in order to feel more fully yourself with his help. You can understand how gentle you are, only next to someone who needs this tenderness. How loving you are you will be able to understand when you give your love and attention. If you want to understand how generous you are, you will be able to feel this when you forgive and understand another person… Private life can be hard too without a right person.

Of course, you will not get water from the well if it is not there. But if you already have a lot of things – morally and financially (by the way, because of this you achieved everything by yourself), then you have a need to give something to another. And he, equally sure and “full”, wants to give you something from his side. To do, to feel together, to substitute the shoulder and support, to divide and enrich each other’s worlds – because you can do it, and this person wants the same with you.

To be necessary to another person, to become for someone really close – once again to make sure that you exist. This is more than love, this is the sense of life… “I am here. I am near and I will always be near to you”. To accept this state of another and to be yourself in this state is very difficult. Not to correct the other, not to change his essence, not to bend your wall space, but just be. It is an amazing experience, especially when you have everything.

So, why does a successful woman need a man in her private life? The answer is very simple – to be loved and wanted, to live and to feel yourself a real, special, happy woman whose life only begins…

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