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Protein. Sport Is the Way to Become Healthy and Famous

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Today we decided to published an interview with an amazing sporty Essex girl Jodie Marsh made by Danni Levy from Muscle and Fitness magazine.  Here you will know what you need to be a professional bodybuilder. 

She’s the Essex girl famed for her glamorous lifestyle and passion for fitness. But what’s really behind the unstoppable businesswoman?

You’ve done so well with you brand JST Nutrition! What made you launch your own brand?

When I first started using protein, there wasn’t much on the market and what little there was tasted awful. My trainer made me use it as I didn’t have enough protein in my diet, but I found it hard because it tasted so bad!

I realised there was a gap in the market for an AMAZING tasting protein that could be used by everyone; not just bodybuilders but people in general who, like me, didn’t get enough protein in their diet. I knew with some work I could find a way to make it taste delicious as well as it being the highest quality protein. I now have flavours like cappuccino, blueberry muffin, white chocolate and mint chocolate in the range. The rest, as they say, is history!

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Jodie Marsh advises protein for bodybilders.

Jodie Marsh advises protein for bodybilders.

Can you give some tips on the best forms of vegan protein?

We all know about the usual sources of vegan protein like quinoa, tofu, lentils, chia seeds, broccoli, almonds and beans. The problem is that with some of these you have to eat such a vast quantity to get a decent amount of protein. Hemp seeds contain a lot of protein, but it’s a case of how to use them and what to put them in.

My customers had been asking me for a vegan protein for a while and as with the other protein I tried in the early days, I realised that most vegan proteins tasted awful. I spent a year having different formulas made up and taste-testing them until I found one I was happy with. So many were so awful! I had one team desperately trying to convince me that this greens-brown mud-like protein shake was ‘lovely’ and that ‘vegans expect it to taste earthy’. I laughed at them.

I now have a lovely chocolate vegan shake that tastes great and I’m planning to add more flavours to the range now. Vegan supplements don’t have to tast  gross!

Protein. Sport Is the Way to Become Healthy and Famous - photo 2
Jodie Marsh unveiled her new range of bodybuilding supplements

Jodie Marsh unveiled her new range of bodybuilding supplements

Do you have any plans to compete again?

I would love to compete again, if not for the competition itself but just to get in that shape again. Competing forces you to stick to the diet and gives you a goal to work towards. At the moment I’m running two businesses and juggling it all pretty much single handedly whilst looking after my ten animals, so I would definitely struggle to fit it all in. Protein. Sport Is the Way to Become Healthy and Famous - photo 3I work until midnight most nights, so I just can’t see me being able to dedicate and commit to a competition right now with everything else that’s going on. In the future, when I have time, I do 100% want to compete again though. I have to prioritise, and for now, business, animals and my sanity come first!

What’s your favourite cheat meal?

I am a pig. I love food. When I first competed all I craved was a peanut butter sandwich. By my  fourth competition I craved ALL food. Right now, my favourite ‘dirty’ meal would be pizza, chips and cheese. Or just cheesy chips from the kebab shop.

Best and worst body part? My upper body really holds its muscle definition so I love my arms, shoulders and back as they always look toned and defined, even when I haven’t trained for a while. My worst body part? Honestly I don’t have one. I don’t want to sounds big headed but I’ve learned to love myself (in a good way), and to accept every part of me. It’s such a good place to be. I want to teach everyone how to feel like this and I believe the gym is the first place to start! You’re a fitness inspiration for girls (and guys) all over the planet.

What got you into fitness?

I was 29-years-old. I’d never set foot in a gym. I was unhealthy, eating rubbish, partying too hard and miserable. Someone pointed all of this out to me one day and told me I needed to ‘sort it out’. That day I joined a gym! By total coincidence there was a bodybuilder in my gym who I had photographed as part of my GCSE photography project at the age of 15, and he walked up to me and asked me what I wanted to achieve.

I told him I wanted to ‘get in shape and tone up’, and he told me to follow him to the weights section. By my 30th birthday I had muscle definition and the bug! I loved how being fit and strong made me feel and I wanted more of it. I gave up partying and drinking and I’ve never looked back. Within two years I had stepped on stage for my first competition. Bodybuilding changed my life for the better in every way!

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fitness protein

Bodybuilding changed her life and she never wants to come back to the past life

How many times a week do you train and how do you split body parts?

I train from Monday to Friday every day doing weights and then I do some cardio at the weekend. My cardio is low resistance walking and biking for an hour at a time as I don’t want to burn muscle. I train legs twice a week as they need more work than the rest of me. One a month I train with world champion bodybuilder Rick Waters who is my hero and inspiration. He gives me an extra boost and motivation and pushes me to go harder and lift heavier. He also trains my parents who started lifting weights for the first time at the age of 68 last year!

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She trains from Monday till Friday and every day she does weights

She trains from Monday till Friday and every day she does weights

What sort of content and tips do you plan to bring female readers?

I’m very excited to be here so thanks for having me! I turn 40 this year and I’m in better shape now than when I was 20! I want to be able to inspire and help others and show them that you CAN take control of your body, fitness, mind and life at ANY age. People get so intimidated and worried about what they think they CAN’T do and I’m here to show them that it’s all in their own head and that they CAN do it. I look and feel better than ever before and it’s all down to the training, lifestyle and my diet. I have so many tips and tricks and valuable pieces of advice. There are so many things I know now that I wish I’d known sooner. The biggest one being that it’s only YOU who can hold you back!

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She thinks that there is nothing that you can’t do.

She thinks that there is nothing that you can’t do. Everything is in your head and if you want to get something, you must say that I can do it.

For the guys, do you have any upcoming shoots or appearances we can look out for?

Since Zoo magazine and a lot of the other lads mags closed down, there isn’t really an outlet for glamour girls anymore. Otherwise I was planning on being the oldest glamour model ever haha! Nowadays, I just post sexy photos on my Instagram as there just isn’t anywhere else for it to go.

Protein. Sport Is the Way to Become Healthy and Famous - photo 7As for appearances, unless I’m doing charity work I’m either in the gym or running my businesses, so again, I’m rarely about. I’m like a unicorn; a mystical creature who no one ever sees. I will definitely get out and about more in the future but work takes priority. Guys (and girls) will just have to follow me on Instagram for sexy photos and follow me on Twitter if you want a chat as I’m very vocal on there!

beautiful protein

She isn’t in all fashion magazines now but people can always find her in social networks

As a female boss dominating a male-orientated market, what are your future plans for total fitness industry takeover?

I’m so proud of all that I’ve achieved so far. I sell globally online but I’d like to see my products in actual stores worldwide. I never take no for an answer- I always find a way to make things happen and I’m very passionate about what I do. This year I celebrate 6 years of JST and I have lots more up my sleeve!








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