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If He Does Not Like Me…

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If he does not like me...
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It goes without saying that true love is hard to find. Some people wait a lifetime for this special feeling when you love and when you are loved. But let’s imagine that you have already found your second-half, but unfortunately, you are not sure about his feelings towards you. How to understand if he is sincere and honest with you and that he really loves you? In this article, we will try to highlight some main points to help you to understand if he wants to build a serious relationship with you or he just plays games with you and your heart. So he is just not that into you if:

– he is not asking you out;

if he never invites you to go somewhere to spend time together, it does not mean that he is extremely busy, it means that he does not have a desire to do this. Not for nothing they say that if a person has a sincere desire to do something, he will do his best for this.

– if he only wants to meet with you when he is drunk or horny;

you can be sure that he is not serious if he contacts with you only when he drank a lot of alcohol and wants sex. Yes, intimate life plays a huge role in the relationship, but if you build your relationship only on sex, nothing good will come from this.

– your dates are monotonous and boring and he does not plan anything in advance;

if his dates do not show you any hint of planning, then he obviously does not care about impressing you. When a man is attracted to a woman, he wants to impress her and he will do everything for this. For example, he will try to do for you different pleasant surprises to make you feel special and loved.

– he does not tell you any compliments and pleasant words;

not for nothing, people say that a man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. If he never comments your look and never tells you any tender and warm words, you can be sure that he does not like you. Do not think that it can happen because of his shyness. No, if he really wants to be with you, he will do his best to impress you by his words and by his actions.

– he is secretive and thoughtful;

trust is one of the most important things in the relationship. If your boyfriend and you want to create a lasting and serious relationship, you must be completely sincere and honest with each other. So if his phone or computer have passwords and if he always looks pensive or even melancholy near with you, better speak with him about this. The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie.

– he tells you he does not want a relationship;

if a man tells you he is not ready for a new relationship or that he does not want a relationship, what he means is, he does not want a relationship with you. Believe, when a man finds someone he connects with, nothing can stop him from being with that person.

– he disappears for long periods of time;

if he disappears for long periods of time, blocks you on social networks or avoids places you hang out, then you can be sure that he is not interested in you and he obviously does not care about your feelings.

– you are paying for everything;

twenty and twenty-first centuries are the centuries of feminism, I mean that we live in a world, where it is normal when a woman pay for herself, but everything is good in moderation. In relationship mutuality is very important: sometimes you can pay, sometimes he can pay, but if you pay for everything all the time, it means only one thing – he uses you.

– he is avoiding your calls;

if 90% of the time you call him, it shows that for him it is not interesting to communicate with you. Give him some space and see if he calls you. If he continues to be silent and if you do not see any initiative from his side, it will be better to say goodbye and forget about him.

– he forgets your Birthday, your anniversary or other important events from your life;

if he always forgets about such things, it means that they are not important for him. Do not waste your time on a relationship without a future, better find something for whom you will be the first place in life.

– most time your boyfriend and you spend together is between midnight and sunrise;

only seeing you late at night or early in the morning means you are not a priority. He is spending normal hours with other people, friends or work colleagues and knows maybe even with another woman. Be careful with such men. As a rule, if you meet only when it is comfortable and suitable for him, it is not a good sign.

– he does not mind if you date other people;

of course, in the beginning of a relationship it can be normal, but if you date for a long time, and if does not care with whom you spend your free time, it means that he is not interested in this and that for him you are not so important as you think.

– he always has an excuse to get out of meeting your friends and family;

if your man sincerely loves you, he wants to be a part of what is important to you and he will do his best to spend as much free time with you as possible. Yes, he wants to meet the people who you grew up with, who raised you and who you spend most of your days with, but if he avoids such meetings and if he is always busy to spend time with you and your loved ones, it means that he does not have any desire to do this and that for him in the first place is something else, but not you.

We hope that our tips will help you to understand if he likes you. But the main advice which we should mention is “listen to your heart”. As a rule, a woman always feels if a man has sincere, strong feelings towards her.


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