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How to Reverse Diabetes Fast

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how to reverse diabetes fast
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“The Baby Elephant Diet. A Modern Indian Guide to Eating Right”

 Ravi Mantha

The Twelve-step How to Reverse Diabetes Fast

1.Reverse Diabetes. Start with a full diagnostic health check-up. Keep a note of what your numbers are on diabetes and cholesterol.

2.Reverse Diabetes. The number one objective is to lose body fat. Eliminate grains from your diet today. This initial period of no grains and sugars will last three months to a year or more, depending on how overweight you are.

3.Reverse Diabetes. Eliminate all liquid calories. No juices, no sugary drinks, no alcohol.

4.Reverse Diabetes. Replace the grains with fibre, which means eat more vegetables like beans, cabbage cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, eggplant, okra, tinda, mushrooms, and avocados. Eat more fruit like guavas, papaya, pomegranate, and whole oranges.

5.Reverse Diabetes. Eat your food in small bowls. Get rid of plates.

6.Reverse Diabetes. Increase the amount of food you eat. Yes, increase it! This is not a starvation diet. Remember that a cup of rice is 220 calories and a cup of spinach is 15 calories. So if you eliminate grains, you have to eat more vegetables. Also eat more protein.

7.At the same time, embark on a strength-training programme. Strength training is the only other way of reducing insulin resistance and increasing insulin sensitivity (other than diet). When you do strength training in conjunction with a good diet, the effect is multiplied. Your objective should be to add at least 5 kg of muscle in a year. Forget your daily walk (brisk or not). Hire a trainer who can promise you 5-kg muscle gain in a year, and reward the person with a big bonus when you reach that goal.

8.Reverse Diabetes. Contrary to what you may have heard, yoga does not reverse diabetes.

9.Reverse Diabetes. Take a course in pranayama (yogic breathing). If you practice pranayama regularly, your food cravings will reduce, your blood pressure will become regulated, your stress levels will go down and your insulin resistance will also go down. This is a crucial step for reversing diabetes.

10.Reverse Diabetes. Every two months you must have a blood test to keep track of your progress. The worse your diabetes, the more important this is. It is also important because if you follow this guide, as you start losing fat from your body, your dosage of diabetes medication—metformin and insulin—will come down. It is important to monitor this and work with your doctor to lower the doses of these chemicals as your body improves.

How To Reverse Diabetes Fast

11.Reverse Diabetes. Eventually, your intake of diabetes chemicals should go down to zero. Your body shape will change, your energy levels will be high and constant throughout the day, and you will have no food cravings.

12. Reverse Diabetes. If you have got this far, congratulations! If you have not, do not give up hope. Typically, my mentees have multiple false starts before they succeed. Just keep trying and you will succeed too.

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Reverse Diabetes


The baby elephant is a great motivator, which is why Ganesha is the god of new beginnings. Don’t wait for the new year, and don’t wait for an opportune day to start this new diet. Go to the nearest mirror right now, take a hard look at yourself and promise that you will treat your body like a temple this day onward. Here is a checklist of what the baby elephant says about eating habits that will radically change your health for the better.

I Can Diabetes Reverse

1.The baby elephant eats lots and lots of fibre. This is perhaps the most crucial piece of advice in this book. Start your day with a good dose of fibre—I am talking about vegetable or fruit fibre. Guava, papaya, Chinese vegetables, broccoli, are just some of the nutrient-packed foods that are also full of good fibre.

2.The baby elephant has a nose that extends three feet long. Obviously you do not, but what I mean here is that scientists have proven that 80 per cent of our tasting sensation comes from our noses. In other words, you can get 80 per cent of the satisfaction from a food just from the smell, without eating it. One of my greatest pleasures is walking through a street market in different parts of the world and just smelling the variety of foods cooking. Best of all, this experience is completely free of cost! But keep that three feet distance from the food you smell.

3.The baby elephant has very thick skin. Of course it does; it is an elephant. But what this means for you is that you have to change the way you think about food and go against all the established Indian social norms. Do not let anyone dictate what goes into your mouth. Resist all attempts from family and friends to feed you junk sugar or junk carbs. Cleaning your plate to avoid ‘wasting food’ is the worst habit of all. This is something that is drilled into us as children, but as adults it is a terrible idea to put something into your mouth just because it will ‘go waste’ otherwise. Your mouth is not a garbage bin! The biggest waste of all is when you eat something that you don’t need to or don’t want to eat.

4.The baby elephant has great presence and charisma. Have you ever looked at a baby elephant and not smiled? The sight of a baby elephant evokes positive feelings in your mind. If Ganesha showed up at an office tomorrow and asked for a job or a raise, which boss would refuse him? When you follow the Baby Elephant Diet, you will end up with a body that is stunning. Your personal charisma and confidence will get a boost and you will enjoy greater professional and personal success.

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Reverse Diabetes



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