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Seasons and beauty tips

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Seasons and beauty tips
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Seasons and beauty

Winter beauty tips

Winter is a time of beauty. Snowflakes gracefully fall from the gray skies, the crisp winter wind paints blush on our cheeks – such beauty to behold in this season.

Yet, the winter months can be damaging to your skin for a multitude of weather-related reasons. The wind can be harsh and cause dryness as well as chapped lips and, in certain parts of the country, even chafe the skin on your face, particularly under your nose. So, lip balm is important, like my Sweet Almond Lip Balm (this page), an excellent moisturizing emollient for your lips. Sweet almond oil helps your skin maintain its own moisture, and this is true of the skin on your lips as well. Try to get a balm with sunscreen in it, such as Blistex, or add your preferred SPF to this beauty tip.

The sun is hidden by the winter sky but remains capable of giving you a winter sunburn. Remember to wear sunscreen year round. Wintertime calls for hydration because, without the heat of the sun making us sweat, it’s easy to forget to drink water. A wonderful moisturizing beauty tip for winter dryness is my Floral Healing Facial (this page). Aside from having key clarifying ingredients such as carrots rich in vitamin A, it also has honey, oil, and calendula flowers to relieve your skin from inflammation associated with windy climates and to deeply moisturize your skin. Use of heaters in the wintertime can dry your hair out as well. Lustrous Locks (this page) will hydrate your dry locks in no time. Awareness of these seasonal hazards is the first step toward preparing to have soft, supple skin during the winter months. Beauty tips.

Spring beauty tips

Springtime has arrived, so remember to stop and smell the tulips. With the spring season upon us, we are still in a period of transitioning from the harsh dryness of winter before our skin is bathed in the warm embrace of the sunlight gifted to us by the new season. Beauty tips.

Let’s spring forth into the new season with pure and clean skin. Your skin may have called for heavier moisturizers during winter, but it’s now time to lighten up and adjust your skin care regimen to suit its new needs. Definitely, renew your skin with my Chamomile Steam Facial (this page) to cleanse your pores and remove any buildup of heavier products you would have used in the past few months. It’s also wise to follow up the steam facial beauty tip with an exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells, revealing a brightened complexion. My Papaya Milk Mask (this page) is ideal because the alpha hydroxy acids in both the milk and the papaya are naturally exfoliating. So, give your skin a little spring-cleaning for a natural glow.

During this seasonal transition, it’s important to stay balanced. Maintaining your natural beauty balance relies on your desire to lean inwardly and appreciate your natural self for all that you are worth. An energetic connection exists to show us the way back to beauty into ourselves, naturally. In the midst of the warmth of spring holding us, let’s return home to beauty.


The roofs are shining from the rain,

The sparrows twitter as they fly,

And with a windy April grace,

The little clouds go by.

Yet the backyards are bare and brown,

With only one unchanging tree—

I could not be so sure of spring,

Save that it sings in me.


Summer beauty tips

Summertime is a whimsical time of the year. The sun is shining, inviting you to the beach and to indulge in the warm brightness. Summer is not only a season for less makeup but also a season to opt for multiple applications of SPF protection. The sun is out in all its glory, so you need to be armed with sunscreen to prevent premature aging and sun damage. The most important beauty product you can ever own is sunscreen. Beauty tips.

Spending time in swimsuits and even lighter clothing like V-necks instead of turtlenecks can leave your décolletage exposed to sun damage. Although it’s important to apply sunscreen to your neck and décolletage in addition to your face, this can be easy to forget. Cucumbers are soothing to irritated, sun-exposed skin. My Cucumber Neck Cream (this page) provides your neck and décolletage with the relief and rejuvenating properties that this season’s skincare calls for.

Your lips can be adversely affected in the summertime, just as they can in the dry winter months. Sunshine feels lovely, but it can blister your lips if overexposed. It’s important to apply some sort of lip balm that has an SPF value in it. For instance, I don’t leave the house without applying my Blistex with SPF 15. If I wear lipstick, you can rest assured that my SPF Blistex is underneath. It actually conditions your lips, as well, acting like a primer. The summertime is a great time of year to exfoliate your lips. So, indulge in the Sugar Lips natural beauty tip on this page just in time for a summer romance!

Beachy hair is beautiful and natural, but it also needs some summer loving. A basic cleansing rinse will do the trick to return your hair to its more manageable state. My Apple Cider Rinse (this page) is perfect as a shampoo preparation. Oils from sunscreen may have seeped into your hairline, or your scalp might have some buildup from sweat and conditioner. Both can be remedied with this simple and easy apple cider vinegar rinse. Beauty tips.

If your skin feels more oily than usual, you need a clarifying mask to draw out toxins and get your skin back on track. My Clarifying Clay (this page) beauty mask is perfect for just that. The summer heat can create the appearance of a greasy complexion. This is one reason women switch to a foundation with lighter, more sheer coverage in the summer, and it’s why this deeply clarifying mask will leave your skin clearer. Clarifying your skin allows you to continue your fun in the sun. Beauty tips.

Fall beauty tips

During the autumn months, your skin changes with the leaves. You may be recovering from a stubborn sunburn from the previous sunny months; if so, you need to evaluate your delicate skin and perhaps apply some Milky Ice Cubes (this page) to even out your skin tone and reduce redness and inflammation. If your skin is peeling, don’t exfoliate it, but rather apply the milk ice cubes gently to your skin to help with the exfoliation, as well as with skin tone and inflammation. Whereas the alpha hydroxy acids in milk are clarifying, the beta hydroxy acids are exfoliating,

A creamy moisturizer serves to revitalize your skin. My Honey Almond Moisturizer (this page) has natural ingredients to actually help your skin retain its own natural moisture while providing extra hydration topically. Beauty tips.

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