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Secrets of Eternal Beauty. Part 6

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There are a million different procedures in the world that will help to keep your face younger. Christie Brinkley can be called an expert in these matters. Of course, she is not a doctor, but model is always ready to share her own experience and example.

I do believe that sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps reduce wrinkling. Or at the very least, smooth out your pillowcase before you lie down so you’re not transferring the creases to your face. It also leaves your hair less tangled when you wake up.

Any kind of exercise will improve your circulation, which will bring blood and oxygen to your skin. For a quick boost, try a headstand or shoulder stand or simply bend forward and let your head drop down in a relaxed fashion. It’s a great way to get the blood flowing to your face, enhance your beauty, and get a new view of the world!

In the evenings before heading out to dinner, I use Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Crème because it leaves my skin so silky smooth—and I love the fragrance!

My panel of experts
There are so many different ways now to give your face or body a fresh look—from a variety of fillers to replace the volume, to lasers, radio waves, light waves, and even treatments that use growth hormones from your own blood to generate new cells. But I am not a doctor and I don’t claim to be any sort of expert in this area, so the last thing I would want to do is recommend that you try (or avoid) any particular treatment. Those decisions should be between you and your dermatologist. What I can do is share some information about what treatments are currently available to help you educate yourself and be better able to make the right choices for your skin. So let’s go to the experts to fill you in…

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She is not afraid to talk openly about botox

                             She is not afraid to talk openly about botox

Practices at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. Clinical assistant professor of dermatology at NYU School of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College.

Practices in New York City at Day Dermatology & Aesthetics. Clinical associate professor of dermatology at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

Practices in New York City. Clinical associate professor of dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center.

When Dr. Brandt passed away in 2015, the beauty industry lost a real antiaging innovator and I lost a person whose opinion and expertise I trusted. He was an artist who looked at each face individually, listened to each personal story, and offered his talent and words of wisdom to make each lucky patient feel beautiful from the heart up. In his hands, Botox and fillers, used in minute doses, were tools that erased years—while leaving his patients looking naturally refreshed. He was a visionary, always working to find ways to finesse treatments to make them even more effective, while also researching and experimenting to find the newest, next best thing. One of the last times I saw him, I asked what was on the horizon that he was excited about. He described a new process he was investigating that he was convinced would revolutionize antiaging. It’s a treatment that involves drawing a patient’s blood and isolating the growth factors and anti-inflammatory factors. Those are then injected back into the skin to stimulate your own collagen, smooth skin, and improve overall texture… almost like aging backward!

In addition to his incredible skills, Dr. Brandt was a kind and wonderful man who entered every room singing Broadway tunes and standards. The last time I saw him he was singing one of my favorites, “Smile.” He said it was one of his favorites too. Appropriate for a man who lived to help women look in the mirror and smile.

What do each of you consider the go-to, most-bang-for-the-buck treatment for someone who wants to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and like a very natural, younger-looking version of themselves?

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DR. DAY: “I love using filler to restore lost volume to the face. It’s not just about chasing lines and filling in holes. When you truly understand facial anatomy—and what’s going on in the face that’s causing those wrinkles—you can put filler in just the right places and lift the entire face.”

DR. GENDLER: “I would say that the combination of injectable fillers with Botox gives the biggest bang for your buck. The treatment doesn’t take long, the results are almost immediate, and you’ll see many months of improvement. The filler helps correct the natural volume loss that occurs with age, while the Botox addresses the fine lines in the forehead, around the eyes, and can give a lift to the brows. The two treatments together can give the face back a very youthful look.”

DR. ANOLIK: “The technology for laser rejuvenation has come so far that you can now achieve tremendous results with minimal downtime. The treatments exfoliate the skin surface to help brighten the complexion, erase sun spots, and can even potentially eliminate precancerous skin changes. Lasers have the ability to amplify the quality and quantity of collagen in the skin, which helps tighten pores, smooth out skin texture, and address fine lines and wrinkles.

DR. ANOLIK: “The new lasers being developed just keep getting more effective. I’ve recently started using the PicoSure laser, and it’s a game-changer. It delivers a more rapid pulse of energy to the skin to provide results that are faster and more effective. It does an amazing job of breaking down pigment—making it ideal for removal of tattoos and sun spots. But we’re also seeing amazing results for antiaging. After one treatment, we’re seeing textural changes to the skin comparable to more invasive rejuvenation lasers that require five days of redness, peeling, and downtime after treatment.”

DR. DAY: “There are more skin-tightening devices in the works that will more effectively treat submental fullness in the neck (also known as turkey neck!) without a surgical neck lift. They can tighten loose skin and stimulate new collagen production that reduces sagging. Hopefully they will give better, more consistent results than those currently available (like Thermage and Ultherapy). And a new injectable treatment for submental fullness, called Kybella, is now available that literally breaks up and eliminates the fat under the chin.”

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Being beautiful is a huge work

  Being beautiful is a huge work

DR. GENDLER: “Younger women are beginning to accept that keeping their skin looking beautiful and remaining healthy is a maintenance process, more than a corrective one, so I think the trend will be toward quicker, smaller procedures that can easily be done on a regular basis. There are new fillers that will be better at addressing lines around the lips and restoring a youthful appearance to the mouth. New lasers that give long-lasting effects without unreasonable downtime. And new topical treatments that use retinoids to rejuvenate the skin in less irritating formulas.”The most common antiaging and skin-rejuvenating procedures

Brand names such as Voluma, Juvéderm, Restylane, Sculptra Aesthetic, and Radiesse. Dermal fillers are used (as the name implies) to fill in places that have lost volume due to aging. That means they are effective not only for filling up wrinkles and indented scars, but can also restore volume to the cheeks, hands, and other areas that have lost their youthful fullness. Results are immediate and can last for six to twelve months. The way fillers are used has been changing—with results that are much more natural looking. Cutting-edge dermatologists no longer just fill up wrinkles. Instead, they have learned how and where to inject to actually restore the volume of a youthful face. This can give the overall face a lift and diminish fine lines while helping to re-create the face of your younger self.

Brand names such as Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport. These are used to relax the excessive muscle contractions that can lead to crow’s-feet, forehead furrows, and rope-like bands in the neck and jawline. In the right hands, Botox (and similar products) can produce a lift to the brows and forehead. But beware of doctors who overuse or misplace it—that can cause brows to droop (which happened to me!) or lift too much, which creates a surprised look. Results start to become visible within forty-eight hours and the effects can last for three to six months.
Secrets of Eternal Beauty. Part 6 - photo 4      Her advice helped millions of women

Her advice helped millions of womenLASERS
Brand names such as Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant, and PicoSure
Lasers deliver energy to the skin in a variety of ways and to achieve a variety of results. There are lasers that specifically target broken blood vessels or help break up pigments to remove tattoos and birthmarks. There are ones that work to erase brown spots (and even precancerous lesions) caused by sun damage and ones that go deep into the skin to stimulate collagen to get rid of fine lines and enhance skin texture. For most conditions, you can expect to do a series of monthly treatments to achieve optimal results, then follow up with one to four treatments a year for maintenance.

Brand names such as Thermage, Ultherapy, and TriPollar Apollo. These devices deliver energy (in the form of radio frequency or ultrasound) deep into the skin to heat it and stimulate the production of new collagen. As new collagen forms, skin gets firmer and less saggy. Different devices can be used on the face, neck, décolletage, stomach, knees, and so on. Results develop over a period of two to six months after a treatment, and can last for a year or more.

Brand names such as CoolSculpting. These devices can’t deliver quite the same results as surgical liposuction, but they can provide significant reduction in fat (on the abdomen, thighs, back, etc.) noninvasively and with no real downtime. They work by cooling the fat cells underneath the skin, which triggers a permanent elimination of those cells. Results are typically seen four to six months posttreatment, and, provided you maintain your weight and fitness, the results can be long lasting. A new device called Cellfina was recently approved for treating cellulite—it works by making micro-incisions under the skin to cut the bands that hold the dimpled fat together. So far, data has shown that results can last a year or more.

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