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Secrets of Sex

How to grow Dick
Secrets of sex
- A man with a seven-inch (18 cm) penis may proudly compare his organ to the average man’s five to six inches (12-15 cm) but be intimidated when learning another wields an eight-inch (20 cm) rod.

RECIPROCATING – Secrets of Sex

Many men demand reciprocation whenever they pleasure their partners (especially with oral sex). It seems like we men get so hung up on getting our rocks off that we treat giving our women climaxes as a transaction to get them to give us one in exchange. For the kind of marathon sex sessions this book talks about, this attitude is wrong, wrong, wrong! The whole focus of this book is on her. Your job is to keep it there—you can climax later.

Let Her Rest! – Secrets of Sex

Marathon sexual sessions are designed to give the most pleasure to your lover. They are treats for her, showing her just how much you love her. Since they can’t happen every time you make love, make sure you put her satisfaction above yours during these marathons. She has probably put your climax before her own in nearly every sexual union you’ve had; let her enjoy these sessions without bringing your orgasm into it.

That much pleasure is exhausting! Let her sleep it off. She’ll appreciate you even more once she wakes up.

Secrets of Sex - photo 1
Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex

So What If Guys Don’t Orgasm Every Time? – Secrets of Sex

There’s no good reason to demand you must climax every time you have sex. It’s much more important to be a considerate lover than continue the “blue balls” excuse, especially if you’re trying to save your marriage.

While “blue balls” is a real physiological condition that falls under the “epididymitis” diagnosis (in this particular case, the pain occurs when the epididymis gets blocked with sperm that has left the testis but hasn’t been ejaculated out of the penis), there’s nothing preventing you from masturbating after your partner has fallen asleep from exhaustion. Just let your wife or partner sleep, and jerk it out yourself. You’ve masturbated thousands of times already; once more won’t kill you, and the happiness of a “well-fucked” and well-rested wife will be totally worth it. And if she does reciprocate later, she’ll be doing it because she wants to, not because she feels obligated.

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Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex


Perhaps one of the most intriguing and controversial (for obvious reasons) studies ever made concluded that women whose bodies have direct contact with men’s semen have much lower incidents of depression.

In other words, women who don’t mind your semen getting on or in them are happier and have a greater sense of well-being than women who insist on condoms or those who abstain from sex.

It turns out semen contains antidepressant hormones like testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, and some prostaglandins. When a woman comes into contact with them, these hormones get absorbed into her bloodstream, tweaking her very biology to be happier.

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Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex

Antidepressant Hormone Absorption is the Goal – Secrets of Sex

Interestingly, she doesn’t just absorb the hormones in semen into her bloodstream through her vagina. She can also absorb them in her mouth, gut, rectum, and even through her skin. This means whether you ejaculate in her or on her skin, this absorption will help her feel happier. So if she doesn’t want you to come in or on certain places (contrary to what porn shows, relatively few women enjoy cum on their faces, for instance), you can suggest others.

Provided you are both clean, ejaculating into her vagina, mouth, or anus are all great ways for her to receive the antidepressant properties of your semen. You could also rub it into her skin, such as her breasts, and let it dry there.

Semen absorption seems to have many more health benefits than just to help make women happier, but these are not relevant to the subject of this book. Visit medical websites and do Internet searches for more information.

What You Eat Directly Affects the Flavor of Your Semen – Secrets of Sex

If you ejaculate in your partner’s mouth, be considerate. Don’t eat or drink anything that makes your semen bitter or overly salty two to sixteen (2-16) hours before you have sex, and make sure to consume things that improve its taste instead. The 2-16-hour window before ejaculation seems to be the period where the semen’s flavor changes, but everyone’s different (yours may change outside this period).

Foods to avoid include broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, asparagus, red meat, spicy foods, cheese, beer, alcohol, coffee, vegetable juices, and anything overly salty. If you’ve indulged in these things during the previous day, drink plenty of water to flush your system to reduce the bleachy and/or overly salty taste of your semen.

Make sure you eat foods that will make your semen taste sweeter and less skunky, such as cinnamon buns, fruits (especially pineapple), juices, pop, and peppermint candies or gum. Eat these things throughout the morning and have something not overly strong for lunch (like rice and chicken) if you’re going to have sex that evening. You can eat whatever you want for dinner since it’ll be too late for your body to metabolize it to affect the flavor of your semen.

To say it another way, if your diet makes your semen taste terrible: don’t cum in her mouth! It isn’t rocket science.

The natural (and organic!) antidepressant qualities of semen seem to hold true with a woman’s vaginal secretions, as well. I know when I’m feeling down, nothing perks me up more than cunnilingus.

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Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex

CONCLUSION – Secrets of Sex

Let’s review what we’ve discussed in this book.

  • Develop and have the right attitude in your relationship with your wife as detailed in the Ten Commandments for a Happy Marriage. She’s your best friend and soul mate and has devoted her life to yours. Don’t screw it up!
  • Don’t be obsessed about the size of your penis. It’s fine. Really.
  • Arouse her mind before any sexual activity.
  • Focus on foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay!
  • How and when to stimulate the clitoris and vagina.
  • Master the three secret weapons to awesome orgasms (G-spot, anus, and spanking).
  • Pay attention to how to make her multi-orgasmic.
  • Discover how to make her squirt.
  • Make her faint from the strongest orgasms of her life.
  • Help your sex through screaming and fantasies.
  • Consider the allure and danger of having sex in public places.
  • Change your attitude about reciprocating.
  • Take advantage of your semen to make her happy.

Putting these things into practice will make you a sex god to your wife as you become her source for the best sex she’s ever had—or could think of having. Once she’s happy; you’ll be happy.

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Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex

Don’t Let Your Reputation Wreck Your Marriage – Secrets of Sex

Once you become a sex god, your wife’s friends may start looking at you in a certain hungry way. You’ve used this book to help improve your marriage, so you probably aren’t tempted by them at this point, but in case you are (you’re only human, after all), remember: Don’t go there. There’s nothing you can get from another woman that you can’t get from your wife. One episode of cheating will undo all the work you’ve done so far to maintain a great relationship or get your loving wife back.

Instead, have dinner or a drink with their husbands and confidentially tell them about this book so they too can become sex gods to their own wives. That way, your wife and her friends can compare notes on their mutual satisfactions and her friends will stop looking at you and start looking at their own husbands again.

Be Fun: Let Her Love You – Secrets of Sex

In closing, let me emphasize that this book is a guide, not an inflexible step-by-step procedure manual. Don’t make your lovemaking a scientific study. Relax! Crack jokes, giggle, play, and make her smile and laugh. In short, be fun!

Enjoy the journey. Find your groove, be cool, and be fun. Let her remember why she fell in love with you and why she likes being with you. Making love or having sex is playing together and is a chance for you two to enjoy everything about each other. If you take sex too seriously and insist on following all of these techniques by rote, your tension will make her tense, too. When you relax, you free her to do the same—and when she does, her climaxes will be epic.

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Secrets of Sex

Secrets of Sex

The Choice is Yours – Secrets of Sex

What will you be to your partner? Sex God, Average Joe, or Mediocre Man? Are you going to make your wife happy and proud of you, with all the benefits associated with being a sex god, or are you content with being average or pathetic?

This book provides all the information you need to become a sex god. Now it is up to you to put the techniques into practice and reap the benefits.

Bon voyage and . . . you’re welcome

“ORGASMIC. An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women”


Geoffrey Klepeis, Illustrato



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