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Lessons in Seduction. Physical Attraction

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“We both were a little bit drunk that night. Three glasses of wine and all my fantasies and desires woke up after a long dream… Yes, I was ready for everything and I am sure that he felt this. He looked into my eyes with such passion and excitation. I felt that there was something special between us, a spark which can develop into a fire at any moment. I wanted him so badly, but I did not want to rush… I wanted to enjoy every second of this game between us. He turned on the music and invited me to a dance.

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Photo to the letter

He is one of the rare men who radiate the confidence and strength and when I felt his arms on my back and a pleasant fragrance of his perfume, I was already ready to become his forever… Romantic music, a lot of candles and unreal desire to feel him inside of me… It seemed to me that he could read my mind because after this thought he began to kiss my neck. I felt a huge heat influx in my stomach, then a little bit lower… my pussy was very wet and when he touched my breast, I moaned involuntarily. He began to unbutton my black dress. When on me left only my panties, he said:”I want you to remember this night for all your life” and then kissed me passionately. I do not remember what happened next… I just remember this special feeling of indescribable desire to make love. I took him for a tie and whispered in his ear that I want to feel his hard penis in my mouth and then in my pussy. I felt how much these words turned him on because in a few seconds he took of my panties and penetrated by two fingers into my pussy. It was so pleasant… then I felt these two fingers into my mouth… I felt the sweet taste of my pussy and it made me even hornier. “Please, do not make me wait, f..k me now, I am ready for everything…” He threw me on the bed and rudely entered my pussy. I shouted from the sweet pain (sometimes our women’s feelings can be too bright, too powerful and at such moments they can cross all lines… it was not pain in its literal meaning, but it was something unreal, something truly special…), but just in a second this pain was replaced by unreal pleasure. He moved slowly, but very boldly… as deep as it was possible… then faster and faster… We changed a couple of poses, but when I was under him with widely spaced legs I felt that I am ready to come. He also felt this and began to stimulate my clitoris. I was screaming and moaning from a pleasure, feeling his hard penis deep inside of me… it was unreal, heavenly, bright and indescribably… yes, I got the greatest orgasm in my life and I wanted he felt the same. Just in a few second, I felt his warm cum inside my pussy… yes, I will never forget this night…”

“Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I am yours forever…”

Yes, you can seduce a woman without taking anything off, without even touching her. How? As they say, men fall in love with their eyes – they like what they see, and women fall in love with their ears – they like what they hear. So if you want to achieve woman’s attention and if you expect to continue your acquaintance somewhere in an intimate, romantic atmosphere, first of all, you should be caring, gentle and sincere. And of course such things like physical attraction also play a huge role. Women like confident men who are not afraid to show their feelings and emotions, so you can begin your communication with a couple of compliments or pleasant words. No need to pretend to be macho, because women feel the truth. Be yourself and of course, listen to your heart. If you like her, these tips will help you to become closer to her in all meanings of this phrase.

According to the statistic, 80% of sexual contacts are provoked by women, so we are not so “saint and shy” as you, men, think. If you are interested in her and if you want to make love with her (in an hour or in a few months – it does not matter), you should follow next advice:

Charisma. Physical Attraction

Lessons in Seduction. Physical Attraction - photo 2

It goes without saying that charisma is not connected with outside beauty. It is something inside… something that is hidden from the eyes. The men who have charisma know what they want from life, they are purposeful, brave and intelligent. In communication you must be stubborn, persistent and incredibly charming – you can be absolutely sure that it is hard to deny a man who insistently wants a woman and does his best to be with her.

Look into her eye. Physical Attraction

“Talk to her when you see that her pupils of the eyes are dilated, – says  Dr. Buffington. – The dilated pupils show maximum susceptibility and attention and of course, her interest towards you”. Watch how she reacts to your words. Smile and be completely frank and open.

Trust. Physical Attraction

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Always listen to her. Allow your girlfriend/woman shares her inner thoughts and dreams with you. Such things like mutual understanding, mutual care, and trust mean a lot in the relationship. If she trusts you, it shows that your relationship develops and have all chances to grow into something special and lasting.

Be generous. Physical Attraction

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Be generous

Of course, the best gift which you can do for her is your attention. All women like care and I am sure that it is not a secret that all of us like pleasant surprises. It does not mean that you must buy a new car or fur coat for her, even such little things like a teddy bear or a bouquet of her favorite flowers will show her that you really like her and want to be with her.

Sexual Desire. Physical attraction.

Lessons in Seduction. Physical Attraction - photo 5
Physical attraction

It is the most interesting part of this article, is not it? 🙂 “A spark” plays a huge role. If you feel the chemistry and if you see that she feels the same, do not be afraid to take a risk. Be initiative. Invite her to your home or to a place where both of you will feel comfortable. As statistic shows, this scenario has all chances to end “hot”. A romantic dinner at home or somewhere where your woman and you will feel relaxed will help you to become closer and as a rule, such romantic dinners are much more effective than any date at the restaurant. The woman who came to your house already trust you, which means that she really likes you. Cook something tasty or order food. A good choice will be light, aphrodisiac food, for example, oysters, shrimps or chocolate. Do not eat too much, because sex with a full stomach is not very funny. It will be better if you drink more than eating, so do not forget about wine or champagne. Buy the flowers, turn on relaxing music and light the candles. Dinner at home is comfortable because of the fact that your bed is so close. 🙂 After dinner, go to the sensual touches. As we wrote before, without physical attraction there is nothing. If a girl is too shy and modest, offer her a message. Then slowly begin to kiss her neck. It is not a secret that a neck is one of the most sensitive places on the woman’s body. Unbutton her dress… Say her “I want you”, looking into her eyes and then kiss her passionately. If you see that she is ready, take off her clothes, kissing every centimeter of her body. Lick her nipples, then lower and lower…. kiss her pussy, using your tongue. If it is wet, penetrate in it with your fingers. Say your woman how much you want to be deep inside of her… when you both are horny, do this… love her in all senses of this word. Be gentle and at the same time passionate. At first, move slowly, then faster and faster. Make her moan and shout from satisfaction…

We hope our tips will help you to seduce your woman. But it was only our first lesson. To be continued…

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