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Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2

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Sexual,Unusual fetishes. Part 2
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Sexual fetish. In our time, when open sexual desire is no longer reprehensible, it’s hard to imagine that we do not know something about sex and its manifestations. And even about such a kind of sexual behavior, like fetishism, has been known since time immemorial. Who has not heard of the irresistible attraction to women’s legs or shoes, dirty panties or smell of sweat? In this article, we decided to collect such sexual fetishes, the existence of which you did not even suspect. If you have a weak nervous system, try to find Valerian, because it will be scary. 🙂

1. Dacryphilia – usually crying does not excite, but repels. You won’t believe, but for some people, tears are the best way to get horny. But do not think that dacryphilia and sadism are the synonyms, no –  a sexual desire cause the tears, but not the pain caused to make a person cry.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 1
1. A crying woman fetishe
2. Olfactophilia – many of us associate certain smells with sex. It is not a secret that every person has his/her own special aroma. Olfactophilia is a sexual arousal connected with different smells of a human body (for example sweat, sperm and even gasses).
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 2
2. Hot Couple
3. Hematolagnia – this is a very dangerous kind of fetish, where the facet of pleasure and pain is thin and brittle. In the process of sex, partners like to play with blood, smearing certain parts of the body or drinking it. Sometimes there can be bites in the process of sexual intercourse, so strong that they can pierce the skin and provoke bleeding.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 3
3. Kiss and blood
4. Pyrophilia – people obsessed with this rare fetish, get horny by the contemplation of the flame. They like to make love by candlelight or near a fireplace. Sometimes they use candles during sex, so in something, this kind of fetish is also very dangerous.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 4
4. Candles
5. Formicophilia – a variety of zoophilia (a sexual fixation on non-human animals), only formophils are excited by the fact that something nasty on them creeps, for example, insects.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 5
5. Spider on the body
6. Kleptomania – Have you ever been sexually aroused because of an idea of being robbed? If so, my congratulations, you are one of the people who have this unusual fetish. Sexual kleptomaniacs are excited by fear and jumping adrenaline due to a theft, and if someone presses them against the wall and somehow fixes their hands, then the level of their pleasure and sexual desire will rise to the sky.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 6
6. Dangerous couple
7. Transvestic fetishism – dressing in women’s clothes is a dream not only for some men with non-traditional sexual orientation. Maybe you won’t believe, but heterosexuals also experience an irresistible attraction to underwear, shoes, and dresses. Scientists analyzed the content of discussion groups on the Internet and estimated that 32% of men go crazy because of women’s shoes and 12% – because of underwear.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 7
7. Man in woman clothes
8. Autonephiophilia – these people are just obsessed with diapers. They are excited from a thought that they are babies and need special care. Sometimes in a foreplay and sex, they use not only diapers, but also different children’s bibs, rattles, and pacifiers.
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 8
8. Autonephiophilia – these people are just obsessed with diapers.
9. Sitophilia – food, and sex are the fastest sources of pleasure, so it is not surprising that they came together in a fetish called sitophilia. Sexual partners feed each other with high-calorie food during foreplay and sometimes they use foodstuffs while making love (for example they can masturbate by banana). Bon appetit! 🙂
Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 9
9. Body sush extaza

10. Necrophilia – this is the darkest and most horrible side of all fetishes. It is hard to believe, but people who get horny because of an idea of having sex with a dead person really exist.

Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 10
End of article. Unusual fetishes.

But I do not want to end this article by something so scary. I would like to advise you something if your second-half has unusual preferences in sex. The most important in a relationship is an ability and desire to listen to each other. Do not be afraid to share with your man/woman your thoughts and fantasies. If you sincerely love each other, you will be able to understand each other in everything.

Sexual Fetish.Unusual fetishes. Part 2 - photo 11
Unusual fetishes
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