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Snack. Diet plan

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Diet paln. Snack.
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Then keep going with my flexitarian choices. Snack.


BREAKFAST 311kcal Porridge made with 40g oats and 300ml skimmed milk (or unsweetened fortified alternative), served with 80g thawed frozen mixed berries, heated through

SNACK 150kcal 1 oatcake with 30g reduced-fat hummus and carrot sticks

LUNCH 382kcal Mix 100g ready-to-serve quinoa with 50g crumbled reduced-fat feta and some rocket. Plus 250g fruit salad

SNACK 160kcal 25g dark chocolate with 80g fresh or thawed frozen blackberries

DINNER 505kcal 1 serving vegetarian Hokkien Mee


BREAKFAST 350kcal 2 sun-dried tomato and roasted pepper muffins (p57), plus 1 grapefruit and large orange fruit salad.

SNACK 160kcal Banana with 220ml skimmed milk (or fortified alternative)

LUNCH 400kcal Cook ½ finely sliced red onion with ¼tsp cumin seeds for 5 min in a non-stick pan sprayed with cooking oil. Add 50g peeled, cubed squash, 80g chopped broccoli, 3tbsp quinoa and 125ml low-salt vegetable stock. Simmer for 40–45 min until all the stock is absorbed, then crumble over 30g low-fat feta. Plus 1 orange SNACK 125kcal 22g slice malt loaf and an apple

DINNER 410kcal Mix 100g cooked, chopped veg with 125g mashed potato and 25g grated, reduced-fat cheddar. Shape into 2 patties and fry for a few min in a non-stick pan sprayed with cooking oil. Serve with 2 poached eggs and a green salad


BREAKFAST 304kcal 40g bran flakes with 100ml skimmed milk (or unsweetened fortified alternative) topped with 45g fat-free Greek yogurt mixed with 80g thawed frozen raspberries, sprinkled with 10g toasted chopped hazelnuts

SNACK 115kcal 1 slice wholemeal bread topped with 1tbsp low-fat cream cheese and a sliced tomato

LUNCH 406kcal Grill 2 vegetarian sausages and serve with 200g peeled, cubed and boiled sweet potatoes mashed with a little-skimmed milk (or unsweetened fortified alternative) and black pepper. Plus 80g steamed red cabbage and 2tbsp canned sweetcorn in water SNACK 130kcal 25g dark chocolate

DINNER 498kcal 1 serving pasta with roasted winter veg


BREAKFAST 285kcal 1 serving tofu, tomato, mushroom, and spring onion scramble (p55) with a slice of wholemeal bread

SNACK 140kcal 3 handfuls homemade plain popcorn sprinkled with paprika. Plus 1 apple

LUNCH 409kcal Cook 80g wholegrain pasta according to the pack instructions, then drain and stir in 1tbsp pesto and 10g grated parmesan-style vegetarian cheese. Serve with salad made with tomato slices and fresh basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar

SNACK 150kcal 4 tbsp reduced-fat hummus with carrot sticks

DINNER 502kcal 200g reduced sugar and salt baked beans on a slice of toast topped with 30g grated reduced-fat cheddar, served with a large green salad. Plus 100g pot crème caramel


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