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Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person

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Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person

Our world is full of different exotic animals. Snails. Some people who are not interested in ordinary animals like aquarium fish, cat, dog or parrot decide to have such a wild animal as a pet. But very often these animals are too expensive or require special conditions that an ordinary person cannot provide. But what to do if you want to have an exotic pet and not spend too much? One of the excellent options are land snails, they eat a little, hypoallergenic, have a variety of sizes, colors and shapes of shells, which allows you to find the snail that you like. But first let’s study anatomy of these amazing snails to understand the processes that take place in their body.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 1
Snails. Anatomy
Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 2
Snails. 1- Apex; 2- Seam; 3- Parietal wall; 4- Columella; 5- Estuary; 6- Lip; 7- Volute

Garden snail as pet

So, you already saw the approximate internal structure and the most attentive noticed that the snail has both male and female genitals. Snails are hermaphrodites and this facilitates the purchase of a pair because it is not necessary to look for a partner of the opposite sex.



Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 3
Snails. Recommendations

What are the most common types of snails, we recommend that you consider?

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 4
Snails. Achatina Achatina

Keeping snails as pet

Achatina Achatina

The biggest species of African snails, the average size of the shell is 18-20 cm. The main color of the shell is yellow-orange with black or brown stripes. Because of this color and pattern Achatina Achatina received another name — tiger. Columella has a crimson hue. A distinctive feature of the species is the tip of the leg with a V-shaped frame, as in members of the genus Archachatina. Another feature of this snail is that it grows throughout life, unlike other species. The color of the foot is gray — from pale to saturated. This type of snail is suitable for those who already had experience in taking care of snails because it requires special conditions.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 5
Snails. Achatina Albopicta

Achatina Albopicta

A distinctive feature is the pink apex, so it can be distinguished from Achatina Reticulata, with which they can mate and produce viable offspring. The average size of the shell is 10-12 cm. The main color of the shell is yellowish white with reddish-brown spots and stripes, the last turn merges into one dark spot. Columella is colorless or white. The body is monochromatic and light.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 6
Snails. Achatina Panthera

How to take care of snails

Achatina Panthera

A very interesting species of Achatina, which some malacologists refer to the Achatina Immaculata subspecies. The average length of the shell — 9-11 cm. Color of the shell can vary from dark monochromatic, light pink, to light brown, and sometimes with a greenish or purple hue. Foot is light with a bright stripe. They grow very quickly, cannibalism is possible at an early age, so it is recommended to increase the amount of protein supplements.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 7
Snails. Achatina Reticulata

Achatina Reticulata

The second largest species of land snails. The average shell size is 15-20 cm. The color is yellowish white with reddish brown spots and stripes, apex is white or yellowish. Structure of the shell is grooved. Columella is white or colorless. The foot is light brown or yellowish cream, and the head is darker from dark brown to black. Quickly gets used to human hands and becomes friendly.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 8
Snails. Achatina Fulica

Achatina Fulica

The most common species of Achatina. Suitable for beginners, it doesn’t because not so demanding on conditions of detention, as Achatina Achatina. The average size of the foot is 10-18 cm. There are many subspecies and color variations of both the shell and the foot. The color of the shell can be varied, mostly dark brown stripes on a yellow or white background, or a uniform brown or reddish brown color. Columella can be white to bluish white.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 9
Snails. Archachatina Marginata

Archachatina Marginata var. Ovum

The shell size of representatives of this species can reach up to 18 cm. A distinctive feature from other Archachatinas is a yellow apex. The main color of the shell is yellow or beige background with brown stripes. Columella is yellow or peach.



Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 10
Snails. Care

How to keep a pet snail alive

To keep the snails, you need a plastic food container or terrarium. If you have a container, then you must make a special ventilation in it as shown on the photo below.

It is necessary to keep a snail on Sphágnum moss or a coconut reptile substrate. For one snail, there should be enough space in the container to turn around and be able to crawl. So, if you have a snail and everything you need for it, how to arrange a home for it? It is necessary to rinse the container well, put 3-5 cm. of coconut substrate there and spray it with water from a spray bottle until it becomes wet. When squeezed in the hand, water from the substrate should not flow. So, put wet substrate into the container and put a snail on it. You can not allow the substrate to dry out, for this you need every 2-3 days spray it with clean water.

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 11
Snails. Feeding

It is forbidden to give snails salty, sour and some sweet foods. Citrus, salt, sweets, flour products and fried foods are lethal to snails! You need to feed them with fruits, vegetables, sometimes you can give a very small piece of boiled meat without spices and salt. Depending on the size and age, up to 10 grams of food should be given to the snail per day. Protein and calcium are also vital for snails to build a shell. You can provide your snail with Calcium by giving it a sepia (cuttlefish shell), flour made of eggshells or fodder chalk. As a protein, snails once a week or less often can be given a piece of boiled meat or a pinch of dried daphnia (gammarus).

Snails. Perfect Pets for a Busy Person - photo 12
Snails. Eggs

If you don’t have one, but two snails that live together, they are healthy, fed, and they have enough moisture and calcium, then sooner they will mate and lay eggs. The number of eggs depends on the species of snail. Achatina can lay up to 300 eggs (eggs are laid by both snails, which participated in mating). The size of Achatin’s eggs is 0.5 cm. If Archachatins live in your home, then be prepared for the fact that they both lay 3-10 eggs 2 cm long. You can leave several eggs in a container if you want to have more snails. If you are not ready to feed and look for owners for hundreds of small snails — then you should do the following. Remove the eggs from the container and collect them in a plastic bag. Tie and send in the freezer for several days. Do not worry, the snails at this stage will not feel pain. Then remove the eggs from the freezer and throw them in the trash, these eggs will never hatch.
It was a quick start guide for a newbie who decided to make himself such a wonderful pet. But remember that we are responsible for any animal, if we have tamed it. Even for a snail …

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