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Sociopaths in Social Networks

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Communication is always a key to normal life. With the help of right words, people solve the problems, create friendly and loving relationships, run the business and so on. People who are talkative and intelligent can be respected bosses and of course, they can set up pleasant personal life. But not all are so wonderful. Have you ever heard about sociopaths? Of course, the main is that you should be honest and sincere and then people can trust and respect you. Unfortunately, not all people are the same and there are even those who will never express their emotions and thoughts in a right way. They are always in bad mood and they can tell you rude words without any thoughts about consequences. There is even a psychological notion for such people and they are called sociopaths. Sometimes it can be really hard to distinguish sociopaths especially if you don’t see them in reality but start correspondence with them in social networks. And not to become a victim of them, there are some features that can help you to understand whether you have correspondence with sociopaths.

Firstly, let’s define this notion. Who are these people exactly? Sociopaths are with antisocial personality disorder. They don’t care about emotions of others and they do everything for their own sake. Egoism is just a part of their character, they are ill and they can do worse things, As a rule, people can become sociopaths because of some horrible circumstances in their life such as physical and moral violence. They had such a kind of trauma once in their life and then they can’t live normally after that and of course, they believe they can behave in a rude way with others too because it is normal for them. It means they are not so from their birth.
So, what are their main features?

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They are excellent liars

Sociopaths can create really unbelievable stories about their life, usually about their past. They can write you that they had many partners before you, and they are very rich or they travel all the time. They can make so many efforts for you to believe in their lie. Sociopaths can tell you about work and send some pictures but they can be actually unemployed. Moreover, when you catch them in the lie, they will never confess lie. They can even believe in their lie more than you.

They feel no fears and stress

It doesn’t matter what can happen in their life, they will never show this and it doesn’t mean that they have a strong will, they just don’t care. It can happen a horrible event such as a close person’s death but they will never cry or show sorrow. They will always remain calm and it can be very scary.

They don’t feel any sense of guilt, shame

They can tell you rude words and it is normal. Sociopaths  don’t feel frustrated if they lie to you, betray you. Remember, they always act in their own interests. They will never say “sorry”. They will never think they are wrong. Sociopaths  can become good politics and businessmen. They just do what they want.

They are very charming and intelligent

Sometimes too charming. Sociopaths  can be the main person at the party, laugh and smile and talk to others. They know how to charm people to get what they want. They can seem to be really too good to be true because they want you to trust them. Sociopaths  will write you compliments but then they can change their behavior in one day and they will show you another side. Besides, they like doing selfies. So, try to look more at their profile. And there is such a fact that all serial killers had high IQ level and that is why police couldn’t catch them easily.

Manipulation is their main feature

Sociopaths look for weak people mostly because they are not self-confident, they have despair in their life. Sociopaths can try to help you but they use your weakness to be the main and do what they want with you. If you notice this, try not to do what they want. They can play with you like a doll. Sociopaths  like to hurt people and it brings them really much pleasure.


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They can be very aggressive

Even in writing, you can notice that these people use many unpolite words, some exclamation points. They can be rude and violent with animals too. They can always make some conflicts and it is hard to make some decision with them.

They don’t have many friends

Of course, there can be different reasons why people don’t have friends but mostly every normal person has at least one. Sociopaths don’t have any. And they have bad relationships with their relatives. It can warn you. Sociopaths can write you but actually, they would like to do things with you that you have already read above.
Maybe after reading this information, it can seem to you that these features are too objective and maybe some people can have them without being psychologically ill. It is not so easy to distinguish sociopaths. Have you ever met them in your life?
It is better not to meet but just try to be always strong and notice all little details and then you will have only positive feelings and really decent, loving people beside you.

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