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Squirting. Tips to Achieve Female Ejaculation

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Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think

A Holistic Guide to Female Pleasure with easy tips to achieve female ejaculation

R. Leigh

The Tips

Please note while some of these tips mention a male partner, most of these tips are relevant and useful to same sex partners as well.

Squirt a woman

Tip #1 Squirting: Stay hydrated. Fluid=fluid. Drink lots of water. You’ll need plenty of fluid in your body to ejaculate, and after ejaculation, you’ll want to rehydrate. And don’t forget the lubrication. Keep everything wet!

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Tip #2 Squirting: Urinate or don’t. The tip here is you can choose to do either. If you urinate before sex, you may feel less worried about the fluid you ejaculate being urine. Some experts say women can urinate and ejaculate at the same time (5), but when a woman becomes aroused with ejaculate other experts disagree, saying (like in men) the bladder is closed off (4), making it very unlikely any pee will sneak through. If a woman is worried about urinating during ejaculation she should urinate before sex so when she starts to feel the urge to urinate she won’t worry about peeing. If you have a supportive partner and you are not concerned about urinating, sometimes the additional pressure of a fuller bladder can help with squirting. Honestly, sex is dirty, full of all kinds of gross-ish fluids. Squirting, in most cases, is not urination. While there are conflicting opinions on whether it is all ejaculate or if some urine can become mixed in, in most circumstances, it comes out as clear, colorless, has no odor and I’m told it tastes sweet. Why worry about it if there’s a bit of urine mixed in with your ejaculate. More than likely it’s all cum.

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How woman squirts

Tip #3 Squirting: Relax. The key to any orgasm for any women is relaxation. When you get caught up in your head thinking about what you should be doing (work, school, etc), you affect your pleasure level. Orgasm, especially for a women, is all in the head. If she can’t get out of her head, it’s a hopeless cause.

Tip #4 Squirting: Stay in the moment, stay present and become in tune with your body. Yoga and meditation helped me to learn more about being present. Since I’ve started doing hot yoga and exercising daily I’ve noticed my orgasms becoming better, more intense and easier to obtain. I would guess to say it’s due to having a healthier body and being more in tune with my body. Hot yoga also releases toxins, so if you are not regularly working up a sweat and releasing toxins, it can affect your ability to experience pleasure. Love your body!

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Tip #5 Squirting: Allow pressure to buildup. Try to accomplish at least 1-2 clitoral orgasms first. This increases the pressure and stimulation and again makes it easier to have an orgasm which produces ejaculate. Don’t worry if it feels like you need to pee. Push past the urge to pee. Stimulation of the g-spot results in a sensation where you feel as though you need to pee because your brain associates urethra stimulation as a need to pee. But part of the function of an erect urethral sponge is to close off the urethra to prevent urination during sex. If you ignore the sensation and go with it, your brain does the work of realizing the difference. After multiple squirting sessions, both times when I emptied my bladder and times when I did not, I’ve never peed. If it feels like you are going to pee, it’s because you are getting ready to squirt. Some women back off from that feeling in fear they will pee. Let it go. Don’t worry about it.

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Tip #6 Squirting: Don’t fight it. Bare down, don’t tense up, relax your muscles and push outward when you feel as though you are about to orgasm. Do not clench tight. If you tense up when you are about to cum, you may stop it from happening. Often women are taught not to be messy or not to let their inhibitions go. But a woman who experiences ejaculation achieves a major sexual breakthrough where she feels less inhibited sensually.

Tip #7 Squirting: Use toys, particularly when masturbating. When you reach orgasm back off initially if it feels sensitive. Within such sensitivity you are better able to access the type of orgasm where you can ejaculate. Continue to masturbate as soon as you can, stimulating either the g-spot (preferably, although this can be harder for some women to access on their own) or stimulate the clitoris. This may feel a little uncomfortable the first time or so, but it usually won’t as you get used to it. Keep stimulating either the clitoris or inside allowing the pressure to build-up. Don’t back off. Let go and allow the orgasm to keep coming. Experiment with different toys to use during stimulation. While I have personally not had good luck with any toy labeled a “g-spot stimulator” they may work with some women. In general vibrators provide enough of an enhanced stimulation, making it easier to build up pressure and come to the point of ejaculation.

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G-spot stimulation for squirt

Tip #8 Squirting: Ask for lots of g-spot stimulation from your partner. The partner should place 1-2 fingers inside the vagina and use a “come-hither” motion, moving the fingers back and forth, as though you’re motioning someone to come over to you. Another way to describe this technique is by envisioning a hook. The partner inserts two of his fingers into the woman’s vagina, upwards towards her stomach, as though he’s hooked in towards her belly button. This is particularly effective to stimulate the woman if the partner performs oral sex at the same time. For extra stimulation and pressure your partner can use his free hand to press down on the area between your belly button and your pubic mound. Make sure you achieve a few clitoral orgasms before your partner enters your vagina with his penis. Most women have an easier time orgasming from hands and tongue. But if you achieve several orgasms before he enters, the pressure build-up can make it easier for his penis to reach your g-spot. You can try different sexual positions which may make it easier for your partner’s penis to stimulate your g-spot. The positions which work will vary with each couple, but some find insertion from the rear (more commonly called doggy-style) or elevating the woman’s hips with pillows are helpful to hitting the g-spot with the penis.

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Tip #9 Squirting: Listen for a wet, squishy noise. The distinctive noise is often a precursor to squirting. It sounds as though fluid is building up. Soon after you hear the sound you’ll begin to squirt as long as you’re not holding back.

Finally, Tip #10 Squirting: Try what works for you. While all women have the same equipment and the same ability to squirt, we’re all different in how our bodies respond to stimulation and what works to achieve an orgasm and female ejaculation. Have fun. Play.

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